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CBD Concentrates

CBD Pineapple Express is our most popular CBD concentrates

CBD Concentrates are an amazing way to dab for pain

CBD Concentrates are a combination of many different forms of concentrated and isolated hemp. We extract hemp using multiple extraction methods which is based off what form we want to achieve. You can use CBD isolate infused with canna-derived or plant-derived terpenes. Most CBD concentrates are between 60%-99% pure CBD with the percentage reducing based off the amount of terpenes added in. CBD isolate is a basic form of extracted hemp. Super pure, very crystally, could even look powdery. This is used to make CBD Shatter or CBD concentrates like our Full Spectrum CBD Wax.

Why is dabbing CBD concentrates the best way?

When you dab CBD concentrates you are getting it into your blood stream immediately and it will be more noticeable effect. For people that want to dab for pain relief, this is the most cost effect way to add more pain relief in your daily dabbing experiences.

What type of terpenes do you use?

We have three different types. Cannabis-Derived, Hemp-Derived, or Plant-Derived. All of which have their own unique components of flavors with the Cannabis and Hemp related terpenes having unique components not found elsewhere in nature.

Why is CBD Shatter and CBD concentrates so expensive?

First, you are getting a very highly concentrated amount of CBD. An entire gram has 1000mg of CBD. And secondly, terpenes which are the flavor and aroma of the plant is very expensive. A single ml of hemp terpenes can run as much as $50 per 1ml, which that is about 20 drops. Most grams use between 8-15 drops. Most of our CBD Concentrates are infused with plant-derived terpenes to add the entourage effect. These terpenes costs are more realistic to offer you an affordable concentrate tasty consumption.


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