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CBD For Pets

CBD for Pets products from Steve’s Goods features full spectrum formulations of the finest hemp pet tinctures and dog treats available. Buy now.

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Showing all 2 results

CBD For Pets | Fine Colorado Hemp Products For Animals

“Steve ‘CBD for Pets’… Really?”

That’s right… CBD for pets is a thing. We get this question all the time, and no, humans aren’t the only animal species that potentially benefit from the life-changing properties of the hemp plant. All mammals have relative endocannabinoid systems that help maintain homeostasis in their relative bodies.

Please note that Steve’s Goods does not manufacture pet “medicine” as legally or otherwise defined and that we do not recommend our hemp pet products for use as or in place of medicine. Consult a veterinarian professional before adding these or any products to the supplement regimen of any elderly or medically at-risk animal.

Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil from Steve’s Goods

CBD hemp oil for pets is blended in a salmon oil-base, and is loaded with our best-fur-friends’ much-needed cannabinoids. As is the case with human beings , pet responses to cannabinoid intake, and particularly CBD, often vary from dog-to-dog, cat-to-cat, etc.

CBD Pet Tincture Formulations Include:

15 mL / 75 mg – 150 mg


30 mL / 150 mg – 300 mg bottles.

(per bottle mL volume / CBD mg potency)

Our marked droppers make it simple, quick and easy to deliver a controlled serving of CBD pet oil, in a delightful salmon oil formulation, to your favorite on a consistent, supplemental basis.

Do CBD Pet Oils & Pet Tinctures Actually Work?

CBD takes time to work in your intended way, and so we always encourage patience and consistency in getting your pet his/her recommended serving for at least a 30-day period of time before deviating from the use or changing up potencies of our Full-spectrum CBD Pet oil.

Steve’s Goods recommends beginning pet CBD with a lower potency formulation at first, and increasing the first serving size, and then formulation strength, every two-weeks until desired results are achieved.

The Best News In Pet Oil CBD Products

If you have multiple fur babies, you don’t necessarily need multiple products. We didn’t make CBD oil for dogs, and CBD oil for cats. We made it for both. Canines and Felines both love the taste of fish naturally, not the taste of hemp, so the salmon carrier oil in our pet CBD tincture formulations was no accident.

What If My Pet Doesn’t Like His/Her Pet Tincture?

On [very] few occasions, we hear of a cat or dog who for whatever reason does NOT love to lick the oil from the dropper in excitement. If you find your pet to be one of them, worry not. This is more a taste-preference reaction, like a kid who is a picky eater, and not liking spicy or sour food. In such cases, combining the oil with their food ultimately fixes the issue.

What Exactly Is In Steve’s Goods Pet Oil?

Every Steve’s Goods product begins with the finest quality, Colorado-only hemp, and concentrated cannabinoids naturally extracted from it.

Steve’s Goods Pet Oil is available in only one flavor and packs the cannabinoid punch needed, along with the healthy properties and complementary ingredients, to become that basic supplement for any cat or dog.

We worked very hard to make sure it was ready for your special furry pals, and we hope you notice as much when you give us a try.

What If I Decide Full Spectrum Oil Isn’t Right For My Pet?

Please let us know if you are not 100% satisfied with our Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Oils from Steve’s Goods.

Steve, Do You Have Anything Besides CBD Oil For My Pets?

Indeed we do. Dogs, in particular, can be a little harder to please (they’re always hungry, and are often larger, thus requiring a higher serving/daily intake of hemp.

Full Spectrum Hemp Bites – CBD Dog Treats from Steve’s Goods

Offer your furry pal another ingestible vehicle by which to deliver a boost in hemp-derived CBD intake. Again, not only human beings benefit from cannabinoid intake, and not all dogs respond in the same way to hemp dog treats.

Considering dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to remember as much when considering how many CBD treats to feed your dog or puppy friend. And as one would imagine, as dogs grow, they eat more, meaning they will likely require additional treats as they mature. This is merely meant to be a loose guide to feeding your friend the correct number of hemp treats from Steve’s Goods.

CBD Dog Bites Serving Size Chart:

Dog Weight / Number of Treats (per serving)

45 lbs – 70 lbs / 2 – 4

70 lbs – 100 lbs / 4 – 6

100+ lbs / 6 – 12

Steve’s Goods Hemp Bites come in bags of 25 treats and are available in bacon and cheddar flavors (morsels are the same size and shape in each flavor). With 10 mg of Colorado’s finest CBD hemp extract per treat, this wonderful product provides a controlled means of delivering quality CBD and natural ingredients to your favorite furry pal.

Do CBD / Hemp Pet Treats Actually Work?

CBD takes its time to build up within our pets’ systems and to work as intended, and so as with the CBD pet oils discussed above, we always encourage patience and a consistent approach to giving the recommended serving size to your dog for at least a 30-day period of time before deviating from use of a CBD supplement or before changing up the intended serving size listed in the serving size chart above.

Steve’s Goods recommends starting your pet with a lower serving of Hemp Bites CBD Dog Treats at first, and gradually increasing the serving size as needed, every two weeks.

The Best News In Pet Treat CBD Products

If you care for more than one dog baby, you don’t necessarily need multiple treats, unless they disagree on bacon versus cheddar flavoring. We didn’t make CBD dog treats for our puppy buddies not to enjoy them. We made them replace everyday bland pet treats with a delicious, Colorado hemp alternative.

What If My Pet Doesn’t Like His/Her Treats?

Once in a while, we hear of a dog who simply isn’t excited about either flavor. If you come to find out your pet is one of them, don’t be troubled.  We offer our Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil Tinctures (mentioned above) to deliver to your dog his/her recommended serving as a complement to his/her normal dog food or dog treats.

If you think about it, it isn’t crazy that our pets have unique taste-palates. We love those dogs, too, and Steve’s Goods is committed to always working to develop further hemp and CBD products option to support them.

What Exactly Is In These Treats?

Every Steve’s Goods product begins with the finest quality, Colorado-only hemp, and concentrated cannabinoids naturally extracted from it. Then think real food: peas, bacon fat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, to name a few ingredients. Dogs deserve the natural best from the hemp industry, and Steve has made it a point to serve all of them, given the chance.

What If I Decide Full Spectrum Treats Aren’t Right For My Pet?

Please let us know if you are not 100% satisfied with our Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Treat from Steve’s Goods! We are available on weekdays to hear you and help you!

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