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At Steve’s Goods, concentrates matter. We’re an award-winning CBD Concentrates maker that is now offering top-quality delta-8 products online. Now is your chance to try the best delta-8 cartridges and the best delta-8 wax dabs.

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Top 39 Questions About Delta 8 Products

  1. What is the best delta 8 cartridge?
    Steve’s Goods offers two flavors of Delta 8 cartswith terpene profiles like Strawnana or Blueberry OG. Steve’s Favorite is the Strawnana.
  2. Is Delta 8 carts and other products safe?
    Yes. Delta 8 is safe for consumption and third party tested for potency and purity.
  3. Do you have a Delta 8 carts review?
    Yes. You can visit any of our delta 8 product reviews on the respected product pages.
  4. Are Delta 8 carts free?
    We wish we could sell our delta cartridges for free but instead you’re supporting the environment from buying our delta cartridges because each one is packed in an ocean plastic container.
  5. Who sells Delta 8 carts near me?
    Steve’s Goods is located at 1264 S Hover St Longmont, CO 80501. We sell delta 8 cartridges and other products here.
  6. Can you fly with Delta 8 cartridges?
    Yes. It is highly recommended to bring the COA that comes with your Steve’s Goods delta 8 cartridge or dDelta 8 products to verify it is a legal product.
  7. What are delta 8 cartridges?
    Delta 8 cartridges are 510 thread cartridges with a CBD based delta 8 distillate mixed with plant derived terpenes.
  8. How long do Delta 8 cartridges last?
    Our delta cartridges have 1ml or 1 gram of distillate that will last about 100-150 puffs on one cartridge (depending on how hard of you inhale it).
  9. Will Delta 8 cartridges get you high?
    Yes. Delta 8 cartridges are a psychoactive product.
  10. How much delta 8 is in Delta 8 carts?
    1ml or 1 gram of 95%.
  11. Are Delta 8 cartridges legal?
    Trust in Steve’s Goods for all your legal Delta 8 cartridges. They’re made with CBD isolate. This is how it is temporarily legal. It might not be legal forever so you should buy it while you can.
    Each product comes with a lab report to prove potency and purity.
  12. How to make delta 8 cartridges?
    After you buy your carts from our Delta 8 product line, heat up your distillate to 170 degrees for 3 hours. Mix in terpenes. Fill cartridges with your cartridge filling machine or cartridge filling gun.
  13. Where to buy the Best delta 8 cartridge?
    You can find all of our Delta 8 products for sale at
  14. Do Delta 8 carts have cbd?
    Currently, we’re only selling pure Delta 8 carts with terpenes but we’re crafting up some high CBD wax with Delta 8.
  15. Why are Delta 8 carts clear?
    Delta 8 distillate can be clear or have a pink tint. This color is based off how pure the CBD isolate that is used to make the Delta 8.
  16. How to smoke delta 8 carts?
    You can use your Delta 8 cartridge with any 510 thread battery. Or, if you want to skip the guessing, you can buy our CBD Starter Pack that comes with the device Evri that has a cartridge attachment.
  17. Are delta 8 carts legal in Texas?
    Yes. Steve’s Goods ships Delta 8 cartridges to Texas.
  18. Are delta 8 carts cbd?
    Yes. Delta 8 is made from pure CBD isolate. It has been converted to Delta 8.
  19. Which delta 8 carts are safe?
    Steve’s Goods Delta 8 carts are safe and third party tested for potency and purity. You can find that information on the lab report that comes with your product.
  20. Why do delta 8 carts clog?
    If your Delta 8 carts clog, you likely bought them from a cheap supplier. Our 510 thread cartridges are high quality and meant for this thickness of distillate. If you do find yourself with a clog. Buy a Steve’s Goods toker poker!
  21. Are Delta 8 carts worth it?
    Yes. You can save a lot of money on psychoactives by choosing Steve’s Goods delta 8 carts and delta 8 products.
  22. Are delta 8 carts real?
    Yes. We sell real delta 8 carts. You can trust Steve’s Goods with all your cannabinoid needs. We’re an award winning CBD concentrate maker.
  23. Do delta 8 carts smell bad?
    No. Delta 8 will not have a bad smell. It will smell like our terpene profile Strawnana or Blueberry, which is a great cloaking method if you’re worried about the smell.
  24. Can delta 8 carts make you sick?
    Overdoing anything can make you feel sick. However, our delta 8 carts are pure and don’t contain any fillers like MCT.
  25. Where to get Delta 8 carts online?
    You can buy Delta 8 carts on
  26. Are Delta 8 carts clear?
    Our Delta 8 carts are a little clear with a pink tint.
  27. How good are Delta 8 carts?
    Delta 8 carts make a great alternative to buying carts at the dispensary. Delta 8 carts are cheaper and more potent than most cartridges at the dispensary.
  28. Why are Delta 8 carts so harsh?
    Steve’s Goods Delta 8 carts are not harsh. We pride ourselves on the purest Delta 8 on the market. This is why we’re a three-time award winning concentrate maker.
  29. How much do delta 8 carts cost?
    Steve’s Goods sells Delta 8 at $29.99 for a 1g cartridge for a 510 thread battery.
  30. Are Delta 8 carts strong?
    Yes. Our distillate is up to 95% delta-8.
  31. What are Delta 8 dabs?
    Delta 8 dabs is pure distillate with our award winning terpene profiles mixed in. It is perfect for your dab rig or dab device.
  32. How to use delta 8 dabs?
    We offer a CBD Starter Pack that is perfect for consuming both our Delta 8 carts and Delta 8 dabs.
  33. Is delta 8 wax good?
    Yes. It is a great way to consume Delta 8.
  34. Do Delta 8 dabs get you high?
    Yes. Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid. No matter the Delta 8 product, you will get high.
  35. Is Delta 8 wax safe?
    Yes. We test each batch for potency and purity and terpene profile.
  36. Where to buy delta 8 dabs?
    You can find all of our Delta 8 products for sale at
  37. How do you smoke Delta 8 dabs?
    You can smoke Delta 8 dabs with a dab rig or dab device like our CBD Starter Pack.
  38. Can you eat delta 8 dabs?
    Yes. Delta 8 is fully activated and will pass through your liver. We also sell the best Delta 8 edible products.
  39. What is the Best delta 8 cartridge?
    Steve’s Goods offers an award winning strawnana delta 8 carts and blueberry delta 8 carts.
    Buy it while you can!

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