Lab Reports

CBD Lab Reports

Curious how to read a CBD lab report?

Reading a Certificate of Analysis (Lab report) in relation to our hemp products is simply a math formula. We use 30ml bottles and when you see our lab report it will only make sense once you have combined the totals. Understanding what is in your CBD Oil or CBG Oil is important because different concentrations of cannabinoids will offer different effects.

Here is our formula:

1 gram = 1ml

30 grams = 30ml

Take the “Mg. PER GRAM” x 30 = Total potency per bottle


CBD – 44.233mg x 30 = 1326.99mg

CBG – 2.502mg x 30 = 75.06mg

THC – 0.282mg x 30 = 8.46mg

THCA – 1.190mg x 30 = 35.7mg

Total Cannabinoids = 1446.21mg

Steves Goods CBG Oil Blueberry OG Lab Report

Our special blend of CBD Distillate (80%), and CBG (10%) active phyto cannabinoids, with natural flavoring, sweetener, and terpenes infused with MCT Oil from coconuts.
Lab Reports

Steves Goods CBD Hemp Oil Lab Report

Our CBD Hemp Oil is full spectrum and this lab report shows how many active phyto cannabinoids are in each bottle.
Lab Reports

Steves Goods Pure CBD isolate 99.69% Lab Report

Our CBD isolate is the purest on the market and consistently tests at 99.69%-100.5% (depending on variance). It will always be pure white and smells refreshing.
Lab Reports