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CBD Lab Reports - Steve's Goods Product COA's (certificate of analysis) for retail products and raw materials.

Steve’s Goods is committed to the quality and integrity of our products – Make sure to check out a 3rd party lab result for the cannabinoid content of your favorite product. Our goods are all good! 

TitleCOA CategoriesCOA Attachment
15mL 250mg/ 30mL FS Hemp Oil 500mgFS CBD Hemp OilVIew COA
Hemp CigVIew COA
Cbg FlowerVIew COA
650mg-Cartridge CBD ConcentratesVIew COA
CBD Coffee 650mgCBD EdiblesVIew COA
15Ml Cbd Pet Oil 150MgCBD for PetsVIew COA
Thc Free CartridgeCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
Full Spectrum Bear GummyCBD EdiblesVIew COA
Isolate Bear GummyCBD EdiblesVIew COA
CBG Isolate SlabCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
CBD Isolate SlabCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
10mg Dog TreatsCBD for PetsVIew COA
Isolate Slice GummyCBD EdiblesVIew COA
Full Spectrum Slice GummyCBD EdiblesVIew COA
LollipopCBD EdiblesVIew COA
CBG Isolate PowderCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
Broad Spectrum Wax (Terpenes Added)CBD ConcentratesVIew COA
25Mg Full Spectrum CapsulesCBD EdiblesVIew COA
15mL 500mg/30mL FS Hemp Oil 1000mgFS CBD Hemp OilVIew COA
Pyramids 30Mg GummiesCBD EdiblesVIew COA
15mL 75mg/30mL 150mg Pet OilCBD for PetsVIew COA
25Mg CBD Isolate CapsulesCBD EdiblesVIew COA
15mL 1000mg/ 30mL FS Hemp Oil 2000mgFS CBD Hemp OilVIew COA
500mg Pain Relief StickCBD TopicalsVIew COA
1000mg Pain Relief StickCBD TopicalsVIew COA
500mg Pain Relief Balm (puck)CBD TopicalsVIew COA
50Mg Bath BombCBD TopicalsVIew COA
100Mg Bath BombCBD TopicalsVIew COA
OG Hemp Wax (No Terpenes)CBD ConcentratesVIew COA
Shatter GramCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
CBN Isolate PowderCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
15ml 250mg/30ml 500mgCBG Hemp OilVIew COA
AM Gummies – CBGCBD EdiblesVIew COA
PM Gummies – CBNCBD EdiblesVIew COA
15ml 500mg/30ml 1000mgCBG Hemp OilVIew COA
15ml 1250mg/30ml 2500mgCBG Hemp OilVIew COA
T-Free Distillate VIew COA
CBD Isolate PowderCBD ConcentratesVIew COA
CBD IsolateCBD ConcentratesVIew COA

CBD Isolate


Pure CBD Isolate

Kilos Available

Our CBD isolate is the purest on the market and consistently tests at 99.69%-100.5% (depending on variance). It will always be pure white and smells refreshing.

Crude Hemp Extract


Winterized Decarbed Crude

Kilos Available

Steve’s Goods currently has over 100KG in stock of high-quality Winterized, Decarbed, Full Spectrum Crude Oil that is ready to be used in tinctures, salves, bath bombs, and all sorts of full spectrum products.



THC Free Distillate


Full Spectrum Distillate (65-75% CBD / 2-4% CBG / 1-3% THC.