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Award Winning CBD & CBG Products from our Colorado Hemp Farm

Steve’s Goods invests a substantial portion of its revenue to research and development, ensuring that the highest quality and most innovative products are always ready for our customers.

We are a Colorado CBD company founded by Steven Schultheis, who believed in the power of this revolutionary product. The stories we hear from our customers show that our valuable supplements help many people’s lives today as much as they did when he first started selling them four years ago! We will always go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need at an affordable price because your voice fuels us with passion for higher quality products than anyone else can offer.

If you’re looking for a trusted source for the best CBD products, then this is your ultimate destination. With the mission to helping people get better by leveraging the medicinal benefits of CBD, we remain dedicated to providing CBD products online and in-store at a fair price. Moreover by investing a significant portion of our revenue in research and development, we’re able to deliver to our customers the highest quality products they deserve.


Hemp is a wild or feral genetics of the Cannabis plant. What does this mean? Though all cannabis genetics are dioecious in nature (meaning female and male plants grow together and reproduce by pollination), humans have leveraged hemp for as long as we have been civilized. For thousands of years, humans have used hemp to create textiles, paper, clothes, plastics- even food!

Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant species, industrial hemp is utilized across the globe to produce a wide range of consumer and industrial products. There is some amount of confusion between industrial hemp and marijuana since these plants are visually similar. However one major diference is that industrial hemp has a high amount of fiber and low content of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the mind-altering high. Are you looking for extraordinary CBD products online? Steve’s Goods partners with local producers in Colorado for organic ingredients, whenever possible.


Strawnana CBD Wax

CBD Wax from Steve’s Goods

Steve’s Goods has always focused on education first. We single handedly educated millions of people on What is CBG? Or CBD vs CBG? We created the first CBG oil back in 2018 with our broad spectrum distillate, CBG isolate, and a blend of natural ingredients. Thousands of lucky individuals received a free CBG dab from us or learned about what is dabbing?

The world of hemp may seem confusing, but there’s a term for everything! If you know about CBG and are looking for more terms to explore head over to our hemptionary glossary.


Edible cannabinoids are extremely popular in 2021. We make products that contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and Delta 8. These products are all edible for consumption. Below is more information about the cannabinoids we sell, be it CBD products online or at our store:

This is the second-most concentrated cannabinoid in marijuana plants, and the first-most concentrated in hemp plants. CBD is sweeping the nation due to it’s non-psychoactive effects and its potential applications as a supplement.

This is widely known as the “mother-of-all” cannabinoids. It is typically detected as a minor cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana cannabis plants, though hemp cultivators have made progress pushing major readings if grown with CBG yield in mind.
This is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is major in marijuana cannabis plants, while typically minor in hemp plants. It is known for producing the “high” effects that keep cannabis under a political and regulatory microscope, and is tested for potency to legally define cannabis as either hemp or marijuana.
This is a cannabinoid that occurs from the degradation of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It occurs in low readings in all cannabis plants, and is expensive and difficult to isolate for consumption and formulations. It is being studied more and more, and is said to be sedative to the human body.

Is a lesser-known cannabinoid that occurs most prominently in newer cannabis genetics. It is non-psychoactive and its effects are the topic of a lot of current studies.

A cannabinoid that has been gaining all of the attention lately is delta 8; a legal psychoactive cannabinoid that is made from the hemp plant.

A cannabinoid that has been gaining all of the attention lately is delta 8; a legal psychoactive cannabinoid that is made from the hemp plant. Delta 8 is a naturally occurring chemical compound or cannabinoid that’s found in small quantities in hemp plants. Since it’s not found in significant proportions in the plant, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is used to produce concentrated amounts of Delta 8 THC. Besides its psychoactive effects, delta 8 is also said to offer relief from anxiety, stress, and nausea. In addition it’s also known to help stimulate the appetite. Are you looking for hemp CBD products online? Steve’s Goods offers high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price.


Delta 8 Wax Dabs

Strawnana, Pineapple and Blueberry

An extract that includes all the cannabinoids from hemp with a <0.3% THC

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Delta 8 Wax Dabs | Best Delta 8 Concentrate
Read More
This wax is totally awesome I purchased strawnana and pineapple smells amazing tastes great. Great quality you’ll never find delta 8 wax this good at this price anywhere else
Katie Kubat
Delta 8 Gummies | 25mg | Orange, Grape, Pineapple
Read More
These delta 8 gummies pack a flavorful punch! They are bite-size, sugar-coated, chewy gummies with a juiciness in the middle. I felt calm, mellow, and relaxed with 1 gummy, not too high to do everyday work and functioning, keeping in mind I do have a tolerance built up so maybe start with half if you’re newer to cannabis. The price is unbeatable for 45 gummies at the 25mg dosage, especially if you find a coupon. These are a high-quality product for the price for sure. The only complaint I have is that shipping took a week and it was a bit spendy. But it did come in a reusable envelope which is a nice touch. Overall, I am very satisfied and I’m glad I decided to give these a try!
Delta 8 Vape Cartridges | Delta 8 Vape Pen Cartridges
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I just wanted to see what the hype was about and ordered 2 delta 8 carts and wax. So glad I did!! These are straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I already recommended these products to friends!!
Cannabolish Pack
Read More
I often have friends over that don’t smoke herb, they use to complain about the stinky smell until i got some Cannabolish. At first i was a bit skeptical if it would eliminate the strong odor. So i put it to the test. My company now comments on how fresh my house smells when they come over. I enjoy it so much i am also using it to eliminate the odors in my sons stinky gym bag. lol
#1 E-Nail Wax and Shatter Bundle | Fine CBD – Steve’s Way
Read More
As a accident prone person i try to avoid flame at all cost, but as a dabber i like my concentrates. With that we all know with dabs comes torches. This Enail has made it possible for me to consume concentrates without having to worry about an accident with a torch. Steve’s Face on the controller box is an added bonus. Great temperature control and heats up quickly. I can make it the temp i like and it was easy set up. Just what i was looking for.
100mg CBD Bath Bombs | EndoBloom – Fine Hemp Bathing
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These bath bombs are the best CBD bath bombs EVER!!! I find them to be very relaxing and great for my skin. I get out of the bath feeling soft and my stress levels melted away. I dedicate a night every week to bath time and that always seems to be the night i sleep the best and my co-works comment on how lovely I smell the next day. Having it in a bundle deal help me buy more for my $. Great product and great deal.
Maui Pineapple CBG Oil | Fine Hemp Tincture Oil
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I loved the CBG Oil because it is a high-quality CBD supplement that provides the nutrients that my body needs to stay healthy. I have been using this for about six months, and already feel so much better. It has helped me with my anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

2022 Award Winner Concentrates


Ready for a new world of opportunity in hemp? Steve’s Goods now offers a Hemp & CBD wholesale portal for all of your CBD, CBG, CBN, and Delta 8 products needs. Please go to the link below and fill out the form to apply for access, and a Steve’s Goods Hemp Wholesale Representative will be in touch ASAP to assist you

How to take CBD Dabs: A Guide – August 26th, 2022 (updated)

The newest craze in cannabis culture is CBD dabs. More people are dabbing non-psychoactive cannabinoids to fully benefit from CBD as CBD concentrates become more well-liked and easily accessible. Keep Reading.