About Us

Who is Steve from Steves Goods?

Steve is a local entrepreneur with a mission to change the hemp industry for the better.

Steve was living in Colorado where he was introduced to the health and wellness properties of hemp products, specifically CBD oil. Returning to the East Coast, he encountered the frustration of navigating the internet for quality hemp products from trusted suppliers… And so, Steve’s Goods was born. After doing all the research and making all the connections needed to deliver a high caliber product, he took things to the next level by offering great discounts and challanging the industry on what fair pricing is for quality hemp products.

About Us

What makes this company special?

1. Steve’s Goods invests a substantial portion of it’s revenue to research and development, ensuring that the highest quality and most innovative products are always ready for our customers.

2. Steve’s Goods is committed to sourcing all of its hemp from Colorado, and partners with other local producers for our organic ingredients whenever possible. 

3. Steve’s Goods invests in its employees and partners – We give 5% of our profits to our employees.

4. Hemp education and spreading the knowledge about this incredible plant is our #1 objective as a company. Period. 

How can I get in on this?

Whether you’re looking to sell our products in your store, sell your products in ours, or just want to learn more or get involved with our movement – you’ll find that our team is very responsive and open to working with just about anyone in the hemp industry. Why not drop us a line today? support@stevesgoods.com