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How to take CBD Dabs: A guide

What is CBD?

An organic substance called a cannabinoid, or CBD is present in hemp and cannabis.

It’s one of the hundreds of compounds found in these plants, but it’s recently drawn increasing attention as the production of goods infused with CBD has increased due to changes in state and federal laws.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is another well-known cannabinoid (THC). When combined with cannabis, or marijuana, this substance is renowned for having psychoactive effects.

THC causes what many people refer to as a “high,” or an altered state marked by euphoria, pleasure, or enhanced sensory experience. Like THC, CBD doesn’t get you high

CBD DABS- The new culture?

The newest craze in cannabis culture is CBD dabs. More people are dabbing non-psychoactive cannabinoids to fully benefit from CBD as CBD concentrates become more well-liked and easily accessible.

 A CBD dab is a concentrated form of the cannabis or hemp plant’s CBD (cannabidiol). CBD dabs are pure, in contrast to other CBD products that combine the concentrate with other substances (to form an edible or tincture, for instance).


Dabs come in wax, crystals, crumble, and shatter forms. The other well-liked CBD dab items are budder, pull-and-snap, and honeycomb. When shopping and adding items to the cart, it is essential to keep in mind the consistency of each option. For instance, pull-and-snap stretches out like taffy while budder is smooth and creamy. No matter the character, flavor, or texture, all CBD dabbing products have significant levels of CBD.

What does CBD dab feel like?

If you’ve used other CBD products, like oil, you may anticipate the effects of dabs to be similar, albeit they might be highly potent due to the product’s strength. Dabbing CBD may have similar results if you have used CBD oil for pain relief.

 It has been suggested that CBD may have several additional therapeutic advantages, ranging from reducing inflammation to delaying the onset of neurodegenerative conditions.

How to Dab?

The proper CBD concentrate must first be chosen. These products include CBD wax, isolate, shatter, and crumble, among others. Thanks to these highly concentrated versions of the substance, you may inhale large doses of CBD with just a few breaths.

Dab Rig 

Then you’ll need a torch, a nail, a carb cap, a dab rig, and a dab tool. The torch’s function is to warm the pin. Using the dab tool, you place the CBD concentrates into the heated nail. You may inhale the vaporized dabs through the rig’s mouthpiece because of the heat. The dabs can also be electrically vaporized using a wax vaporizer or pen.


Dab Pen

Dab pen devices can be used with CBD dabs by inserting the concentrate inside the device, turning it on to the desired heat setting, and taking a hit from the mouthpiece. This is a discrete way to consume CBD.

Little Dipper

This dab pen device Little Dipper is perfect for taking a hit of any concentrated dab. Just turn the device on the to desired heat settings, and put the dab straw tip onto the concentrate directly.



The Evri that is featured in our CBD Starter Pack is a multi-purpose device that allows you to take a dab with the dab straw, you can install a 510 thread vape cartridge, and use a pod. 



The lunar is a small dab pen that is perfect for dropping in pieces of concentrated CBD dabs inside it. Turn it on and take a hit.



Dabbing is a powerful and efficient way to absorb CBD, but it also has drawbacks. Vaporized CBD concentrates are more challenging to obtain than other CBD products. Consuming edibles, tinctures, and capsules is simpler and more covert.

We hope that this CBD dabs guide helps you better understand how to consume dabs.

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