CBD Concentrates - Wax & Shatter Dabs

CBD concentrates, including CBD wax, CBD shatter, and CBD extracts, are a revolutionary way to consume nature’s finest supplement and receive fast-acting results. 

Our broad spectrum CBD waxes and our wide array of flavorful CBD shatters from hemp isolate  can be dabbed solo on a rig, using concentrate device, or even sprinkled onto your favorite bowl blend to bring about the full entourage of cannabinoids working harmoniously together.

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CBD Concentrates – From Fine Colorado Hemp

CBD Concentrates, aka “CBD Dabs” are a delicacy. Colorado was one of the first states to experiment in CBD. Leave it to the pros at Steve’s Goods to find the best hemp for CBD extraction, and to formulate the highest-quality CBD wax & CBD shatter products on the planet.

We partner only with labs who use the newest and most advanced CBD extraction technologies to offer the best among top-shelf hemp cannabinoids. This offering includes CBD isolate and CBD distillate, straight from the hemp processing plant.

The careful selection of our partners combined with the farming of our own hemp (beginning in 2020) all but guarantee total quality control for CBD formulation of any product we make. This is our approach to creating CBD concentrates that have ranked top-3 globally, and number 1 overall in both the US, and in Colorado.

Our CBD is certified by a lab who uses CO2 technique to extract the CBD, which is the very best way to do it!

Concentrates can be utilized with a device, added to a daily coffee drink, or even dabbed. The results with Steve’s Goods CBD concentrates are typically too good to be true. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!


What Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are extracted from the hemp plant, specifically because it has higher amounts of Cannabidiol, or CBD. Dabbing CBD allows you to take in more CBD effectively and makes for faster, and more promising effects. It can come in all types of products and may be very interchangeable depending on the need.


CBD Isolate

Our CBD isolate comes in an easy to use powder to be accessible in whatever form is easiest for the customer. This is the purest form of CBD by which to garner daily intake, whether sprinkle in a bowl, topping bong slides, added to joints, or rolled into blunts. By itself, CBD isolate doesn’t get users ‘high,’ because CBD is not a psychoactive, however, many CBD users have described a “body high,” associated with the relaxing feelings or a “focused state” of mind that follows consuming CBD isolate.


CBD Dab Waxes (CBD Dabs)

Dabbing is another way to smoke hemp-derived CBD, the action of doing so being referred to as “taking a CBD Dab.” This is when one takes a small piece of CBD extracted concentrate and vaporizes it by melting it on a hot surface, often times called a “nail,” or a “paddle,” and inhales the vapor produced by the melting through a water pipe, typically called either a dab rig, or an oil rig. Rigs help to cool dabs and filter their hot vapor. CBD dabs from Steve’s Goods alone will not get a user high, unless our dabs are paired with an MJ extract, or are taken from a rig through which MJ extracts have been consumed.



CBD Wax is one form of CBD dabs to be comsumed in your dab/oil rig. CBD waxes from Steve’s Goods can’t and won’t make consumers high, and are completely legal, so our customers never have to worry about any random tests or exposures in their various journeys. This is one the fastest ways to intake CBD and feel the effects almost immediately.


CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter is very similar to CBD wax, and in fact, are nearly the same thing. One exception: CBD shatters are among the most pure forms of crystalized CBD dab waxes you can get. It’s called shatter because as the name hint; it’s in the form of isolated crystals with terpenes added that looks like shards of beautifully colored, broken glass. This is the purest of CBD a person can get, aside from CBD isolate, which is chemically the same aside from the addition of floral or fruit terpenes.


What Are The Benefits Of CBD Concentrates?

There are so many ways to intake hemp derived CBD that choosing the right product is almost all about preference. From dabbing wax, to ingesting hemp oil, to sprinkling whatever kind of hemp goodness into a run of the mill blunt; anybody can begin to reap the benefits of CBD which is readily available thanks to the Farm Bill of 2008. CBD concentrates are among the fastest available ways to take in CBD for supplement or smoking use. Cannabidiol, or CBD, acts as a a supplementary relief agent, decreasing need for many other types of Western remedies, and providing quick help for much more than we are currently aware. What a time to be alive!


How to Use and Consume CBD Concentrates?

CBD Concentrates from Steve’s Goods include CBD Isolate, Dabs including Waxes and Shatters. As for concentrates, there are mainly two ways to consume them. CBD Isolate is a powder form, making for easy and convenient use. It can put into anything of your choosing, from joints, blunts, bongs, and bowls. However, CBD dabs, waxes, & shatters are most likely to be used in a dab/oil rig. At first rigs can seem cumbersome or intimidating, but don’t worry, they are actually quite simple. Dab rigs and oil rigs are made of 2 parts; a “nail,” which is the hot surface that vaporizes the extract, and the water pipe that allows for inhalation of the vapor with ease. No such CBD concentrates from Steve’s Goods will get a person high, but they will definitely help our customers to feel ‘high on life.’


CBD Wax: Benefits And Effects Of Dabbing Wax

The revolutionary way to consume a desired serving of CBD. Every hemp enthusiast has his/her own personal preference as to how to consume products, and dabbing is worth looking into. Dabbing waxes and shatters are a very fast and efficient way to feel the effects of CBD.


What is CBD Wax?

So what exactly is CBD Wax? If you didn’t know when you started reading, by now you have heard an entire brain full on wax. It often has the consistency of something like the stuff your favorite candle is made of. However, the hemp waxes we’re talking about here is much different. It is consumable, opaque, and crystalline in structure.

However, there are many different types of CBD Wax, because of the purity and things that might be added; i.e. shatters, live resins, and crumbles, badders… The list goes on. We’ll get into those later (see below).


How Is CBD Wax Made?

In order to achieve the purest form of CBD possible, CO2 extraction is the method used. CO2 is known as a “tunable solvent” making it extremely versatile for creating a multitude of end products by mechanical control over extraction temperature and pressure. These phase changes create an environment to drop differing weights of components into plant material.


What are the Types of Wax?

As concentrates are usually listed and marketed, they are rarely ever referred to as simple “CBD Wax.” Instead, subcategories of waxes tend to attract the attention of labelers; CBD shatter, CBD live resin, CBD crumble and CBD budder. These represent what is essentially the ‘hemp wax family,’ or manifestations of hemp extract wax in its various forms.


CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter, although under the Wax category, isn’t quite a ‘wax’ by look and feel. During the extraction process, it doesn’t fully crystallize, giving it a cloudy appearance, though resembling a more glass-like structure. Terpenes of fruit and flower are added to this end result for delightful flavor.


CBD Live Resin

CBD Live Resin is made by using cryogenically frozen buds, as opposed to dried trims or cured buds. Being “fresh frozen” ensures greater preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes. This also means it’s more expensive due to a more extensive process to market.


CBD Crumble

The extraction process for CBD Crumble is the same as Live Resin, however, the difference in the result is that makers of crumble use a pre-purged CBD oil that has more moisture and a much higher in viscosity. It results in a softer substance that easily crumbles, hence the name. It’s a little bit more expensive due to how refined the substance is, and due to the low yield on the typical run of plants processed to make it.


CBD Budder

This particular wax is produced at higher temperatures and air pressures than Crumble. This makes it fluffier and waxier, but does not affect the potency of the product. Named Budder for its similar resemblance to cooking butter or margarine, and is often combined into CBD cooking butter.


What Are the Benefits Of Dabbing CBD Wax?

CBD waxes are sought after due to their high CBD concentrations, meaning easy access to the benefits from CBD concentrates. If you are unaware of what makes CBD awesome, let’s discuss. CBD has been labeled by some as ‘mother nature’s medicine cabinet,’ as it has a wide variety of potential applications.


Who is Wax Suitable For?

CBD is truly a savory experience for anyone of age for inhalant hemp who may need or want it. From people who suffer from mobility inhibition to people who choose CBD as a mental supplement.


Try Our Blueberry OG CBD Dabs

The taste of CBD Blueberry OG Shatter is evocative of lazy summer days, lying around, arm stretched out waiting for your hand to be filled with another scoop of fresh-picked blueberries. Or maybe it calls to mind imagery of that first bite of blueberry cheesecake. Deliciousness and CBD all in one beautiful crystalline structure. Boosting the potency of a combo dab while improving dab flavor is as easy as breaking off a piece and adding it to your mix. Interested in making relieving, CBD-filled dabs for your customers? We’ve got you covered with our wholesale options. Or maybe your goal is simply to smoke CBD Blueberry OG Shatter so you know what it’s like inhaling a robustly shaped blueberry with a sweet but tart aftertaste.

New! Try Our Pineapple Express CBD Products

If you love the tropical flavor of pineapple and you also love dabs, get excited! Introducing CBD Pineapple Express Shatter… Boosting your dab’s potency and flavor is as easy as breaking off a piece and adding it to your extracts. Interested in making Discomfort-relieving, CBD-filled dabs? We’ve got you covered. Smoking CBD Pineapple Express is like inhaling a juicy ripe pineapple with a sweet aftertaste of the natural sugars in the fruit. Incredible CBD Dabs!

Not Into Fruity Flavors? Our CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter Is The Answer To That

If pungent, earthy flavors are the way to satisfy your taste buds, then our CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter is for you. Boosting your dab’s potency and flavor is as easy as breaking off a piece of shatter, and adding it to your mix to create the perfect combo dab. Interested in making CBD-filled dabs? We’ve got you covered there, too, through our wholesale/whitelabel channel.


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How To Measure CBD Concentrates

Measuring how much CBD you’re getting in a dab isn’t as easy as other methods, but there are ways for you to approximate. If you have a 100 mg. slab you can break it up into 2, 4 or 10 equal pieces and divide according. For instance, if you want to smoke 25 mg. a day, break off a ¼ and enjoy it throughout.

We recommend breaking off a small amount and working your way up to your optimum serving size. You can learn more about general CBD serving size guidelines in our blog!