Fine CBG Hemp Oil Bundle – Gotta Taste ‘Em All – 5 Flavors

Fine CBG Hemp Oil Bundle – Gotta Taste ‘Em All – 5 Flavors


CBG Hemp Oil Bundle – Gotta Taste ‘Em All | 5-Flavor Pack

What’s Included:

  • (1) Watermelon, (1) Blueberry, and (1) OG Hemp CBG Oil | 250 mg each (15ml) [Reg. $105]
  • (1) Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 500 mg (15ml) [Reg. $35]

And an added bonus for your furry friend

  • (1) CBD Pet Oil | 150 mg (15ml) included [Reg. $35]

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CBG Hemp Oil Bundle – Gotta Taste ‘Em All | 5-Flavor Pack

What’s Included:

  • (1) Watermelon, (1) Blueberry, and (1) OG Hemp CBG Oil | 250 mg each (15ml) [Reg. $105]
  • (1) Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil 500 mg (15ml) [Reg. $35]

And an added bonus for your furry friend

  • (1) CBD Pet Oil | 150 mg (15ml) included [Reg. $35]
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CBD + CBG Oils by Steve’s Goods Are Now Available In New Maui Pineapple:



So why choose the Gotta Taste ‘Em All CBG Hemp Oil Bundle from Steve’s Goods?

CBD is a vogue term that gets misconstrued by shotty products and faulty marketing. But this industry is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, and when the art of it becomes a science, true CBD products will be defined as something like high-potency, highly bio-available, and versatile hemp products.


And what does all that mean?

Simple: We are already ahead as Steve’s Goods manufactures strong, Colorado-only hemp products that are usable by the body, and provide users with a number of applications. CBG Hemp oil is just one of our late innovations driving what is next for the industry globally. This CBG Hemp oil bundle is the tour of everything, CBG tincture wise, all-in-one


Other Common Questions about our CBG Hemp Oil Bundles:

What, exactly, is a CBG Hemp Oil Bundle?

With ingestible oil tinctures in a variety of fun flavors made of proven formulations, we have something for every taste pallet, and we know why people keep coming back for more of this hemp oils bundle.




Do CBG Hemp Oil Bundles Work?

Yes, these products work. Yes, they work in entourage with other cannabis products, and they do so quite well. So what is the ideal application or use case? That depends on how each customer would individually answer questions regarding unique health considerations. CBD + CBG Oils are not marketed by Steve’s Goods as suitable replacements for medical treatments or prescriptions of any kind.


Can I Use This While Taking Normally Scheduled Medications?

We encourage every Steve’s Goods customer with abnormal health risks of any kind, current, and future, to consult with her or his regular doctor or medical professional adding our products. The CBG Hemp Oil Bundle is sold and marketed as a bundle of hemp supplements, for supplemental consumption and/or use supplemental use only. We do not manufacture medicine as defined by US products regulatory authorities.


Who Does It Work For?

Athletes & Competitors

Runners, swimmers, football players, volleyball players, baseball and basketball players, among other athletes. Skiers and snowboarders, hikers, backpackers, cyclists, and distance runners all fit the bill.


Military Personnel | Retired, Active, and Discharged – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and DHS

Let’s not forget our military servicewomen and servicemen, and all the physical activity required in their sacrifices for this country. Let us know of your service by calling, emailing, or chatting with us on-site, and we will get you a discount that makes sense for service people. We would love to hear what you think about our CBG Hemp Oil Bundle, too.


Laborers & Builders

We would be fools were we not to mention union and non-union laborers of all kinds that built, and continue to build America: fabricators, metal workers, assembly workers, textile manufacturers, quilters, and construction workers.

Get the picture?

If you experience regular wear-and-tear included in the routine(s) of the people mentioned here, you are prime candidates to decide if a CBG Hemp Bundle from Steve’s Goods isn’t exactly what you need to supplement recovery from the grind.


How Much CBD Is There In Gotta Taste ‘Em All – CBG Hemp Oil Bundles from Steve’s Goods?

250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD + CBG extracts and isolates are included in each fine CBD + CBG Hemp Oil Tinctures. Concentrations of Hemp Oils and CBD + CBG Oils range from 250 mg (15 mL bottles)  to 2,500 mg (30 mL) bottles

(See Watermelon OG for examples of our full line of bottles and formulations below - Also offered in new Maui Pineapple flavor).



How long will it last?

Daily CBG Hemp Oil consumers expect this CBG Hemp Oil Bundles to last between 4-6 weeks. This is an estimate based on common feedback.


How do you use CBG Oil?

-Our CBD + CBG Oil Tinctures can be taken sublingually (under the tongue or mixed into cold drinks).

(warmer and hot beverages can "cook" the CBD out of the oil, so we suggest cold or room temp. instead).


Thank you for choosing the Gotta Taste ‘Em All Starter Pack and CBD Bundle Deals, by Steve’s Goods!

Our CBD Bundle Deals Are Pretty Awesome…

Steve came up with the idea for bundles, and to this day, loves to offer our discounted CBD bundle deals because of the efficiencies we gain from economies of scale by selling CBD bulk packages. Bulk CBG Hemp Oil Bundles mean fewer marketing costs and fewer shipping costs for us, and so we are more than happy to pass those savings along to you, our amazing customers!


We put the focus first on finding quality

From our raw materials to our terpenes, to our carrier oils, and so on,  we consider only high-quality ingredients for formulation into finished products.  Bundles on this site create real value for people: lower prices, locally sourced ingredients, all crafted-in-Colorado. When you buy a CBG Hemp Oil bundle from us, you can trust that Steve has got your back, offering the hemp market only the very best products we can possibly formulate from hemp!


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