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2021 CBD Shatter update | Hint we’re still the best!


The Rise and Fall of the CBD Shatter Shop

Steve’s Goods coined the phrase CBD Shatter and CBD Shatter Shop back in 2017. It was the first product we launched to the market in a CBD Shatter Bundle. Google used to remember us for CBD Shatter but now the position has been given to posers. Extractors or hemp companies that don’t grow their own hemp like Steve’s Goods or even care to upgrade their products with extra CBG isolate like our Strawnana CBD Wax.

The CBD Shatter days are ending because people want more unique concentrates like our Rocket Pop CBD Wax. These products are taking over because of the unique profile of cannabinoids like CBG, Delta 8, CBN, and even THC with full spectrum concentrates. 

This leaves people that only want pure CBD Shatter with 99% CBD isolate infused with plant terpenes or even our CBD Slab which is perfect for dab slabs on the go. This cheap CBD dab is now available in bulk CBD isolate.

But we should not forget how convenient it is to put CBD isolate powder onto your CBD concentrates with a quick dip into the dab container.

CBD Shatter is the ideal product for purists that want a pure CBD dab to enjoy.

The Rise of CBD concentrates Shop taking over the CBD Shatter Shop forever

Back in 2019 Steve’s Goods shifted to also making CBD Wax Crumble Dabs. These legal dabs were the perfect combo to add to our flagship line of CBD Shatter. People quickly realized that these THC free concentrates were much more enjoyable because of the extra CBG and other minor cannabinoids present. Our broad spectrum distillate infused with plant terpenes quickly turned into our best selling CBD concentrate that year. 

Google is also smart and understands that CBD Shatter and CBD Wax and all other form of concentrated extract turned into dabs or vape oil is a concentrate, and since it is from CBD hemp derived

What is the difference between CBD Shatter and CBD Wax?

CBD Shatter is pure CBD isolate infused with plant based terpenes or no terpenes which we call a CBD slab. This dab is perfect for people looking for a pure dabbing experience without any chance of trace amounts of THC.

CBD Wax is a broad spectrum distillate infused with plant based terpenes or no terpenes which we call OG Hemp CBD Wax.

Try CBD Concentrates again with Steve’s Goods

If you weren’t satisfied with your CBD experience, it may be because of one or more reasons. Either the quality was bad and didn’t do what you were hoping for; OR maybe it tasted awful AND did nothing to help…depending on who’s doing the talking! But if this is new territory for you–or even a seasoned veteran in other areas of concentrates–read on before making any final decisions about giving up hope just yet.

If not done correctly, CBD can offer no relief whatsoever from pain due to its poor-quality ingredients that don’t deliver powerful enough effects as they should. And while tastes vary across providers—some taste great but lack potency; others are flavorless but have plenty of punch per serving size

We Make a Different Kind of Hemp Dabs

Dabbing CBD concentrates has become popular in the past year for multiple reasons being:

  1. It is a great additive to use with your existing extracts to add additional flavor and additional health benefits.
  2. To utilize via battery device for a refreshing and non-psychoactive relaxing feeling.
  3. People on probation can’t drug test positive for THC.
  4. Cannabis connoisseurs that want and enjoy the great flavor (we win international awards for this stuff).

Fine Hemp Dabs are a thing… At least here they are

Again, CBD concentrates are really ideal for ‘dabbers’ on oil rigs or with an electronic dab pen. You can be creative and eat CBD Shatter as an edible but you will feel the effects quicker if inhaled.

What are terpenes?

Answer: Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They’re what give Blueberry its signature berry smell, Sour Diesel its funky fuel flavor, and Lavender its sweet floral aroma. 

These oils are secreted in the flower’s sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Terpenes are by no means unique to cannabis; they can be found in many other herbs, fruits, and plants as well. –

Combos Dabs Are King

Combining Pure CBD isolate and strain specific terpenes together create a 95% concentrated CBD that offer immense aromas of the strain that was added. It will liven up your dabbing experience with new flavors to try!

We offer bundle deals on bulk CBD Shatters, and bulk CBD Wax

Steve’s Goods loves it when you save money on CBD. This is why we offer such great CBD bundles to choose from. When looking to stock up on bulk CBD concentrates, we’re the right place to be with our CBD Concentrates Shop you can shop for all your favorite CBD Dabs.

Do you need more than bulk concentrates? Try our Hemp Wholesale Program!

Our Hemp Wholesale Program is the best place to get wholesale CBD Wax, and wholesale CBD Shatter

Did you know these CBD Concentrates are award winning 3 years in a row?

Steve’s Goods has won the THC Classic from Rooster Magazine three times in a row! The latest being 2021. Making us completely unbeatable in their hemp derived CBD category. We also took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with our CBD concentrates with their 710 showdown.

See winning badges below.


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