Steve’s Goods Toker Poker – Limited Edition


Metallic Gold Toker Poker with the Steve’s Goods logo.

*Lighter not included

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Okay, it is Thanksgiving eve, if that is a thing. I’m sitting here in my chair in the normal slouching position cramming to get everything done before I go home for the night. No one else is here and everyone has left for the day, all excited for Thanksgiving. Turkey, and all the fixings, mmmmm.

My experience with this product is pure joy, but there has been moments of pure agony (when I lose my Toker Poker). I’m a cannabis consumer, you know that from how we represent my brand. I smoke every day, and I would never be ashamed of that fact. It helps me with my mood, helps me stay focused during the day, and offers me stress relief that people seek out medications for. I consume a lot of CBD to help with the body relaxation and additional focus. My favorite way is when I smoke a bowl, I will add CBD Concentrates in it to add effectiveness (typically in the middle of the bowl). When I’m done smoking the bowl, I use the Toker Poker as a debowler. It helps me easily remove the consumed cannabis flower with delightful terpene profiles, and repack and fresh one!

Now imagine, you have a super cool debowler with my logo on it that is shiny gold! It won’t be easy for your friends to bic!

Much love,


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.56 × 1.56 × .81 in


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