CBD Distillate Wax

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CBD Distillate Wax for Relaxation

CBD Distillate Wax with Blueberry terpenes - made with berry terpenes and love! The product comes in a wax form with up to 10% CBG and up to 90% CBD!


  • Pure Colorado Hemp
  • Lab Verified CBD
  • Fast Shipping :)

1 review for CBD Distillate Wax

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jason (verified owner)

    Amazing, I suffer from a spinal disease which is causing my discs to deteriorate causes a tremendous amount of pain I currently take norcos for the pain and I hate pills but I’ve tried so many different waxes, shatters, tincures and nothing helps with the pain…but this shit right here actually helps ease the pain, I love everything on this site but this distillate wax helps so much with my pain, the price sucks but it does work

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CBD Distillate Wax with Blueberry OG terpene profile

CBD Distillate Wax with 0 THC and full of flavor!

Introducing our brand new CBD Distillate Wax with 0 THC but has our delicious Blueberry OG terpene profile. We are happy to also mention that our CBD distillate is full spectrum and full of minor cannabinoids like CBG. This is the 4th product added to our series of Blueberry OG CBD products. This product recrystallizes at lower temperatures, giving it a distillate form when warm and a hardened form at room temperature. If you want it to be a distillate you can warm it in warm water or keep it set into a wax. In the summer it should be more distillate while in the winter more wax like.

The flavor tastes like Blueberry Jolly Ranchers. Flavor comes on strong and there is a small backend burn but it is important to dab or vape it at a lower temp and don’t overdue it. This is just from what we have noticed on our end. We will be changing the levels of terpenes as needed.

75%-85% CBD

7%-10% CBG

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Distillate Size

Half Gram @ 32.99, Full Gram @ 64.99, 3 Grams @ $62.99/Gram, 5 Grams @ $59.99/Gram, 10 Grams $54.99/Gram, 20 Grams @ $49.99/Gram

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