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CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest way to get 99.7%+ of CBD

CBD isolate Supply Agreements now available!

Are you a small to large company that needs 1-50,000 kilos per month, each month with no guessing or worrying about the delivery to your warehouse or doorstep? Take a sighing relief in knowing that you could be hassle free by securing your supply of CBD isolate for you or your clients.

All contracts come with direct contracts from the manufacturer, 24 hour customer support, trust that we have vetted the facility, hassle free monthly transaction. Let’s start operating like legitimate businesses and self regulate! We are on your side! We can offer you reliable CBD isolate from Colorado supplies that is extracted using solvent free proprietary technology to extract 100% of the CBD out of the plant material.

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What is CBD isolate?: Essentially, you can extract CBD from hemp by isolating just the component CBD, that is where the name comes from. You are isolating just the CBD, and no other cannabinoids. This is being extracted at mass scale using a c02 extraction machine, other solvents, or solvent free technology and is used in most CBD products because of how affordable it is.

CBD isolate is great for making CBD products or enhancing your already powerful blend. CBD isolate will attract companies of all types from mom and pop CBD companies, to pharmaceutical companies looking to make their products more efficient.

What is CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract?: This is when you use alcohol extraction techniques to remove all the cannabinoids from the plant into a raw material that has a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Not just CBD! We can currently isolate 113 different cannabinoids that are found in nature.

What is better CBD isolate or Full Spectrum?: The short answer is Full Spectrum. The reason is because you are getting a wide variety of cannabinoids that are beneficial to your body not just CBD.

Why buy CBD isolate?

CBD isolate can be used to make CBD products of mass variety, everything from lip balm to pain cream. CBD isolate is spreading around in every state to start the healing process for many people willing to try it.

CBD isolate can also be dabbed or mixed in with your marijuana to add effectiveness and more of a body high that can help relax you and add more medicinal benefits.

Where does the CBD Hemp come from?

All of our high CBD hemp comes from Colorado farms. A lot of our CBD Hemp farms are in Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.

Why is CBD Shatter Better?:

CBD Shatter is better because we infuse plant-derived terpenes that are used to match real cannabis profiles. Terpenes offer you an additional medicinal benefit that is being further discovered through research. We have flavors like Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG and Terpin Gorilla. It will give you a better dabbing experience but if you are using CBD to make products. We recommend you use CBD isolate or Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Don’t forget to check out our CBD Shatter Shop!

Contact us directly for any bulk CBD isolate orders over 20 grams.  We have competitive pricing for small businesses and large businesses. Our Kilo prices start at $8k and we offer multiple kilo prices..

Take a look at our finished product wholesale sheet link: CBD Wholesale

CBD Isolate is a new way to enjoy your favorite extracts or flower with 99.7%+ CBD.

CBD Isolate is 99.9% pure because of a C02 extraction method. Only Allowing the highest quality, organic hemp! Offering you immense flavors like cherries.

Great for adding additional flavors to your extracts or flower. Yum! Did someone say cherries!?

CBD Isolate is best used on your dab rig, mixed in with your cannabis flower or as an edible. This is safe to smoke BUT due to the potential harms smoking could cause to your health, we are not recommending you smoke it.

You can learn more about CBD extracts by visiting the CBD Shatter Shop.

If you are serious about extracts or flower, this is a product for you.

Individually tested – Organic – For those marijuana connoisseur out there. Colorado CBD isolate from those that only want the best.

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