Pure CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol in the CBD isolate crystal form or CBD Powder form. Our isolate is  100% made from hemp and leaves no trace amounts of THC. When extracting hemp we always use C02 extraction which keeps out solvents – Our final product is a 99% pure CBD isolate. 

What is CBD isolate?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp that can be up to 22% CBD. When we extract the CBD from the hemp we are collecting only the rich plant material and getting rid of the waste material (this is where the THC hangs out once extracted from hemp). Once it is extracted, you can proceed to winterizing and decarboxylating it. Once this is completed it is ready for isolation!

CBD isolate effects

CBD isolate is fully activated. This means it will effect you even if you eat it. CBD is effective at reducing inflammation. It isn’t clear how this happens but it could be related to CBD interacting with your cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are all through-out your body and by ingesting cannabinoids you are assisting your bodies ability to reduce inflammation.

CBD isolate will offer you the entourage effect where your body feels good. It is like taking a vitamin that your body can feel. A great way to try CBD is by using our CBD Pain Cream. This is a powerful cream that you can feel it working on your sore areas almost immediately!

No matter why you’re looking to add more CBD isolate into your life; your body craves it and it could very well help you with that thing you were looking to naturally help.

CBD isolate uses

CBD isolate can be used for an array of different things. Most people find it convenient for making their own CBD products and cutting out us as the middle man! If you know how to make products and want to add more effectiveness you can now do that!

Do you have a loved one that needs CBD and you want an affordable way to make them goodies like Topicals and Edibles? CBD isolate is the perfect ingredient to offer you more effectiveness!

Do you experience heavy anxiety? Try adding CBD isolate into your foods and take hold of your life again!

Types of Pure CBD isolate

Looking for something specific? Steves Goods has the alrgest variety of CBD isolates available including:

CBD Crystals

Crystal (also called “CBD Crystalline”) are a more shiny version of isolated CBD. The producer might of pulverized large crystals of their refinery process leaves it very shiny looking. This isn’t always the best quality because if there are solid crystals, they could have impurities that are locked inside. This is why it is important to test or view test results from third party laborites.

CBD isolate Powder

Isolate powder is the ideal form for using and measuring efficiently. It is easier to manage and will dissolve quicker. Which will always be a faster turn around time when you are using warm liquids to mix instead of cold liquids.

CBD isolate with Terpenes

This is CBD isolate that we infuse with plant-derived or hemp-derived terpenes (essential oils from the plant that add potent flavor). We call this CBD Shatter and it is a tasty way to ingest CBD isolate. This product is ideal for people that dab or want to add more effectiveness to their smoking experience.

CBD Distillate

Distillate is a Full Spectrum product that has multiple cannabinoids beyond CBD. It also has CBG which adds more effectiveness, CBC that offers more alertness, and CBN that is really great at offering you relaxation. All of these cannabinoids work together to offer your body the most relief.

Other Types of CBD Concentrates

There are many forms of concentrated hemp and CBD extracts on the market. Steves Goods offers an impressive variety of pure extract products such as:

CBD Dab Wax

is a form of wax that is great for dabbing and has up to 85% CBD and up to 10% CBD. All of our waxes are Full Spectrum and offer a high level of cannabinoids. Get rich flavor with our unflavored wax or try one of our infused waxes.

CBD Shatter

Our flagship item with our high quality CBD isolate infused with our plant-derived terpenes for flavor and to add additional entourage effects.

CBD isolate Slabs

Slabs are made from our CBD isolate that has been turned into a solid white slab. Solid concentrate that is easy to use when breaking off a piece for your bowl.

CBD Crumble

Another Full Spectrum concentrate with high levels of CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

CBD Wax Pens

CBD Wax Pens are super convenient ways to ingest CBD discretely in public. Feel relief on the go!

CBD Distillate Wax

Our wax is made from our Full Spectrum Distillate that at room temperatures will form into wax. It is rich in flavor using our blueberry OG profile.

Where to buy CBD Isolate and Concentrates?

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You can buy CBD Concentrates in medical dispensaries in most states that have medical programs available. It is usually priced high around $70/gram for CBD isolate or CBD isolate Slabs. You’re going to spend more money but it will be higher quality than some random website.

Buying CBD concentrates at smoke shops is another option you have if you want something locally. Again, it will be pretty expensive but you will be able to pick it up immediately. We are in a few stores around the United States and you can call us to find a store near you!

But honestly, the best way to get CBD Concentrates if buying it conveniently from your computer at StevesGoods.com! We work with local farms in Colorado and offer the highest quality CBD isolate ever!

Why buy CBD isolate?

CBD isolate can be used to make CBD products of mass variety, everything from lip balm to pain cream. CBD isolate is spreading around in every state to start the healing process for many people willing to try it.

CBD isolate can also be dabbed or mixed in with your marijuana to add effectiveness and more of a body high that can help relax you and add more medicinal benefits.

Where does the CBD Hemp come from?

All of our high CBD hemp comes from Colorado farms. A lot of our CBD Hemp farms are in Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.

Why is CBD Shatter Better?

CBD Shatter is better because we infuse plant-derived terpenes that are used to match real cannabis profiles. Terpenes offer you an additional medicinal benefit that is being further discovered through research. We have flavors like Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG and Terpin Gorilla. It will give you a better dabbing experience but if you are using CBD to make products. We recommend you use CBD isolate or Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Don’t forget to check out our CBD Shatter Shop!

Contact us directly for any bulk CBD isolate orders over 20 grams. We have competitive pricing for small businesses and large businesses. Our Kilo prices start at $8k and we offer multiple kilo prices..

Take a look at our finished product wholesale sheet link: CBD Wholesale

CBD isolate Supply Agreements now available!
Are you a small to large company that needs 1-50,000 kilos per month, each month with no guessing or worrying about the delivery to your warehouse or doorstep? Take a sighing relief in knowing that you could be hassle free by securing your supply of CBD isolate for you or your clients.

All contracts come with direct contracts from the manufacturer, 24 hour customer support, trust that we have vetted the facility, hassle free monthly transaction. Let’s start operating like legitimate businesses and self regulate! We are on your side! We can offer you reliable CBD isolate from Colorado supplies that is extracted using solvent free proprietary technology to extract 100% of the CBD out of the plant material.

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