Bundle Deals

Steve’s Goods was born to bring you CBD/ Hemp products at prices you can afford. We’ve found that taking a proactive, inside-out approach to pain management can potentially accelerate the relief you’ve been seeking, so we’ve put together CBD Pain Bundles — a combination of our CBD Hemp Oil or CBG oil and Wowzer Pain Balm.

CBD Pain Bundles by Steve’s Goods

Pain sucks. CBD Hemp oil and CBG oil rock! You don’t have to take addicting opiates to feel better. The potential benefits of using hemp-derived CBD products to manage chronic issues are at the forefront of pain management research and have been at least since this 2008 study was published.

What CBD Products Are Available in Steve’s Pain Bundle?

When you purchase a Pain Bundle you get to choose a bottle of CBD Hemp Oil in one three strengths, CBD 500mg. or 1000mg. or 2000mg or a bottle of CBG in either 500mg. or 1000 mg. or a 2500 mg. and you also get a two oz. Wowzer pain cream. The CBG oil comes in Natural, Blueberry Blast, Watermelon Kush and coming soon…Pineapple Express! And the pain cream smells divine!

CBD Hemp Oil

We’re proud to offer you a unique blend. By combining two different types of local hemp oil, adding terpenes, and local honey the end result is a full-spectrum hemp oil rich in goodness. We add CBD isolate to make it stronger at an affordable price.

CBD and CBG Hemp Oil can be used interchangeably; you can take it under your tongue or straight down the gullet, you can add it to foods and beverages, or you can rub it on your skin. The potential benefits of adding CBD Hemp oil or CBG to your daily routine include calmness over anxiety, relaxation over stress and comfort over pain.

Wowzer CBD Pain Balm

This emollient balm soothes your skin while delivering 300 mg. of broad-spectrum CBD in every two-ounce container. It’s simple, rub on a generous portion and get relief, instantly.

When you take CBD sublingually, you have to wait until it hits your bloodstream to feel the effect, usually about 20 – 30 minutes depending. When you apply CBD topically, it doesn’t have to go through your entire system to work. The CBD absorbs and beelines to the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin, and the stories are seemingly miraculous. But studies are showing it has more to do with benefiting from an up until recently pushed aside health resource, CBD and hemp, than miracles.

What Are the Benefits of Using Both Steve’s CBD Hemp Oil and Wowzer Pain Balm Together?

Relief is the name of the game. When you double team your pain by taking CBD Hemp Oil or CBG Oil internally that works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), and by also applying it topically, which avoids the bloodstream and directly to feeds your skin’s ECS, you mitigate pain. One minute, pain, next minute, no pain. Who doesn’t love the sound of that!

By now it’s common knowledge the ECS, in a process called homeostasis, maintains the balance in your body. You need a sufficient amount of omega 3’s for your body to produce endocannabinoids. When you’re deficient, all sorts of havoc can ensue, including pain, anxiety, disorder, and dis-ease. Most people don’t get enough, and the health of the general population seems to be suffering. But you don’t have to.

When you take CBD Hemp Oil or CBG oil on a consistent basis, it feeds your body’s ECS with phytocannabinoids and plant terpenes and over time brings you back into balance. It works short term and long term. Short term it helps with anxiety, inflammation and focus and long-term it potentially helps your body heal its endocannabinoid system for less pain more often.

CBD Pain Bundles, your road to inexpensive, non-addictive, pain relief. Long-term and short-term relief, inside and out, is a phone call or keyboard click away. We’re on your side. We look forward to helping you!