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Is CBG Better Than CBD?

Is CBG Better Than CBD? Explained


The hemp and cannabis market is growing rapidly. Not so long ago, THC was the only cannabinoid most people were aware of, and suddenly, CBD joined the race, with many people falling in love with the non-psychoactive alternative. Today, there’s, even more, to choose from, and in this article, we’ll focus on one cannabinoid that’s slowly gaining in popularity among customers – CBG.

There are many questions surrounding the cannabinoid, most importantly if it’s better than other products, such as CBD. In this article, you’ll learn everything you know about CBG, how it compares to CBD and more before you decide whether you want to shop for CBG.

What is CBD

Since we’re going to compare CBG to other cannabinoids on the market, let’s first take a moment to discuss what CBD even is. CBD, also known by its more scientific name of cannabidiol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids identified in cannabis plants. The most important thing you should know about it is that CBD isn’t psychoactive, unlike THC, for example, which is taken mainly for the pleasant high it gives you.

Because it doesn’t cause any impairment to the body, the legal status of CBD is much more relaxed. Right now, it’s legal to use for both medical and recreational purposes in all 50 US states as long as it contains less than 0.3% of THC (or any percentage of THC in states where it’s legal for recreational purposes).

Because it’s legal on the federal level, you can buy CBD from anywhere in the US and have it shipped directly to your door. You can also take it with you anywhere in the country, even when you’re crossing state lines, without worrying about breaking the law.

What is CBD best for?

Most customers buy CBD products for their relaxing qualities. Whether it’s wanting to wind down at the end of a stressful day or improving your sleep quality, reviews show that most people are satisfied with their purchases and have experienced an improvement in those areas.

Another reason why people take CBD is as a food supplement. Because there are many convenient ways to take CBD, such as oil tinctures, edibles, or soft gel capsules, they’re great for supplementation to support your body in everyday functioning, such as cognitive performance.


What is CBG

CBG, also known as cannabigerol, is another cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, just like CBD or THC. But because plants contain primarily CBD and THC, there’s only around 1% left that contains CBG, making it harder to obtain. Luckily, CBG is also much more potent than CBD, so you don’t need as much of it to feel the desired outcomes.

CBG is currently legal in all 50 US states as long as the products don’t contain more than 0.3% of THC, except for states that have legalized it for recreational use. If a product complies with federal law, it can be shipped anywhere in the country or transported across state lines.

One important thing to remember with CBG is that it’s much more potent than CBD, and you won’t likely see any products being sold as CBG products alone. Instead, the cannabinoids are mixed together to achieve a full spectrum, which means that the products contain CBD, CBG, CBC, and other cannabinoids, such as THC, depending on the product you choose.

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What is CBG best for?

CBG works similarly to CBD, and it’s often used to alleviate discomfort, fight stress, or improve overall sleep quality. Reviews suggest that customers who have bought CBG products for any of those reasons were satisfied with their purchases and have experienced the benefits they expected, and will likely continue to buy the products.

CBD vs. CBG – key differences

The main difference between CBD and CBG is in their molecular structure, which contributes to how the two activate receptors in different ways. CBD has an affinity for the 5-HT1A receptor and seems to have anti-nausea effects, while CBG behaves as a 5-HT1A blocker, suggesting that even though they work on the same receptor, the results should be opposite.

Another difference between CBG and CBG is appetite stimulation. When given to rats, CBD seems to have increased the amount of food consumed by the animals.

CBD vs. CBG for sleep

Even though the full effects of CBD and CBG aren’t fully known yet, there are many individuals filled with optimism when it comes to using those cannabinoids to improve sleep.

CBG is a nootropic that positively affects the brain. The CBG gummies are great for daytime use while CBD can be used for both daytime and nighttime. Overall we recommend looking into CBN for sleep, over CBG for sleep.

CBN gummies can work as a sedative, especially when combined with THC for improved effects. Right now, however, CBN remains a relatively new substance on the market and its effects haven’t been fully studied yet to determine whether it’s the right supplement for people suffering from sleep disorders.

With that being said, CBD seems like the better option here, though you can always consider buying full-spectrum CBG products which contain multiple cannabinoids, including CBD and CBG, so you don’t have to choose between the two, and you can get the benefits of both at the same time.

CBD vs. CBG for anxiety

When it comes to anxiety management, there’s much more CBD research to be done. The same goes for CBG as it has been found to be a nootropic. Both of these cannabinoids can offer relaxing benefits that can calm anxiety. 

As far as CBN goes, the research available is very limited, and there’s not enough information to confidently say whether it’s a good solution for anxiety. However, because of the promising results of CBD, you can buy full-spectrum CBD products and get both substances at the same time for increased results.

CBD vs. CBG for pain

If your main goal behind taking cannabinoids is to relieve pain, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a lot of promising research showing that CBD can potentially be helpful in this regard. 

If you’re interested in taking CBG for pain relief, there isn’t much information out there that checked how the substance alone was helpful. Instead, researchers track it jointly with CBD to maximize the effects.

Just previously discussed, CBD and CBG seem to be working the best together, and that’s why you’ll find many full-spectrum CBD products on the market which combine both of those cannabinoids. If you can’t decide which one is the best for you, we recommend you take both as a full-spectrum product to maximize results and make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Is CBG better than CBD?

No matter why you want to take cannabinoids, the first question you might be asking yourself is, “is it the one for me?”. While there’s no clear answer as to whether CBD or CBG is better for you personally because our bodies and needs are different, there’s one thing you should remember before you buy anything, and that is that you don’t even have to choose!

In general, there are two kinds of products available on the market. CBD products contain only CBD and allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of the cannabinoid. Because there’s only one substance included, the price tends to be lower, but the potential benefits are also limited.

On the other side, we have full-spectrum CBD products which contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and often even trace amounts of THC, so you can still legally take them in any US state (because they contain less than 0.3% of THC). At the same time, it’s enough for you to experience enhanced benefits compared to pure CBD products. 

What is CBN?

When you look at full-spectrum CBD products, you’ll see one more cannabinoid prominently featured in the ingredients we’ve mentioned throughout the article. It’s CBN, which is another popular substance you can get online and have it shipped directly to your door anywhere in the US. But what even is CBN, and why should you care?

CBN, or cannabinol, is a mildly psychoactive substance that can be found in cannabis plants in trace amounts. As of now, it remains legal in the US for recreational use, but just like with CBG, it can still be added to dietary products in very small amounts, so you can still experience its benefits without taking too much.

The benefits themselves are very similar to what you can experience with CBD or CBG, and even though the amounts of CBN in full-spectrum CBD products are relatively low and won’t get you high, it’s still enough, especially because the cannabinoids work together with each other, giving you a fuller experience.

CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN

With new cannabinoids added to the mix, you might now be wondering which one is the best for you and if CBN is better than CBD or CBG. While they all offer similar benefits, products containing CBG alone are rare because of how little of the substance can be found in cannabis plants. That’s why it’s often sold in full-spectrum CBD products instead so that you can get the benefits of all cannabinoids at the same time.

Even though it might sound confusing at first, there’s a reason behind it. CBG and CBN are very potent and, at the same time, hard to obtain, so creating products that contain only those substances would be counterproductive for manufacturers, and it wouldn’t be so helpful to you as the customer.

Instead, we recommend you get all 3 cannabinoids at the same time, maybe even with some extra additives, such as THC, which you cannot get in all 50 US states, even though they haven’t yet legalized it for recreational use, as long as there’s less than 0.3% of THC in your full-spectrum CBD products. 

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