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Cannabigerol (CBG) – Top 10 FAQs | Steve’s Goods Fine Hemp

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found in both the hemp and marijuana genetics of the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid breaks down into many (or perhaps even all) other cannabinoids during digestion, including THC, THCA, THCV, CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBC, AND CBCA. These are among just a few of the important 120 cannabinoids that have been identified. Thus, Cannabigerol is often referred to using the title “Mother of All Cannabinoids,” as it is the base cannabinoid molecule at the center of formation in all others.

Will CBG Get You High?

CBG is non-psychoactive. It will not inhibit the user’s mental state, meaning it will not ‘get you high.’ Cannabigerol shares many properties with CBD, most of which would be referred to in the context of therapeutic, and that’s fantastic because it comes from nature.

Why Do We Need CannaCBG_Isolate_Slab_1.0gbinoids Like CBG?

The human body craves cannabinoids. Each of us is equipped with an internal cannabinoid system that behaves and supports us in a similar fashion to our metabolisms. The endocannabinoid system is the body’s way of creating balance and harmony during macro-environmental changes.

CBG and your body

At times, we all feel worn-out from excessive stress spanning years of hard work and varieties of physical demands. Maybe you feel this way from manual labor, or perhaps you had a hard workout. CBG oil is worthwhile short-term supplementation to look into.

CBG As A Rest Supplement

Rest is vital for health and wellness. It affects your mood, energy levels, mental function, and wellbeing. Not being able to sleep can be frustrating and ongoing struggles with lack of sleep are generally considered unhealthy. CBG oil may help to calm the mind and body to help you temporarily supplement for a more complete night of rest.

CBG & General

General discontent can be crippling indirectly leading to an abundance of problems. General discontent is our mind telling us that something drastic has changed for the worse or that something needs to be changed for the better. Ironically, it is hard to make a change when you have a loss of interest or pleasure in activities. CBG can help mitigate or perhaps even alleviate your general discontent so that you can get back on track and better your own life.

Other CBG Questions & Answers

Does CBG Mix Well With Other Cannabinoids Like CBD?

CBG is the base molecule from which CBD is produced and eventually through maturation of the plant becomes hemp’s common major cannabinoid. It is quite alright to combine the two. Steve’s Goods makes a practice of complimenting CBD with boosted or amplified amounts of controlled Cannabigerol for an added balance and a targeted feel during supplementation.

Can CBG Be Overused?

The truth is, any substance or product (can) be overused and abused, even water. Though CBG science and studies regarding long-term effects and health impacts are still infantile in exploration, it should be noted that cautionary short-term use including responsible adherence to product serving limits and directions should impact typical Cannabigerol customer positively and work without adverse health effects or considerations.



Does CBG Have Any Side Effects?

Recent studies have been conducted monitoring servings of up to 300 mg daily, administered orally, and spanning up to 6-months studies. Higher total servings (up to 1500 mg daily) have been subjects of 4-week scientific studies. In some cases, side effects included some reports of dry mouth, other observations of drowsiness, and a few occurrences of lightheadedness.

More On CBG Studies & Observations

In rare cases, observations in controlled review recorded liver damage associated with a high-potency servings of CBG supplemented over long periods of time, though the jury is largely still out as to whether CBG was the cause or was simply being administered during the discovery of said observations. For almost all individuals taking suggested amounts CBG is mostly safe. We highly encourage consulting the serving size chart attached to each product, and not increasing serving size beyond recommendations.


CBG Products By Steve’s Goods


CBG Isolate: CBG greatly enhances CBD products. It is very difficult to make due to it breaking down during the process of photosynthesis into other cannabinoids. It is best used in dabbing, eating, and enriching home products.

CBG Slab: This crystal of 99% pure CBG is the first of its kind. A year of specialized research and development went into developing the perfect process, taste, and smell. It is very important to us to produce a consistent, quality product. Each step is vigorously done right. We pay for unbiased 3rd-party testing on each batch.

CBG Tincture: This product is sold in 15 mL or 30 mL bottles spanning a  range of formulation potencies, all of which maintain a CBD to CBG ratio of 20:1. A few drops of any of these tinctures directly on or under the tongue, or added into food, or even dripped into a drink. Tinctures have a longer shelf life, are more bio-available for metabolism, and generally taste better than many hemp supplement alternatives.

CBG Gummies: AM Gummies from Steve’s Goods come in bottles of 45 gummy cubes, each containing 5 mg of Cannabigerol isolate. 1-2 gummies per day equals an average serving size. These are a quick way to control a serving of hemp CBG and get on about your day.