When in Doubt, Chill Out Starter Pack

$99.00 $68.31


When in Doubt, Chill Out Starter Pack

$99.00 $68.31

You deserve to relax. Let us paint you a picture of how our When in Doubt, Chill Out Starter Pack can help. Trust us, you’ll be hanging loose in no time!

This morning’s workout left your neck muscles sore. After slathering Wowzer pain balm over the area, the tension melts away. Relief is fast and welcomed.

Now it’s the middle of the day. You’re beginning to lag in both stamina and focus. With still more to get done, you need a lift. You remember you’ve got a bottle of CBG oil in your bag so you crack it and take some underneath your tongue.

Within as little as 20 and up to 45 minutes later it starts to kick in. After an hour and a half, you notice you accomplished your tasks with ease, not even paying attention to how you feel.

Now you’re done for the day. All you can think about is a nice hot bath. You turn on the faucet and adjust the temperature. Ready for bliss you toss in a 100 mg. CBD Utopia Bath Bomb. The scent of lavender fills the air as you slip out of your clothes and into the tepid pool of magic. Sleep comes easy. You wake up ache-free and well-rested. You marvel in having another bath bomb to look forward to with our Eucalyptus-infused CBD Bath Bomb!

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When in Doubt, Chill Out CBD Starter Pack — $125 value for $99

What’s Included:

  • OG Hemp CBG Oil 500mg (15 ml)  Reg. $65
  • Wowzer Pain Balm Reg. $20
  • Eucalyptus Defense Bath Bomb 100mg Reg. $20
  • Lavender Utopia Bath Bomb 100mg Reg. $20
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