Why CBD Edibles Are A Hot Commodity in 2019


Get the Supplements Without the Stigma: Why CBD Edibles are Having A Moment 

As scientific developments discover new ways to help people live fuller, happier lives, CBD edibles have become a popular item found in pockets, purses, and bags all over the world. Offering an unexplored wealth of benefits that may help society address everything from pain relief to anxiety without a doctor’s prescription. 2019 seems to be a milestone year in popularity for people taking CBD edibles and supplements for a broad range of purposes – without the stigma of smoking cannabis

One of the most popular methods for ingesting the daily supplements required for the desired results is by taking CBD edibles. However, with all the purported claims regarding how full spectrum CBD products may improve your quality of life, it was important to discover why exactly 2019 seemed to be a renaissance for the popularity of edible CBD. Initially, the boost in visibility came from the quantifiable conclusion of government studies proving that CBD could be used to treat chronic seizures caused by a range of genetic conditions.

Tracing the Popularity of CBD Edibles Through Policy Change

After years of openly advocating the use of hemp-derived supplements, activists were presented with a measure of legitimacy following governmental approval of CBD based product Epidiolex. Though the FDA only approved a single laboratory engineered, synthetic CBD medication, the measurable results of the studies were proof that quality CBD products could possibly be used as a supplement to address other chronic health issues. 

Since CBD has no psychotropic effects, it is more easily attainable and sold everywhere from the local health food store to Amazon, an online retailer famously restrictive for the products they allow to be sold through their website. In fact, because it can not be used as a recreational drug and has a low probability for abuse, the DEA reclassified a range of hemp-derived CBD products from Schedule I to Schedule V, clearly separating it from the rest of the cannabis family.

With trusted backing from the medical, scientific and governmental communities, people from every corner of society were empowered to sample potable products like CBD gummies, CBD Capsules, and full spectrum CBD coffee. These tasty edibles with CBD incorporated in their creation have been celebrated for their use against chronic pain and social anxiety. Essentially, anyone can have direct access to effective, potent supplements that may help them achieve a level of comfort and normalcy they hadn’t imagined possible from over-the-counter medications previously.




Why Users Are Choosing Edible CBD Over Other Methods

Since every form has its compromises, it’s crucial to explore edible CBD products specifically to fully understand their recent rise in popularity. In the last ten years, vaping cannabis has enjoyed a renaissance, with a massive number of devices and pre-filled wax cartridges becoming more readily available with the sweeping legalization of medical and recreational marijuana becoming more prevalent. However, it helps to understand that the majority of CBD consumables have minuscule amounts, if any THC, and produce no mind-altering effects. 

It is this knowledge that allowed CBD to become a universally accepted way to redefine its context as something completely separate from recreational cannabis. Vaping CBD is a prevalent way to administer it, due largely to the active absorption rate and how quickly it is taken into the bloodstream before being broken down. With that in mind, the intensity of CBD dosage using edibles is milder than inhalation, but still potent enough to deliver an effective amount. This is especially true when sourcing CBD products purchased from trusted retailers that provide honest and transparent methods of production and potency. 

Although the traditionally tainted context of products with CBD are breaking down leading to wider usage and greater benefit, there is still the desire amongst many users for discretion. As such, items such as edible CBD gummies and lollipops are making it easier than ever to administer the dosages for everyone’s needs without shouting it from the rooftops. They travel well, don’t require any equipment, and can be taken in any social setting – which makes taking CBD edibles in public even more commonplace than popping a multivitamin.

Explaining Commonly Misunderstood Facts About CBD Products and Edibles

The knowledge that edibles with CBD won’t produce any undesired effects or impairments created a growing confidence in this popular hemp-based supplement to not only offer users relief, but allows them to retain normal motor skills, cognitive abilities and self-control as well. Essentially, store-bought CBD has roughly similar effects to most over-the-counter medications with a far more holistic approach to personal care. Plus, this hemp-derived cannabinoid is available in many different forms including CBD oil, wax, dietary supplement, in addition to edibles.

As such, the familiarity combined with finding the method for delivering effective CBD a the form that most users are comfortable with makes it easy for everyone to try as an alternative to prescription medications. Edibles with CBD are among the easiest for new users to accept as a supplemental regimen, due to their incorporation within some of the best tasting snack foods and their pre-measured doses. While it can be confusing to deduce how to most effectively implement precise amounts of forms such as oil and CBD concentrates, edibles are typically pre-formed and made to exact measurements by volume to ensure users get the exact amount labeled on the package every time. 


Are CBD Edibles A Passing Fad? Consistency Is the Key to Results

Over the last decade, fad diets, exercise regimens, and other health crazes have become common fixtures in our daily lives. In fact, considering the naturally occurring terpenes in CBD, it helps to interpret how they can complement the natural compounds and attributes of foods we eat every day. Creating a healthy meal plan can require discipline and dedication to fully experience the rewards of feeling healthier in addition to paying for expensive meal prep. Adding CBD edibles products to your daily routine can be unbelievably easy to adhere to and readily accessible to everyone – without prior knowledge or experience to try out.

This is truly valuable when you explore the benefits of CBD gummies for anxiety and the way in which they put users at ease or allow them to interact more freely can help them live fuller more robust social lives. Beyond the most common benefits of taking CBD as an edible, the unstudied riches yet to be uncovered for making full use of the human body’s endocannabinoid system may be delivering unexpected enrichment that will be revealed by future scientific discoveries.

Since the approval of a CBD-based treatment by the FDA and the reclassification of hemp-derived products, there has never been a more advantageous moment in time to get the relief you need to live a healthy, normal life. Experience CBD for all its benefits in the present and find out why CBD edibles may be the best tool to start living your best life today.



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