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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Dabs


About CBD Dabs – Everything You Need To Know

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About CBD Dabs

What are Cannabidiol concentrate dabs and what are the different types of it?

What to do cannabis users need to know about CBD dabs? Beginning with texture: they are wax-like, smokeable forms of extracted concentrate made from hemp.

Hemp is a plant from the cannabis family that is a cousin of marijuana. Hemp extracts vary by type from crude product, to distillate liquid, to isolate powder, similar to the many forms of THC concentrates on the market.

Dabs are for everyone!

Though dabs often carry a certain “stoner” stigma due to their rise in popularity among recreational marijuana enthusiasts and influencer personalities, I believe that the CBD-based family of dabbable concentrates deserves different considerations. At Steve’s Goods, we specialize in two forms of CBD concentrates, both excluding THC from their formula.

Steve’s Goods CBD Wax

THC-Free CBD dabs are made from a process called chromatography. 

In the making of these THC Free CBD dabs, raw hemp distillate is evaporated and passed through a device or condition in which all the different cannabinoids (CBG, THC, etc.) can be isolated and separated with total accuracy.

All traceable THC is removed

During this run in the extraction process, the THC is removed, and the other cannabinoids are rejoined together as a distillate. The THC-Free distillate that remains is a thick gold liquid solution that causes no “high” feelings when used or processed into something else, such as our CBD waxes or CBD edibles.

CBD Isolate dabs are made by combining isolate with and without flavoring and/or terpenes.

Our CBD shatter is the perfect example of such a CBD isolate blend: waxy to the touch, but flakier and more crystalline than other concentrates.

And most importantly, no high or psychoactive feelings will be experienced from the use of these dabs – Other possible effects are discussed below.

What to Expect When Researching About CBD Dabs

Choosing and Using Hemp Concentrate Dabs

Which type of CBD dabs is best for me?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Have you ever heard the saying, “Even Jimi Hendrix needed a drummer and a bassist to perform?” Sure, Jimi was a heck of a guitarist and has been recorded many times playing amazing guitar solos at his shows. He also depended heavily on drums and bass to maintain the pulse of songs while he played such solos.

Cannabinoids Are Cannabis Plant Rock Stars

Research about CBD dabs (and CBD in general) has shown that CBD works better in-concert with the rest of the cannabinoid family. Meaning CBD actually functions best when THC is included in the mix, as well as the full spectrum of other cannabinoids derived from hemp, but we get it. THC isn’t for everybody.

Steve’s Goods CBD Isolate

Are there other versions of CBD dabs than just THC-free and Isolate-based?

The THC-free & CBD isolate dabs discussed above do not contain the full family of cannabinoids. CBD is regulated differently than marijuana is, and there are dabs on the market that do carry the full-spectrum distinction, and in essence, will contain trace amounts of THC.

Some hide it better than others

Though these levels test low enough to be considered legal and compliant, full-spectrum CBD products are to blame when a know-it-all friend or family member insists that “CBD will make you fail a drug test.” Not so. THC in Full Spectrum products may make you fail a drug test, and this is why Steve’s Goods opts not to offer dabs that include THC.

Anything else people need to know when choosing CBD dabs?

Once people are confident with the types of CBD concentrates available on the market, I typically end up in a conversation about what other ingredients and materials our dabs are made of.

All CBD Concentrate Dabs are not equal

With Steve’s Goods, we are happy to report that the answer is “nothing.” We include only CBD (isolate or distillate based), and natural plant terpenes for flavor and enjoyment. We appreciate this question, mainly because all types of CBD are not created equally. Our CBD extraction process is natural and chemical-free. Where should you buy CBD dabs in Colorado? There’s one right answer: Steve’s Goods 🙂

You can taste the difference

Many companies use uncommon industrial solvents, or end up with high heavy metals in their extraction and refinement processes, leaving behind harmful traces of toxic matter in products, all of which will ultimately be consumed by cannabis users.

We find such practices to be repulsive, and we work hard to ensure Steve’s Goods products will never have those issues.

We’re growing our own hemp to control the quality

While our waxes boast roughly 85% concentration of CBD, they include a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids minus THC, and delightful fruit and floral terpenes. Our shatters boast CBD concentrations exceeding 95%, but do not include the complete cannabinoid profile.

We control the controllable things

In either case, our CBD purities and concentrations exceed much of what the market offers by 2-3 times the CBD. Whether you think the wider-spectrum of cannabinoids is important or you simply seek a regular, high-dose method of receiving CBD, our waxes and shatters cover the bases.

How should I use CBD Dabs, and what can I expect?

My common response to these questions is this: if you are able to marry your favorite tasting CBD dabs with the ideal temperature for melting them, there is no quicker or more enjoyable way to deliver strong doses of CBD than via concentrates. And if you start with a solvent/metal-free CBD product, you will feel no buzz or high feelings. Instead, you may feel a sort of instantaneous, natural lift that sustains itself for hours at a time.

Steve’s Goods Disclaimer – About CBD Dabs

These products are marketed as smokeable hemp concentrates and are not recommended as alternatives to prescription or medication drugs.

It’s a Hemp Rush!

All in all, 5 minutes after a CBD dab, users can potentially feel improved and may think more clearly. Hemp dabs do not offer the experience of psychoactive marijuana, meaning no impaired feelings, even after heavy dabs of high-potency CBD concentrates.

While there are many ways to enjoy dabs, and while we love them all for various reasons, we do prefer one method of dabbing over all others.

We highly encourage giving the Evri Dab pen by Dip Devices a good look.

Battery-powered vape devices like Dipper carry many advantages:

  • Temperature control features keep users from burning the concentrates or themselves.
  • Removing fire sources from the equation increases safety.
  • Most of all, the portability of the right battery device cannot be underscored enough.

With an Evri Pen by Dip Devices, you can go anywhere

You can also carry with you legal CBD dabs from Steve’s Goods, all ready to use in a compact, clean, and smell-free fashion.

Please check out our CBD Bundle Deals for steep savings on the Dipper Evri Pin and on our hemp concentrates.


With any luck, this article underscores enough important data regarding CBD concentrates to get you out there trying CBD dabs and feeling confident in your ability to distinguish between the different products.


We highly recommend dabs as an ideal delivery method for high concentration CBD. We hope you are as eager to dab Steve’s Goods CBD concentrates as we are to offer them to you!

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