How Dabbing CBD Wax with this Device changed my perception of CBD.


Exceeding Expectations on CBD: How Dabbing CBD Wax with the Right Equipment Changed My Mind

Like most consumer products, CBD has its own scale that presents different effects depending on the source, production, and intensity. However, I wasn’t entirely convinced about the potential effects until I tried CBD wax dabs with the Dipper dab pen

With the rise in popularity of over-the-counter CBD products sold everywhere from the grocery store to the convenience mart, I was hesitant to approach the daunting cost of most consumer goods containing cannabinol. In fact, many users of consumable cannabinoids claim they see no indication that it changes or alters their normal sensations. I was unprepared for the euphoric comfort and tangible feelings that dabbing CBD wax would provide.

Dabbing CBD Wax For Pain Management

Every day you see more CBD brands and hemp products claiming their “efficacy” and flooding store shelves everywhere you go, offering supplemental doses of the palliative cannabinoids, but without detailing expectations nor the specific possible benefits of CBD. This is due in part to the slow-turning bureaucratic wheels of academia ineffectively conducting quantifiable studies on its uses and applications, as well as the stumbling blocks of governmental policy. Although, a great number of users speak at length online about the potential benefits of CBD for pain management and as a possible holistic alternative to a spectrum of medications.

As a new user, it’s important to understand that CBD is not derived from cannabis, but the agricultural counterpart hemp. Hemp itself has a naturally low occurrence of THC, which creates the altered perception associated with cannabis. While full-spectrum CBD commonly contains some incidence of THC, it must legally be 0.3% or less. For those wondering; does CBD get you high? In short, it doesn’t create the mind-altering experience simply because it does not contain the number of active cannabinoids responsible for affecting brain activity.

The potency of CBD dosage, as well as the quality of a wax concentrate, can provide tiers of physical sensations ranging from relaxation to euphoria. If you’re someone who has tried consumer CBD products, you may already realized that not only do different dosages offer a range of effects, but specific brands as well. However, those without prior experience, may not know that the different methods of ingesting CBD have different outcomes as well.



CBD Effects Depend on How It’s Used

While I was already skeptical of vaping due to the hassle of buying all of the necessary tools, it seemed what I knew about using wax concentrates itself kept me from trying to ever dab CDB. At this point, we are all familiar with the dab dance move, but many don’t know that this came from the practice of dabbing cannabis. Learning how to take a dab, requires more than the traditional smoking apparatus; applying open flame to flower in order to inhale the essence. 

In detail, CBD dabs initially required heating a glass bowl with a torch to reach melting temperature before being able to inhale the resulting smoke. From the equipment to the process itself, learning how to dab can quickly become not simply confusing, but downright overwhelming. Taking the chance on any new process, means you have to spend a decent amount of money just to begin your investigation into whether its something you’ll value and enjoy. 

Recreating effective results starts with getting the right equipment. Once I outfitted myself with the perfect wax vaporizer, I realized that dabbing CBD distillates is easy, potent and accessible, but impressively discreet. The Dipper dab pen is a tactile, easy-to-use, elegant device which allows anyone to simply charge it, and begin using it immediately with very little instruction.

With both the ability to use the Dipper as a traditional vaporizer and as a nectar collector, I discovered a new appreciation of what CBD feels like simply by using the device. 


High-Quality CBD Wax Deserves High-Quality Devices

The Dabbing tools we use every day have to be prepared for continuous use and built for longevity. The same concrete reasons and justifications for why so much of the world’s population is willing to spend impressive amounts of money for name brand smartphones apply to investing in top performing dabbing devices that function dependably. Essentially, making an investment up front in a future of effective usage will end up saving users money in the long run. It means users are less likely to have to replace their cheap dab pens and endless amounts of single-use cartridges.

Sourcing trusted doses of wax CBD from Steve’s Goods is the first step to changing the way you medicate properly and plentifully. Effective CBD dosages to suit specific needs will do a great deal of the heavy lifting, but there is a balance to gaining the full benefits of the functionality of isolates and concentrates that are complemented by devices constructed with equal integrity. If you’re looking for an affordable dab rig that doesn’t require a blow torch and a specialized carrying case, the Dipper may be the most important investment you can make in your CBD experience.

I began my sampling of dabs with the Blueberry OG and Girl Scout Cookie wax concentrates as well as Watermelon OG shatter. The dab strains from Steve’s Goods immediately offered flavorful essences of effective vapor using the Dipper vaporizer. 

Dabbing CBD Concentrates Change How You Feel

While the euphoric sensations of effective amounts of CBD can be reassuring, the true benefits of how it feeds and attunes the endocannabinoid system may harbor endless possibilities for pain management, mental clarity, and complete relaxation. Discover how dabbing CBD wax with the Dipper pen can alter your perception of the benefits of CBD- with a greater purpose beyond the commercial placebos found at your local gas station. 

The physical benefits of CBD do well beyond a sensation of comfort and ease, but it helps to attach a tangible expectation to the experience in order to feel confident in its quality. Experience the most effective method for getting your essential amounts of cannabinoids in the most poignant, tactile method available and find out how using wax concentrates can change the way you meet your personal needs.

The future of powerful yet pleasant hemp-derived CBD doses with waxy concentrates paired with the Dipper is a connoisseurs dream and a beginner’s revelation.


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