25mg CBD Isolate Capsules


These CBD isolate capsules offer many of the same benefits to the user as do our Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate Capsules. The difference is the phytocannabinoid profile. These hemp isolate capsules contain no other cannabinoids except for cannabidiol (CBD) that has been isolated during the extraction process. This blend begins with 100% pure, high-quality, Colorado-sourced CBD isolate made from compliant Colorado hemp. We know the people extracting hemp for isolate, and creating a purity beyond what is possible for the user via normal crude capsules. This means a potent, more natural cannabidiol concentration brought to you for less. We blend our isolate with MCT oil made from real coconuts, and then assemble everything nicely in a gelatin-based soft capsule to avoid leakage. This ensures maximum metabolism into the body, and maximum value & efficacy to the user. We really hope you enjoy!

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