CBD Girl Scout Cookies Shatter


Our signature CBD Shatter with Girl Scout Cookies Full Spectrum Terpenes. Use with your dab rig with, sprinkle it on your joints – or use in your dab pen.

Assists with: Full Body Relax, Deep Pain, Happiness, Being cooler than your friends


CBD Shatter Flavored Girl Scout Cookies

Let’s be honest here, you clicked the CBD Girl Scout Cookies because it triggered your stomachs keyword; cookies, and now you are seriously curious how this could be a thing! Does it come in CBD Thin Mints? Haha, pending… Get ready for a sweet, earthy, and pungent taste, while you push generous amounts of vape through your nostrils, and exhale the rest out of your mouth. 02/23/18 – we are bringing it back! But it will have a different twist it.

Using Full Spectrum Ingredients

We will be using Full Spectrum terpenes instead of our regular terpene blends. This means there are more terpenes per formulation which makes it more complicated. Our formulations have about 20-30 different terpenes while our Girl Scout Cookies formulation has 50-60 different terpenes for a more complex feeling. This also makes it way more expensive. A gram of terpenes takes about $1 of terpenes while a full spectrum gram will cost $5.6 extra! So for that reason, we had to raise the price to $45 per gram. Thanks! Steve This uniquely crafted item is only available on StevesGoods.com<

Weight2 oz

Half Gram, Full Gram