What is CBD Coffee and How Does it Work?


CBD Coffee To Balance Mind and Body: What Is CBD Coffee Used For?

Even if you’re a morning person, everyone has days when the anxiety of getting ready and rushing out the door for work creates some amount of anxiety. For those looking to combat that inevitable daily distress, we wanted to provide an answer to what is CBD coffee and how it can help get your day started worry free.

As a society, there are few items that are closely tied with being alert as a cup of coffee. In fact, according to a 2018 Reuters survey, sixty-four percent of Americans drink it every day, which for many makes us more functional, focused and energized. However, for those suffering from constant or chronic anxiety, one cup can feel like too many to comfortably conduct their daily routines. This is what makes CBD coffee such an important tool for those who value the benefits of caffeine but experience the adverse side effects of feeling jittery, anxious and being consumed by general stress in our day-to-day lives.

With all the potential uses of CBD edibles being widely studies combined with its wide selection of delivery methods, it’s understandable how CBD has become a fixture of modern society so quickly. Becoming accustomed to seeing hemp-infused products on store shelves seemed to happen virtually overnight, with items like CBD lollipops and CBD gummies creating an instantly familiar method for supplying our endocannabinoid system with the daily dosage it needs to function properly. The most principal ways in which cannabinol has been recorded to help users are in potentially alleviating anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and pain, though there is research being conducted into a range of other uses.

What is CBD Coffee and How Does it Work?

How Does CBD Coffee Work?

Since its discovery in 1992, it has become clear that the human endocannabinoid system can help to regulate everything from digestion to sleep cycles. This naturally-occurring part of the human physiology can function in a kind of active dormancy, but the addition of specific cannabinoids into the body can aid in its function. While there are many ways to administer CBD, taking them orally either through tinctures, oils or edibles have become the most widely available and popular methods. 

While taking CBD edibles may seem natural to those familiar with the products themselves, not everyone is as enthusiastic about gaining confidence in the effectivity of a supplement taken from snack foods. In addition, not everyone enjoys sweets and treats infused with CBD or otherwise, some of us simply prefer savory flavors and diabetics may not have the option to indulge in these products as a result of their sugar content. Consequently, the ability to ingest cannabidiol as a part of their regular daily routine is incredibly valuable to those that can benefit from the regular application of active cannabinoids.

As a result, beginning your day with a soothing sip of CBD coffee has become a trendy way for users to get their daily dose of caffeine and cannabinol in one time-saving cup. This way of dosing CBD provides users with comparable intensity and effective potency as edibles with a possibly higher absorption rate due to its distillation in liquid form.  Essentially, following the serving suggestion helps to give coffee drinkers an easy, convenient delivery method for everything they need to have a consistently productive, relaxed morning every day. 

Ways Drinking CBD Coffee Can Help With Everyday Ailments

The conclusion of a 2016 study on Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) stated that the body’s built-in endocannabinoid system “…sometimes requires a gentle pharmacological nudge… in order to jump-start its full functionality. In addition, it further revealed that the application of a spectrum of cannabis-derived compounds could help to alleviate ailments such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome. While CBD alone may not provide all the benefits that users report, full spectrum coffee contains other cannabinoids which in concert can help with a range of symptoms and ailments. 

Firstly, many regular coffee drinkers experience specific issues with their bowel and digestive systems as a result of its regular use. Drinking a cup of CBD coffee at the appropriate dose, which may assist in the management of conditions such as IBS, may help to balance the effects digestively. Essentially, the expected results of drinking coffee to irritate the digestive system or invoke unwanted bowel pain may actually be balanced and curbed by drinking coffee with CBD.

Second, it’s common for migraine sufferers to find that their headaches can be triggered, ameliorated, or intensified by the introduction of caffeine. For this reason, the results of using active cannabinoids can help those predisposed to migraines enjoy their coffee without the foreboding possibility that they are empowering specific criteria which may provoke the onset of a migraine. This may mean that the perks of drinking coffee aren’t limited by the imminent after effects afflicting certain individuals with sensitivity to caffeine or prone to caffeine-related headaches.

What is CBD Coffee and How Does it Work?

Can I Drink CBD Coffee For Anxiety?

From the outside, many don’t completely understand how anxiety can affect our daily lives. However, those of us who experience it constantly understand it to be not only stifling, but in some cases paralyzing. Certain bouts of anxiety can cause those afflicted to recede from a normal social life or even leaving the house. 

CBD infused drinks, especially coffee, are a valuable resource to those of us suffering from acute forms of anxiety. They can create moments of comfort and ease allowing us to live simpler more functional lives without the constant fear and dread of approaching simple tasks. In addition, the fact that coffee is a beverage typically consumed as a start to our day, it helps to fashion a healthy routine of beginning every morning with a more positive, reassuring outlook on what’s ahead. 

To effectively determine what is CBD coffee doing to make anxiety more manageable requires personal research and experience to understand how it can aid each user. For instance, because the Steve’s Goods CBD Coffee has such a high-quality potency to every serving, it’s possible that users could introduce themselves slowly by adding small amounts of grounds to the coffee they already drink to help find their own preferred balance and dosage (though this will augment the flavor). 

What to Expect From CBD Infused Coffee

One of the most valuable effects of what is in CBD coffee is the mind and body balance that it creates for most drinkers. In detail, because it helps to assuage anxiety while relaxing the body, users maintain a focused, clear mind combined with a relaxed physical euphoria. This allows users to remain task oriented and productive and create a baseline of motivation that can last a full day without a second cup. It feeds from a principal of dreams in a way that can set the tone for the rest of your day without being revisited. 

To explain, when you wake from a nightmare or a jarring dream, the panic and alarm that you feel can follow you through your whole day. Reflexively, when you wake comfortably from a calming, enjoyable or reassuring dream, your overall outlook can often be positive and calming. Administering CBD first thing in the morning along with your first coffee can similarly set the pace of your day and doing so regularly, can help to create an overall feeling of confidence and reassurance that your anxiety is being curbed by this routine. The CBD benefits are two-fold here, though the waning intensity creates a placebo effect that is less active, you’ve created a moment of positive confidence meant to improve your quality of life.

What is CBD Coffee and How Does it Work?

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