What Are CBD Gummies?

cbd gummies

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies

Move over plain CBD-free Gummy Bears; there’s a new Gummy in town! Not just for children anymore, Cannabidiol Gummies combine the benefits of CBD with the yummy deliciousness of the gelatinous fruit-flavored candy. Health and sweetness combined in one luscious treat.

CBD Gummies can potentially help with a host of issues. Searched over 75,000 times last month on Google, they’re gaining popularity among CBD users.

The history of CBD gummies begins with the history of gummies.

In Bon Appetit magazine’s October 2014 article “A Brief History of Gummies,” they explain that gummies, like every innovation, came from dissatisfaction and dream. “In 1920, Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany, became frustrated with his dead-end job as a confectionary worker and started his own sweets company.”

At first, he made hard colorless candies, but they didn’t sell as well as he had hoped. He switched up and “produced a line of soft, gelatin-based, fruit-flavored treats in the shape of dancing bears (then a popular diversion at festivals in Europe). The name of his new business was a combination of the first two letters of his own first and last names and hometown: Hans Riegel of Bonn=Haribo.”

But, he didn’t invent the idea!

“Gummy candies descend from Turkish delight and even Japanese rice candy,” says candy historian Beth Kimmerle, author of Candy: A Sweet History. “But both of those are typically made with rice or corn starch versus gelatin. Cooking sugar along with fruit has long been a way to preserve or store summer’s harvest,” Kimmerle says. “So technically gummy candies are also cousins of jams and jellies.”

Once CBD became popular, it wasn’t long before it started showing up in different products, some more useful and effective than others. This is important because new CBD products are popping up every day. Not all of them are worth your time or money. Be sure to do your research. The amount of CBD you receive in a serving matters, and just because it says CBD on the label, doesn’t mean it’s going have enough in it to make a difference.

Not all CBD gummies are created equal either. We worked with several companies over months to get our formula just right. Our full-spectrum organic CBD Gummies are made with pure, organic, Colorado-grown hemp. Each serving contains 30 mg. of CBD, a righteous dose delivered in a tasty package. Full Spectrum means its made from the whole plant and provides all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Isolate gummies have 10 mg. each. Isolate means these delicious little bears have only CBD in them, none of the other cannabinoids.cbd gummies

Why Use CBD Gummies?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, and unflavored has a very green earthy taste. Some people love it. Some people not so much. Our CBD Gummies taste like fresh-picked fruit.

CBD Gummies allow you to receive the benefits of CBD without needing to wrinkle your face or dread the taste. Recalling the words of Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!”

The Science Behind CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies themselves have not been studied, but more and more research is being done on CBD itself.

Research shows CBD is useful in many forms and applications. Eating it mixed in food or drink is proving to be an effective a way to receive relief. The differences between under your tongue, smoking it and eating it is the length of time it takes to be assimilated by your body; either through digestion or directly into your bloodstream.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

CBD is legal in any form as long as it’s made from industrial hemp and contains less than 3% THC.

What to Know Before You Buy CBD Gummies?

Advice for buying CBD Gummies is the same advice for purchasing any CBD product. Know your source!!!

Where does the company get its CBD? How do they process it? Are the final products within the legal limits of .3 THC? If not, you can get in trouble or have effects you’re not expecting. Also, what else is in the product?

Trustworthy companies will provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch of product they produce. A COA assures you the amount of mg. of CBD written on the outside are indeed in the bottle, if the heavy metals have been removed, and if the product falls within the legal limits of THC.

What is the Difference Between CBD Edibles and THC Edibles?

Consider the difference between THC and CBD. One gets you high, and one works to bring your body into balance with no psychoactive side effects.

It’s the same difference between CBD and THC edibles.

THC edibles are psychoactive and must be taken with caution. Too much can send you on a mind-expanding journey for which you may not be prepared.

Side effects from CBD are rare; when you take too much, you might get drowsy, experience dry mouth, or diarrhea. An interesting note, studies are finding that CBD relieves the symptoms of overconsumption of THC.

Steve’s Goods Organic CBD Gummies Product Guide

We offer two kinds of gummies; full spectrum gummy triangles complete with all the cannabinoids, and CBD isolate gummy bears filled with pure, straight CBD.


Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies

Steve’s Goods Full Spectrum CBD Gummies give you not only of 30 mg. of CBD per serving but offers the beneficial goodness of the whole plant. When you take a full spectrum product, research is showing the cannabinoids and terpenes work together to bring you more prolonged, longer lasting healing.

Full Spectrum, these are the best CBD gummies for Rest in you’re not concerned about taking minuscule amounts of THC, non-psychoactive in this amount. They come in Orange, Grape, Fruit Punch, Lemon, Watermelon. They’re vegan and GMO-free.

CBD Isolate Gummy Bears

We offer CBD Isolate Gummy Bears for people who prefer pure CBD or for those concerned about ingesting even the small amounts of THC found in full-spectrum.

These come in 10 mg. servings because research is showing getting the dose right on isolate makes a difference in its effectiveness. Too much or too little renders the benefits null. Read on to discover how to determine your optimal CBD gummy Serving.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

If you already know how many milligrams of CBD put you in your sweet spot, go for it.

If not, we recommend starting slow and building your way up. It’s called titrating. We explain it in our dosing guide here. We’re not worried about you taking too many CBD Gummies, we don’t want you to waste product, and once you’ve found relief, you don’t need more!


What If My CBD Serving Doesn’t Work?

The ideal way to get to the perfect dose is using titrating, the method mentioned above. If you follow those instructions, you’ll get to a dose that works. Sometimes it takes a little experimentation.

What are the Potential Benefits of CBD Gummies?

We’re not allowed to make medical claims by law, so we won’t. However, our customers have been giving us incredible feedback on how CBD helps them in many ways. CBD in Gummies works the same way as CBD in any product and reportedly has these benefits.

1. CBD Gummies May Help Rest

Enjoy a CBD Gummy for dessert, and you might Rest deeper and sounder.

2.CBD Gummies May Help Reducing Discomfort

CBD may take your Discomfort from a 10 to a 4 in a relatively short period.


The best CBD Gummies available are right here at Steve’s Goods. CBD comes in different forms and products because we’re unique in our desires, tastes, and needs. Organic CBD gummies are a sweet and delicious way to make the supplement go down.

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