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Hemping Hands Project: Video Blog Series ft. Mary Maynard of Steve’s Goods | 2019 Best Posts

Hemping Hands Initiative

Hemping Hands Project II 

Best Video Blogs Of 2019

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Steve gives back through our Hemping Hands Project


Mary Maynard - Steve's Goods Employee


It gave us a way to keep it regular and trackable

Steve’s Goods gives away high-quality, Colorado made, CBD products to people in need, and on a regular basis. We call this our ‘Hemping Hands Project’ Initiative. You can think of it as our official response to the never-ending messages we get daily seeking affordable, holistic natural plant-derived CBD.


The Hemping Hands Project is ongoing

On the 15th and 30th of each month, we give away much-needed CBD to our prize winner and notify the winner of his/her selection via our Steve’s Goods social media profiles. A single submission will serve as an entry in the giveaways on both the 15th and 30th of a given month, so long as the entry is made before the 15th of that month.


We want to thank everyone who has submitted a video in the past

We cannot wait to hear from those of you who see this and decide to participate in current and future Hemping Hands Giveaways.

For our 7/1/2019 Series Edition of Hemping Hands


We zoom-in on the story of one of our own

Mary is one of the original staff at Steve’s Goods. She has long-battled epileptic Episodes, and tells the story of her journey from diagnosis, to her struggles with traditional options, through her discovery of CBD as a holistic alternative. It was this discovery that set her on a path to meeting Steve, working for Steve’s Goods, and inspiring the formulation of our highest-potency CBG oil ever.


Mary never has to pay for Steve’s Goods product

We give it to her, willingly, as we do with all our Video Series blog guests and interviewees. But specifically with Mary, we formulated the CBG oil that helped her balance her medical treatments, and in cooperation with her doctor, she is doing great. And she inspired the Hemping Hands Project, too.

Thankfully, the story has an ending that most people can appreciate.



*** Steve’s Goods wants you to know that Cannabidiol (CBD) does not mean “medicine” and that we do not recommend otherwise in the use of our products

Steve’s Goods does not participate in medical studies and does not recommend the products below, or our other hemp products, as suitable alternatives to medical prescriptions. Talk to your doctor for further info and before adding hemp products to any medical prescription or supplementation routine.

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