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Voted Best CBD Concentrate by Rooster Magazine

Our products are notorious in the Hemp industry for being tasty AND effective. We entered the "710 Showdown Contest" that is hosted by Colorado based Rooster Magazine and our Pineapple Wax won the contest for 2018!

Customer Reviews

CBD has been life-changing for me. I’ve had chronic grains and insomnia for over ten years, and pharmaceuticals never helped me find relief. The first time I tried CBD my world changed, I felt a relief unparalleled to anything else had tried, and it didn’t come with the side effects that pharmaceuticals did. If you’re not on the CBD train yet, you should be!
CBD has helped calm my anxiety and depression. I use oils and rubs as well as high CBD flower. It’s been a life changer. If you haven’t tried it, you should.
Steves Goods CBD Isolate has helped me with anxiety, depression, ptsd, chronic pain from surgery’s, knee pain from physical therapy, it helps me proceed while going out in public so I don’t have to look behind me every 5 seconds thinking something bad is about to happen to me.
Steve's Goods CBD/CBG tincture helps me beat the morning grumpies! It wakes me up, keeps me feeling focused and cheerful without any intoxication. I keep it in my purse to stay awake at networking events longer and get more work done - plus the CBD is wonderful for relieving anxiety and stress.
I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and the blueberry CBG oil helped my jaw muscles to release and stop clenching in response to other symptoms. It also gave me a boost in focus and calm. If you go through a long list of my daily symptoms, the relief this provided is a big deal. Definitely worth a try!
Used your cbd and cbg instead of pain meds for my gallbladder surgery so that was cool but all in all everything I have used from you guys has worked awesome.
I was blessed to try your Blueberry CBG..I have liver cancer and 5% function of my kidneys...your product helped me operations coming up prevent me from THC but not CBD...mucho thanks @stevesgoodsonlinefor helping actual patients.....Peace n Puff.
Thank you so much!!! I have been using the CBG/CBD I won in your giveaway, and i have tried at least 3 dozen brands of CBD over the past 4 years, & you have an AMAZING product! I cannot wait to try them ALL, & the Wowzer Balm is AWESOME too for my Lyme & Rare Disease Flares! So Stoked!
Your cbd oil helps me so much with my insomnia, I struggled for years with no relief and just ordered the cbg for pain management while they figure out what's wrong with my liver and gallbladder! Love your products!! ❤
I love your guy's CBD isolate. Before I was a daily smoker and really needed something to satisfy me the way THC did, but didn't find any QUALITY, ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE, CBD. Now I just take a few quick puffs of the vape juice or take a quick dab and I'm all smiles. 😁
My experience was with the Blueberry OG shatter!! One night, I had a one of the worst migraines. Immediately, I dabbed a good sized piece of shatter and WOW!! Within a couple of minutes it was completely GONE! I absolutely love the Blueberry OG!💙 If only I could get my hands on some watermelon shatter!!! 🍉❤
I love the BLUEBERRY helped me with a bad yes it worked for me...and it helps me sleep when I feel anxious.
I've struggled with anxiety, depression, ADD, and memory loss since my football days. CBD & CBG have completely turned my life around. Now I'm more joyful and productive than ever. Thanks Steve
I’ve dealt with severe anxiety from PTSD. And years ago I was on way too many pharmaceuticals, and I hated the way I felt on them. Your CBD shatter, and isolate have been the most effective product!! Plus the Vape juice! I have been able to stop taking my anti inflammatory medicine!
I’ve tried several other companies before I found Steve’s Goods. And I have no doubt the quality, the flavor and the effectiveness is far superior to other companies, and no doubt the prices can’t be beat for the quantity and quality. The customer service is top notch. I use CBD for anxiety, health and overall well being.

Best tasting tincture on the market!

Cat Novak of THC Mag on the CBG Oil

As a person who’s never responded well to prescription pills to treat and cope with my PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, CBD gives me quality of life! CBD doesn’t leave me foggy and confused, sweating, nauseous and/or vomiting, and shaking, unlike most pharmaceutical drugs. Not to mention the dangerous suicidal thoughts I experienced from prescription pills! CBD gives me relief that is unmeasurable to what pills could have ever done for me. I experience fast relief with CBD; so fast, that I’m immediately able to get on with my day happy as can be, I don’t have time to wait weeks for my body to adjust to something it is clearly rejecting, e.g., vomiting, shaking. Quite frankly, it logically doesn’t make sense to me. CBD has never made me want to kill myself. CBD will always be my favored safe and natural alternative to prescription drugs!

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