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TAB – What is Hemp NEW

Hemp is a wild or feral genetics of the Cannabis plant. What does this mean? Though all cannabis genetics are dioecious in nature (meaning female and male plants grow together and reproduce by pollination), humans have leveraged hemp for as long as we have been civilized. For thousands of years, humans have used hemp to create textiles, paper, clothes, plastics- even food!

Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant species, industrial hemp is utilized across the globe to produce a wide range of consumer and industrial products. There is some amount of confusion between industrial hemp and marijuana since these plants are visually similar. However one major diference is that industrial hemp has a high amount of fiber and low content of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive ingredient responsible for the mind-altering high. Are you looking for extraordinary CBD products online? Steve’s Goods partners with local producers in Colorado for organic ingredients, whenever possible.


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