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TAB – Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is an ancient one that has been dormant in the US, up until recent years, due to political and societal stalemates over regulation and application. In 2021, hemp is expected to continue growing at an accelerated rate, in both number of participants and in production or service verticals. Steve’s Goods is a 4 year old Colorado hemp and CBD company that has been creating value for the industry since early in the cannabis renaissance. We are an industry leader in the manufacturing of CBD Concentrates, CBG Products, and Hemp Wholesale.

Steve's Goods CBD Private Label

Industrial hemp is exploding globally as planting has multiplied thousands-fold over the years following 2018 and the leniency ushered in by the Farm Bill. 

Today, there are well over a half million acres planted in the US, and that number is growing. 

Steve’s Goods has been farming industrial hemp for 2 years now.

Hemp products manufacturing is the process of formulating and blending hemp, its extracts, its seeds, or some combination of the former, for consumption in a final product such as CBD tinctures or CBN Gummies we offer, or rope and hempcrete offered elsewhere in the industry.

This is the process of straining hemp using gas or solvent in order to collect a high-potency liquid crude (raw hemp sap) compound. This compound can be used manufacture products or it can be distilled down to a cannabinoids cocktail (distillate). From distillate, we can further extract individual cannabinoid isolates in various solitary states. Steve’s Goods has partnered with some of the top extraction labs in Colorado to process our hemp for us. We finish our products and offer them to a growing national fanbase, and we’re pretty thrilled ab out that.

Marketing hemp products can be a bit more challenging than growing or extracting hemp. Though the Farm Bill paved the way for the products, it did not resource US regulators with definitions, studies, or other precedence from which to operate, and so most traditional advertising platforms have been slow to offer help to the budding industry.

In addition to the marketing challenges mentioned previously, it is unclear as to the planned direction the industry will move, and that is greatly impacted by the next steps with regulators. To-date, the Feds haven’t done more than occasionally step-in and fine industry participants for what they “cannot do.” We have yet to hear much from oversight as to what we can do, and politics will dictate the pace at which that corrects (or not).