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TAB – CBD Private Label

Steve’s Goods is proud to be a full service CBD private label company that can offer select clients access to technologies to better assist them in the hemp industry.

Together we provide you with everything you need to launch your own CBD wholesale business from logo design to labeling your finished product. If you need dedicated private label and dropshipping services, we can put the control in your hands to focus on marketing your product while we handle all the technical pieces of fulfilling your orders.

As you know, launching a CBD company requires time, effort, expertise, and money. Where you put your time and effort and how you use your knowledge determines how much value you bring.

CBD Private Label and Wholesale Services available:

Brand Identity Systems

  • Text-only Logo
  • Graphic + Text Lockup Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Style Guides

Full Brand Identity Systems

  • Label Design Packages
  • Professional Level
  • Premium Level
  • Ultimate Level

The minimum investment for private labeling and access to our designers is $25,000 on bulk or wholesale CBD. Additional pricing varies based on the services you request. Call us today to see if you qualify for these services.

Steve's Goods CBD Private Label- Oil bottle