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CBD Bath Bombs


CBD Bath Bombs 50mg each of CBD Full Spectrum Oil
CBD Bath Bomb 50mg - Tranquil - Yellow
CBD Bath Bomb 50mg - Sensual - Pink
CBD Bath Bomb 50mg - Utopia - Purple
CBD Bath Bomb 50mg - Recovery - Blue
CBD Bath Bomb 50mg - Defense - Green

CBD Bath Bombs


CBD Bath Bombs! Video below!

100mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Types: Defense, Tranquil, Sensual, Utopia, and Recovery

We have our bundle of all 5 varieties of bath bombs that we make for a lower price.  That is our Utopia, Defense, Tranquil, Sensual, and Recovery for a lower price than if you were to buy them individually.

*5 CBD Bath Bomb bundle comes with free Priority Shipping!

Fill, Drop, Soak!

Take a nice long soak with some bubbly love. Feel the power of essential oils and full spectrum CBD.

Ask about bulk!

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Watch CBD Bath Bomb video:

Video from –>@mamabear_dabs <– PLEASE visit her IG account for other CBD related pictures and videos!

Why are CBD Bath Bombs better than regular bath bombs?

CBD bath bombs are great because the high absorption rate increases when you are in the tub. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil that is inside the bath bomb can directly offer your body relief. This is an addition to all the benefits that a regular bath bomb has to offer from the essential oils. It will offer you more relaxation and more relief.

If you are experiencing severe back pain or you are looking to feel completely relaxed? CBD Bath Bombs mixed with essential oils is a great way to let CBD absorb into your skin.

We only use potent Organic Local Colorado Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract when making all of our products.  The extract has the full power of the plant, much like an essential oil.  Using an isolate, will not provide all of the benefits of the entire plant.  Hemp flower extract has been found to have a very broad impact on cellular function, including mood stabilization, reduced tremors or twitches, and chronic pain, irritated skin, anti-inflammatory, as well as as an antiseptic.

We have 5 types of CBD Bath Bombs 100mg:

  1. Defense CBD Bath Bomb (Green) – We put these essential oils together from an age old recipe.  This combination is called the 5 thieves blend originally.
  2. Tranquil  CBD Bath Bomb (Yellow) – Made with just the right balance of lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, bergamot essential oils and infused with Hemp Flower Extract
  3. Sensual CBD Bath Bomb (Pink) – Arousing your libido is what we had in mind for this bath bomb.  By blending the right essential oils that not only have the similar purpose of arousal, but smell good together, is our goal with the Sensual CBD Bath Bomb.
  4. Utopia CBD Bath Bomb (Purple) – This is it. Long day, and its bed time.  Unfortunately work or whatever is still nagging at you.  Let it go! Take a long bath in water as hot as you can stand.  Drop our Utopia bath bomb in and get ready for a relaxing night of sleep.
  5. Recovery CBD Bath Bomb (Blue) – We put these essential oils together with because the Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lemon essential oils with Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract is designed to help the skin heal from the daily battle with life.  These essential oils are blended together to help heal and mend skin problems.

Ingredients:  Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Witch Hazel Astringent, Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract, and Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint, Bergamot essential oils.

Just in, CBD Bath Bombs are not just for women, men like them too!

So, most of you know that I try and test each and every product before putting it up on the website. It is critical that we offer you the best quality CBD products at reasonable prices. This product is not only made locally in Colorado but the CBD used is full spectrum and made with different combinations of essential oils. I highly recommend you try all 5!

I am 6’2, so fitting in my bath tube was a hoot, but I did it. For you. I did it! Sitting in the tub, I decided to drop in this CBD Bath Bomb with essential oils. It immediately started fizzing and the magic ensued. The water started to change colors of a yellowish tint and I could start to smell the CBD oil and other essential oils. It was nice. Not something I was used to but very nice. I sat there and soaked for 30 minutes. I felt super relaxed and I can honest tell you that my back felt amazing waking up. No pain, no morning discomfort. These CBD Bath Bombs have offered me back pain relief and relieved me of any stress I was feeling.

– Steve

*5 CBD Bath Bomb bundle comes with Free Priority Shipping but no refunds if you pay for priority at checkout.

CBD Bath Bombs Bulk available!

*submit your bath bomb videos to to get a chance to win free Full Spectrum CBD bath bombs!

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Defense – 100mg CBD Bath Bomb (4oz), Recovery – 100mg of CBD Bath Bomb (4oz), Sensual – 100mg CBD Bath Bomb (4oz), Tranquil – 100mg CBD Bath Bomb (4oz), Utopia – 100mg of CBD Bath Bomb (4oz), 5 Bath Bombs – 100mg each

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