CBD Isolate – Lab Results

Received On: 07-06-2018

Our CBD Isolate is the most pure, high quality isolate you’ll find on the market. Our isolate is sourced from Colorado hemp, free of heavy metals, and a top choice for 100’s of companies who use our isolate as the active ingredient in their products. Since our isolate is one of the most in demand products we provide, you can always count on receiving a fresh product that’s recently been sourced and lab tested. The purity levels we advertise are derived directly from these lab reports. You can verify 100% accuracy by matching up the batch number displayed on your package with the correlating lab report on this page. Ready to buy Colorado’s finest CBD isolate? Questions? Never hesitate to contact us – We take pride in our customer service.

Cannabinoid Profile Overview:

Full Lab Report (Batch # 301):

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