How Does CBD Effect Dogs?

CBD for Pets

History of Dogs

We have had a history with Dogs for over 10,000 years. Ancient people formed relationships with Wolves that was mutually beneficial. The people would give the wolves food which would result in the wolves staying nearby, thus indirectly defending tribes. This relationship has evolved though out several millennia and evolved into a much tamer relationship. People provide dogs food, water, and shelter in exchange for a best friend. Dogs love us! We love Dogs! For this reason, we want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and comfortable.

The Endocannabinoid System In Dogs

This bodily system has been around since the Cambrian Explosion 500-million years ago. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for regulating the body into a balanced state known as homeostasis. The ECS has evolved over the years, ever increasing in complexity. All mammals, including dogs, have the ECS and it is remarkably similar to one another. Even though research is new it is showing that dogs and humans have virtually the same ECS as one another. This means that products containing CBD,CBG, and other cannabinoids can produce beneficial effects for Dogs as they can for humans.

How CBD Helps Dogs

Every dog has its own personality. Many of the common problems that affect dogs such as joint discomfort and uneasiness which effect almost every dog at some point in their life. Luckily our organic hemp products are bolstered with health benefits to alleviate many of your dog’s aliments. Dogs may suffer from uneasiness from loud noises such as fireworks or thunder. Some of these poor, lovable sidekicks hide themselves in a corner and have uncontrollable shaking until the event passes. Thunderstorms can last from minutes to hours and it is horrible to see your beloved pet cower in fear. CBD products, especially full spectrum, can help your pet find a peace of mind. This mitigates what they are experiencing and can help them weather the storm.

Every pet gets old. It is sad to see; especially when they begin to have physical discomfort which results in them having trouble getting around. They are just as happy to see you. They are just as happy to keep you company. Though it takes a great amount of effort and energy for them to do what they used to. Fortunately, CBD can help alleviate physical and mental discomfort and uneasiness. Your Old friend will be able to get around better and live life better for a longer period of time.

CBD Side Effects On Dogs

Every dog is different. Some dogs may not have any side effects while other may get several. It is important to discuss with you vet before giving your dog CBD because some medications may interact with CBD. You vet will be able to make adjustment to give your buddy optimal health. When giving your pet CBD you should look out for:

  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Dizziness

Most of the time side-effects are minor and fade away as the body processes it.

Will CBD Get My Dog High?

All of our products at Steve’s Goods are derived from Organic Hemp. By U.S. Federal Law hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC by volume. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive component to cannabis that is associated to, but different than CBD. The amount of 0.3% will not get your dog high in any amounts. Your dog will process what THC it already has before ever getting close enough to consuming enough to get it high. CBD is non-psychoactive. It is incapable of getting you high in any amounts.

In Short, NO hemp products will get you dog high.

CBD Dosing For Dogs

This Section is just advice! Speak with your veterinarian in order to determine what is best for your pet!

CBD is not federally regulated so we have to rely on expert opinions and anecdotal evidence. It is important to judge the severity of the issue you are trying to alleviate. If your long-term friend is suffering from heavy discomfort versus light joint physical discomfort then the dosage will be different. The more severe the discomfort, the more CBD is required, and the longer it takes to gain results.

Our CBD dog treats have 10 mg of CBD per treat. That is a good starting point. You can then add treats though out the day as needed, based on results.

The general rule of thumb to determine the maximum daily dose of CBD for your dog is 5 mg per kg (5 mg per 2.2 lbs). So, a 50 lbs dog would take a maximum dose of 113.6 mg ((50 lbs / 2.2 lbs)*5 mg = 113.6). It is best to start on the lower end of the dosage and slowly increase it until the desired effects are made. If you start at the maximum dosage and your pet’s body rejects the CBD it may produce negative side effects as listed above, especially drowsiness, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is virtually impossible to overdose on CBD, but anything in excess is unhealthy.

It is important to note that consuming CBD orally takes around 30 minutes to take effect. Once in effect, it should last at least 4 hours.

Where Veterinarians Stand on CBD For Pets

Veterinarians have a lot of rules and regulations to comply to; specifically relating to the state of practice. Because of this many Vets are wary about discussing CBD use for your pets. Their job is on the line for a substance that they still do not have official guidelines for. Thus, your Vet may not be able to prescribe, administer, dispense, or recommend CBD products. I some states however there may not be any restrictions and your vet can do any of the former to help your pet. What they can do it talk about theoretical and anecdotal evidence. They may be able to provide you knowledge of if your CBD product may have an effect on other pet medications and what dosage might be typical for your dog.

How Steve’s Goods Can Help

Steve’s Goods uses the highest quality, organic hemp from Colorado Farms. The hemp is grown with immense care and attention to detail. When we receive the plant, we than utilize a precise CO2 extraction process that results in a pure product. We spent over 5 years in research and development to perfect our process for the best product possible. Because we use hemp, which legally has no more than 0.3% THC dry volume, all of our hemp-derived CBD products will not get you high in any amounts. Many of our products are THC free because we know many customers are still wary of the 0.3% federally set limit. Lastly, we get a third-party lab to conduct testing for cannabinoid levels and impurities, like heavy metals and bacteria. The lab then produces certificates of analysis for each batch. Our goal is to help. We genuinely believe that our products can make lives better.

Hemp Bites – CBD Dog Treats

Your Dog will love our Hemp Bites. They are Organic and Grain Free! They are made with only 12 ingredients including Bacon Fat! Your Dog will love either of our flavors Bacon or Cheddar! There are 25 full spectrum treats per bag that bolster 10mg of CBD per treat. Your Dog will love you for them!

CBD Oil For Pets

This Oil is a versatile tincture for pets. What makes it for pets compared to our other tinctures is that it utilizes Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for its base; this allows this tincture to be great for pets and humans alike. This full spectrum tincture comes in 4 size to potency options: 15mL-75mg, 15mL-150mg, 30mL-150mg, 30mL-300mg. This Hemp Oil is safe for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and a variety of other furry fellas. This method is great because you can place it directly into the mouth, dog bowl, or homemade treats.

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