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Video: Steve Visits the High Times Cannabis Cup 2019 in Oklahoma.

High Times Cannabis Cup 2019 in OKC

It Was a blast, and our very own founder/bearded hero was front-and-center for all of it. Steve is followed by the Steve’s Goods video team, starting with his departure from Denver, continuing with the festivities in Oklahoma City, and ending with his return home. He makes his way around, one day at a time, spreading the word regarding CBG, and rocking his iconic green leaf blazer. 

From conversations with new friends to interactions with famous influencers like @dabbing_granny, to the first-hand perspective of the general experience at OKC CannabisCup 2019, we hope you are thoroughly entertained by this journey with Steve! Please make sure to follow this channel on YouTube, and to find and follow us on Instagram at @stevesgoodsco. Enjoy!

Cannabis Cup 2019