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Hemping Hands Initiative: Video Blog Series ft. Mai Rider – A Steve’s Goods Customer | 2019s Best Posts


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Best of our Video Blog Posts Of 2019

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Steve immediately know he had to help Mai and her son

Steve’s Goods gives back through our Hemping Hands Initiative monthly

Mai Ryder - Steve's Goods Friend & Customer

Defining our Hemping Hands Initiative project gave us a way to keep our giving going…

….on a regular and to make it more trackable and efficient


We call this our ‘Hemping Hands Initiative’

Steve’s Goods gives away high-quality, Colorado made, CBD products to people in need.

It’s Getting Pretty Serious

You can think of it as our official response to the never-ending messages we get daily seeking affordable, holistic medicines that work.


When Do These Hemping Hands Initiative Giveaways Happen?

On the 15th and 30th of each month, we give away much-needed CBD to someone of our choosing via our Steve’s Goods social media profiles.

Submit Your Video For Consideration

A single submission will serve as an entry in the campaign on both the 15th and 30th of a given month. We want to thank everyone who has submitted a video in the past.

We cannot wait to hear from those of you who see this and decide to participate in current and future Hemping Hands Giveaways.


Voluntary Disclaimer and Disclosure

Steve’s Goods compensated Mai Ryder for this video. We asked her non-medical, non-scientific questions which she answered honestly. We did not alter her message or responses in any way.

To Be Clear About This

Steve’s Goods does not market our products as medicine, or as alternatives to medicines and prescriptions.

What Are Our Products?

CBD products from Steve’s Goods are short term supplements made from natural hemp.

We do not recommend utilizing our CBD products as treatment options, or as suitable for sole relief of major medical issues.

This video is for informational and for entertainment only

Steve’s Goods does not advertise this video, and the company does not endorse the message within as an advertisement for our products.

We simply share the willing messages and submissions to our Hemping Hands Initiative.



Our Friend Mai Ryder & This Video

As part of our Hemping Hands Initiative, we visited with Mai Rider, a local businesswoman, a fitness enthusiast, and above anything, an all-around amazing mother.

No clear words came to mind – She froze us in-place

Mai is INCREDIBLE. Yes… That’s it. Incredible Experience!

She had been a customer for some time

We had the pleasure of meeting her just before we filmed this video, and hearing her story was equal parts riveting and inspiring.

She told us about her son

He was once a very normal, very talented young teen who was loved by his peers and had a promising road ahead of him.

On Thanksgiving a few years back, he was hit by a drunk driver and nearly lost his life.

Mai accounts for his every need

She is a super-mom, with an incredible perspective, and an immovable dedication to the idea that she will bring her son out of his state one day.

How does Mai use CBD?

As part of his rehabilitation regimen, she gives her son Steve’s Goods CBG and Hemp oils. In this video, she explains why, and how she thinks CBD and CBG help him to live as well as he can.

We hope you enjoy the story, and we encourage you to submit your video



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