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CBG in 1-2-3

CBG (cannabigerol) is one truly remarkable cannabinoid found down to trace concentration in nearly all genetics of Cannabis plant. It is one of the current buzz words among US local as well as national advocates and regulators, and for good reason. Cannabigerol is both very versatile and extremely powerful.

America Is (Finally) Starting To Catch Up On Cannabinoid Research

(Well… Most Of Us Are, Anyway)

The current scientific, societal, and political climates in the US make right now a truly ‘wild time to live” as it pertains to cannabis advocacy and cannabinoid research.

To clarify: by “wild,” we don’t necessarily mean today’s realities and experiences are “mostly roses” or even possible without “resistance.”

Cannabigerol and Hemp Science Have A Future, if…

…we as a society, including our local, state, and national regulators, get the hell out of our own way. Hemp has the potential to become a staple cash crop for extracts, and some believe could even become a strategic National advantage.

What Is CBG (Cannabigerol)?

Cannabigerol is the chemical mother of all other cannabinoids. Hemp & marijuana plants produce it naturally in the form of cannabigerolic acid, but it is considered to be a minor cannabinoid in lieu of the fact that it appears in low readings on lab tests of mature cannabis plants.

The major cause of this?

Most Cannabigerol is immediately converted into one of the other major cannabinoids during photosynthesis. That means it is not plentiful, and that it takes a lot of cannabis to isolate or distill a considerable amount of it, making it expensive to come by. In bulk, it can be obtained in the form of isolate powder, and in the form of distillate liquid (more to come on those later).

30 mL | 2500 mg | OG Hemp CBG Oil
30 mL | 2500 mg | Watermelon OG | CBG Oil
Tincture-CBD_2500mg30mL (1)
30 mL | 2500 mg | Maui Pineapple CBG Oil
30 mL | 2500 mg | Blueberry OG CBG Oil

How is Cannabigerol used?

Our bodies have a built-in endocannabinoid system which aids in the balance of our physical equilibrium. Each of the 114 hemp cannabinoids has varying effects on the body and on each individual’s endocannabinoid system. CBG has been found to be one of the more universally beneficial among them.

Will CBG get you high?

Perhaps one of the most interesting observations from studies on Cannabigerol noted that larger servings and/or concentrations may, actually, do the opposite and possibly interfere with the psychoactive feelings THC causes the body, thereby possibly overpowering the neuro-inhibiting effects that THC produces when consumed in high-doses.

What are the best ways to buy CBG?

Though we anticipate a wave of high-Cannabigerol flower strains emerging to satisfy demand from the market, there are few to no such strands in circulation presently. Again, cannabigerol is almost always biosynthesized into another cannabinoid while plants grow and flower, meaning someone would have to interrupt such biosynthesis to retain the maximum levels of CBG produced by a particular strain or plant. That is not to say CBG cannot be attained in bulk volume. Steve’s Goods deals in three major bulk forms of Cannabigerol: isolate powder/slab, distillate, and tinctures.


CBG Isolate Explained

Cannabigerol isolate powder is utilized in the manufacturing of other concentrate products, Including including isolate slab. It looks and feels similar to powdered sugar, and comes in a concentration of 99% purity. CBG isolate powder could theoretically be utilized to make gummies, capsules, topicals, and other forms of concentrates, including shatter, and any other product for which CBD isolate powder is a base product. This powder is commonly isolated from the other cannabinoids among the full-spectrum through refinement from industrial hemp.

Cannabigerol Super-Distillate

CBG super distillate is utilized in the formulation of oils and tinctures. This distillate is the key ingredient in Steve’s Goods Oils, and could theoretically be used in the formation of several other products, including wax concentrates, similar to the products Steve’s Goods offers among their CBD wax concentrates.

This super-distillate is made via chromatography. This process passes evaporated hemp distillate into a medium in which all the different cannabinoids are isolated to be separated manually with no error. This is one of the most advanced methods for generating pure cannabinoid concentrates and is certainly one of the cleanest methods.

CBG Oil & Tincture Products

If you enjoy a tasty, smoke-free means of getting your controlled serving of supplemental Cannabigerol daily, Steve’s Goods 20:1 oils are a fantastic option. They are available in Maui Pineapple, WatermelonOG, Blueberry, and OG Hemp flavors, achieved by blending our boosted hemp super-distillate with the appropriate terpene profile (or terpene-free formulation) to offer the ideal formula to satisfy just about any taste pallet. Every flavor is sold in 15mL bottles with 250mg, 500mg, and 1250mg concentrations, and in 30mL bottles with 500mg, 1000mg, and 2,500mg concentrations, ensuring Steve’s Goods is also ready with every size and strength refill one could possibly need for home use. These tinctures are also available for white and private labeling on a case-by-case basis.

What is CBG Slab?

If you enjoy Steve’s Goods CBD concentrates, you will love their state-of-the-art CBG isolate slab. Made from Cannabigerol isolate powder, and via Steve’s proprietary process, Steve’s is offering a terpene-free, 99%-pure hemp concentrate that tastes like unexplainable citrus flavor, and a feeling of total renewal that rushes over you as quickly as you inhale it. We don’t know of another company offering anything similar, and it is our true pleasure to be among the first to take the step and create something this rare and incredibly healthy.

We want to be a Cannabigerol resource

Our hope is that this post resources you with enough background knowledge on what Cannabigerol is, why it is important for the human body, the different benefits of using it, and the types of it on the market. We sincerely hope you will consider Cannabigerol for your diet and health (if you have not already done so), and that you will strongly consider Steve’s Goods’ products to fill that need.

CBG Questions

What are the benefits of CBG Products

Cannabigerol is often used in concert with CBD in hemp concentrate product formulations. Unlike standalone CBD products, formulations that include Cannabigerol are known to be more metabolically flexible, meaning there is simply more possibility in application to a product that contains both.

As stated earlier, this isolate from hemp is considered by many to be the “Mother of all cannabinoids” for a reason. CBD and all of the other spectrum cannabinoids spring from it at their genesis, and some scientists believe it reacts during digestion to be metabolized in the form of needed minors.

What can CBG do for me?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Internal use of such products results in outcomes that also vary regarding their applications. Our smokeable products are known to perk folks up quickly and sustainably. Edible Cannabigerol products are known for slower metabolization.

Can I combine CBG products with CBD products

Of course! We do this for you in our product offerings. Though we do offer 99% pure Cannabigerol products, we are formulators who prefer to offer balanced solutions. Our oil tinctures, for instance, are comprised of 20:1 ratio balance of boosted Cannabidiol to Cannabigerol from hemp isolate. Our CBD waxes, especially the small-batch versions, are often boosted with the isolate of Cannabigerol which we refer to as “fusion.”

Can I overuse CBG?

This question should be asked more often and taken more seriously. There exists enough history and unanswered questions to take pause and caution users that much is still unknown regarding CBG. We do formulate CBG products to achieve major ingredient effectiveness and test reading. We do not recommend excessive use of any of our Cannabigerol inclusive products to anyone, especially not as effective long-term replacements for known or prescribed medical treatments.


Does CBG smell bad?

The exact opposite, actually. Cannabigerol isolate and slab, in 99% pure form, are odorless until heated, and then give off a citrus-like smell and “sprite-like” aftertaste. It is refreshing to experience, and always draws the same satisfying rush of peacefulness to those we sample it for.