Flavorless Vape Additive (15mL)


Try Steve’s New 15mL Flavorless CBD Vape Additive (1,500 mg)

This product should be added with your favorite flavors of vape juice. This allows you to make any vape juice; CBD vape juice!

Note: This product shouldn’t be used alone on your coils.

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Since conception, we at Steve’s Goods have received consistent positive reviews on the flavors of our vape, but who’s to say you shouldn’t have the freedom to use your own flavors and get the benefits of CBD? This vape additive comes full of high-quality Colorado hemp extract and is dosed at a higher mg amount than our typical formulas, so you can add your desired mg’s to your current favorite flavored vape with ease. What really sets this vape apart, is that it’s made from a full spectrum distillate, rather than just a CBD isolate like most products on the market right now. Meaning while it’s full of good CBD, it also contains trace amounts of CBG, CBC, CBN, and slight THC. These cannabinoids work together to help you reach “homeostasis” or equilibrium overall as a human being. Some call this the “entourage effect” because the cannabinoids work much more efficiently when they are together. This product is made with industrial hemp and may contain up to 0.3% THC.


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