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CBD Pineapple Express Shatter

CBD Blueberry OG Shatter 95% in a container with a sweet taste
CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter 95% in a container with a cartoon image.
CBD Isolate pure 99.9% that tastes like cherries

CBD Pineapple Express Shatter is a new way to enjoy your favorite extracts or flower with 95% CBD.

CBD Pineapple Express Shatter is 95% pure because of a C02 extraction method. Only Allowing the highest quality, organic hemp! Offering you immense flavors like cherries.

Great for adding additional flavors to your extracts or flower. Yum! Did someone say cherries!?

CBD Isolate is best used on your dab rig, mixed in with your cannabis flower or as an edible. This is safe to smoke BUT due to the potential harms smoking could cause to your health, we are not recommending you smoke it.

You can learn more about CBD extracts by visiting the CBD Shatter Shop.

If you are serious about extracts or flower, this is a product for you.

Individually tested – Organic – For those marijuana connoisseur out there.

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