Silver Mint CBD Oil | 15mL & 30mL Bottles | Fine Hemp
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Silver Mint CBD Oil | 15mL & 30mL Bottles | Fine Hemp


Silver Mint CBD Oil | 15mL & 30mL Bottles | Fine Hemp Tincture

Silver Mint CBD Oil is our newest formulation full-spectrum hemp tincture. It was formulated with a mountain mint flavor in mind. Experience the power of the cannabinoid entourage effect, enhanced only by the mastery of award-winning Steve’s Goods’ terpene formulation. You will love this product from the moment you try it.

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Silver Mint CBD Oil | 15mL & 30mL Bottles | Fine Hemp Tincture

Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil is our newest formulation full-spectrum hemp tincture. It has all the same grade characteristics of our CBD Hemp Oil, only this was blended for an enhanced taste that can only be characterized as Silver Mint. We created this formulation with a “mountain mint” idea in mind. Experience the power of the cannabinoid entourage effect, enhanced only by the mastery of award-winning Steve’s Goods’ terpene formulation. You will love this product from the moment you try it.

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30 mL | 1000 mg | Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil


Reasons Customers Love Steve’s Goods Silver Mint Hemp Oil –

  • Clarity
  • Rest
  • Relief

Directions for using CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil can be used under your tongue or dropped into food and drinks. A good starting point is 10 – 15 drops a serving. Check out our dosing guide to determine the right amount for your personal daily use.




We proudly offer our Silver Mint formulation in 15 mL and 30 mL bottles.

Silver Mint flavor CBD tinctures are made from full-spectrum CBD distillate (legal trace THC contained within Farm Bill regulatory limits), as opposed to broad-spectrum CBD distillate used in our CBG oil formulations.


So why is full spectrum Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil worth the purchase?

Silver mint CBD hemp oil by Steve’s Goods began as an idea for a new limited edition small batch CBD wax. Happy to report that we created that wax, and that be the result was a formulation so delicious that we immediately knew it would balance well in a CBD oil tincture. Made from Colorado only full spectrum distillate, combined with other CBD concentrate extracts, all in concert with the ideal blend of fruit and floral terpenes for a refreshing taste that doesn’t require a mint or piece of gum as a follow-up from use.


Silver Mint CBD Oil Contains Trace THC

This product contains a farm bill compliant amount of THC, which balance is well with the other cannabinoids available for the perfect entourage effect. We hope you enjoy Silver Mint as much as we enjoyed making it available for you.


What is the best way to consume Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil?

All our CBG oil products contain zero THC making these products fully legal CBD hemp oil. These CBD Hemp Oils are permitted publicly, wherever smoking is allowed. We say enjoy per your preference, meaning that if you administer daily servings of tinctures under the tongue, you should do that with this product, also. Many people simply add this hemp oil to a favorite (non-alcoholic) drink.


What if full-spectrum hemp oil isn’t effective enough for me?

In a world of confusing cannabis marketing, it can be difficult to decipher which hemp products are effective versus others. There are many pretenders’ products available.

Silver Mint full-spectrum CBD hemp oil is the same reliable tincture blend we have always made, within an enhanced terpene taste profile for maximum enjoyment.


Does CBD Hemp Oil Work?

For many causes and reasons, certain people benefit from hemp oil more than others. If you know hemp oil to be a helpful supplement in your routine, this particular formulation should be a delicious help. It is powerful, pure, and extremely potent, and is available in 15 mL and 30 mL bottles, which vary and strength.




More Questions about our Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oils:


Who Do CBD Hemp Oils work for?

Our typical customer for this product is a combo cannabis user. That is broad in definition and includes a variety of cannabis consumption methods, device type preferences, flavor prejudices, and product combo possibilities. These types of users are typically after cannabinoid balance, taste enhancement, or just have a THC restriction professionally or personally.


Steve’s Goods offers several other terpene flavor formulations among our CBD & CBG Hemp Oils. Here are a few more:




How much CBD is there in a bottle of Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil from Steve’s Goods?

Bottles of Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil range in potency strength from 250 mg to 2,000 mg.


How long will a bottle of Silver Mint CBD Hemp Oil hold you over?

Most folks see between 2-4 weeks of use per bottle, and that average depends on bottle size, personal serving size, and frequency of use.


Why choose Steve’s Goods CBD tinctures over other brands?

Silver Mint is our newest formulation of full spectrum oil. It is also our tasty alternative to the pure hemp version of this recipe that has been a flagship product for Steve’s Goods since the start. We love it in the feedback has been flattering. It is powerful and delicious. For anyone seeking either or both of those attributes, we say you have found the best option on the market. We hope you enjoy this refreshing version of a classic supplement.


Thank you for choosing Silver Mint CBD Oils and CBG tinctures by Steve’s Goods!

We worked pretty hard to be sure you could find us on the web, so we are glad you made it here. Please look around our CBD shop if you have not yet found what you are searching for. We have dozens of products, and we are sure to have a few options that suit you. And if you have a good look, and don’t locate anything you want, please leave us a suggestion.


What Else Is New At Steve’s Goods

We are constantly formulating and innovating, meaning if we don’t have it now, there is a great chance we will very soon. Please reach out if you need further context in terms of anything you see here. We how you enjoy your shopping experience.


Our Customers Love Us!


“Used your CBD and CBG instead… worked awesome”



“Your CBD oil helps me so much. I struggled for years with no relief. Love your products!! ❤”



“I’ve struggled…since my football days. CBD & CBG have completely turned my life around. Now I’m more joyful and productive than ever. Thanks Steve.”



Ingredients in Steve’s Goods’ Silver Mint CBD Oil

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) derived from Coconuts, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, extracted full-spectrum raw CBD Hemp Oil, Extracted CBD isolate, Local Colorado raw honey, terpenes derived from plants, no synthetics, and a whole lotta love!


When comparing ingredients notice, we don’t add any artificial flavors or ingredients to our products. If you’d like to understand the core differences between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil, check out our blog post here for more information.

Buying Options and How To Choose

500 mg CBD Hemp Oil

1000 mg CBD Hemp Oil

2000 mg CBD Hemp Oil


Our Silver Mint CBD Oil comes in three strengths. Here’s the breakdown:


500 mg/ 30 ml

Divide 500 by 30, and you find there’s 16.66 mg per dropper.

Divide 16.66 by 20, and there’s .83 mg. per drop.

15 drops of 500 mg deliver 12 – 13 mg. of pure CBD


1000/ 30 ml

Divide 1000 by 30 which equals 33.33 mg. per dropper.

Divide 33.33 by 20 equalling 1.66 mg. per drop

15 drops of 1000 mg deliver 24 – 25 mg. of pure CBD


2000/ 30 ml

Divide 2000 by 30 which equals 66.66 mg. per dropper.

Divide 66.66 by 20 equalling 3.33 mg. per drop

15 drops of 500mg deliver 49 – 50 mg. of pure CBD


Our serving chart has good information to help you choose where to begin, and our customer service reps are available during business hours to assist you with any questions.


Thank you for choosing CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Oil Tinctures, by Steve’s Goods!




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15mL – 1000mg, 15mL – 250mg, 15mL – 500mg, 30mL – 1000mg, 30mL – 2000mg, 30mL – 500mg


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