OG Hemp CBG Oil | 20:1 CBD+CBG | Fine Hemp
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OG Hemp CBG Oil | 20:1 CBD+CBG | Fine Hemp


OG Hemp CBG Oil | Fine Hemp – 20:1 CBD+CBG Concentrate Tincture

OG Hemp CBG Oil from Steve’s Goods is a fan favorite. Made from the finest broad-spectrum CBD distillate, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, this tincture formulation is made for the purists who prefer to avoid fruit and floral terpenes available in our other blends.

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OG Hemp CBG Oil | Fine Hemp – 20:1 CBD+CBG Concentrate Tincture

OG Hemp CBG Oil from Steve’s Goods is a fan favorite. Made from the finest broad-spectrum CBD distillate, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and a fine blend of terpenes for the perfect taste. This tincture formulation is made for the purists who prefer to avoid fruit and floral terpenes available in our other blends. It will only ever find Colorado’s finest hemp ingredients in our tinctures. From the moment you first discovered this product, you will love it.

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30mL | 2500 mg | OG Hemp CBD+CBG Oil


We are proud to offer CBG Oils in 15 mL and 30 mL bottle options.

Steve’s Goods OG Hemp CBG Oil (CBD+CBG) tincture is made from broad-spectrum CBD distillate and is a THC-free product.



Why choose OG Hemp CBG Oil from Steve’s Goods instead of buying from the next guy?

If you’ve ever heard somebody refer to us as the best-tasting CBD products company, you should know that isn’t marketing. Steve’s Goods wins awards on a regular basis for our masterful abilities in hemp product formulation. This flavor is a flagship among our broad-spectrum, THC-free hemp tincture lineup. It is a great product because it stems from great ingredients and we would not have it any other way.

We made this one for the purists out there, and for anyone who is sensitive to excessive terpenes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.


Hemp plants sometimes contain higher amounts of CBG…

…especially during specific growth times, and scientists are learning ways to produce strains that provide even more.

Since CBG has been isolated and studied and its potential benefits are becoming known, researchers around the globe believe it could have a significant impact on mental, physical, and emotional health. While it’s known that CBG works with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, it appears it may work with many other receptor systems as well.


We offer OG hemp CBG oil in several potencies

Our variety spans two different bottle sizes ranging from 15 mL to 30 mL. Please reach out if you have further questions.


Steve’s Goods produces a pretty wide selection of CBG oil tinctures. Here are a few others:


What is the best way to consume OG Hemp CBG Oil?

Answering this question with a question: What is your preferential method of cannabis tincture consumption? That method will do fine. Add OG Hemp CBG Oil to any non-alcoholic drink mix and enjoy instantly! All our CBG oils are made from THC-free broad-spectrum distillate, and this makes them fully legal CBG oils that are totally portable and versatile.



100% THC free CBD distillate, Hempseed Oil

*Nothing artificial


Buying options

500 mg OG Hemp CBG Oil

1000 mg OG Hemp CBG Oil

2500 mg OG Hemp CBG Oil


What is CBG?

Without CBG, THC and CBD wouldn’t exist. It’s the mother of all phytocannabinoids!

Isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties, many that overlap, but when CBD and CBG are taken together, the benefits of the CBD last longer and are more pronounced. Due to low concentrations, less than 1%, in plants with high THC content, CBG hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but that’s rapidly changing.


What if I don’t get the desired relief from CBG oil?

OG hemp CBG oil tinctures from Steve’s Goods we’re proudly made for the hemp purist consumer. Some folks are a little more sensitive to terpenes than others. Many people simply enjoy an earthy, natural formulation.


Whatever your reasons

People tell us of all sorts of reasons for which they get drawn to this product, and we encourage you to give it a long and hard look. It is formulated only, ever, from the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD concentrate extracts Colorado produces. We combine those ingredients with mouth-watering terpenes, to bring you this THC-free blend of hemp perfection. Like so many happy customers we have served to date, we are confident that you will love this product.

What other kinds of products do CBG oils pair best with? See below…

Lots of folks love our CBD topicals, and we are very proud of our CBD Relief Balm sticks. If you utilize soothing topicals to supplement for muscle and joint discomfort, we would love to hear what you think about our Relief Balm.


CBD Relief Balm Stick | Fine 2 oz Sticks | 500mg – 1000mg

More Frequently Asked Questions about our OG Hemp CBG Oil:

Who Do CBD Hemp Oils work for?

Our typical customer for this product is a combo cannabis user. That is broad in definition and includes a variety of cannabis consumption methods, device type preferences, flavor prejudices, and product combo possibilities. These types of users are typically after cannabinoid balance, taste enhancement, or just have a THC restriction professionally or personally.

Steve’s Goods does not recommend our OG Hemp CBG oil as a suitable replacement for prescriptions, treatments, or medications.

We encourage all customers to research hemp and to consult with a doctor or medical professional in advance of using products along with prescriptions or other medicines.


How much CBD is there in a bottle of OG Hemp CBG Oil?

CBD + CBG oils are available in formulations varying in strength from 250 mg – 2,500 mg.

Serving Chart – Here’s the breakdown:


500 mg/ 30 ml

Per Bottle – CBD 500 mg./ CBG 25 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 16.66 mg./ CBG .83 mg.

Per Drop – CBD .83 mg./ CBG .04 mg.

15 drops of 500 mg deliver 12 – 13 mg. of pure CBD and .6 mg. CBG


1000/ 30 ml

Per Bottle – CBD 1000 mg./ CBG 50 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 33.33 mg./ CBG 1.66 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 1.66 mg./ CBG .08 mg.

15 drops of 1000 mg deliver 24 – 25 mg. of pure CBD and .12 mg. CBG


2500/ 30 ml

Per Bottle – CBD 2500 mg./ CBG 150 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 83.33 mg./ CBG 4.16 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 4.16 mg./ CBG .20 mg.

15 drops of 2500 mg deliver 49 – 50 mg. of pure CBD and .4 mg. CBG


Our serving size chart has useful information to help you choose where to begin, and our customer service mavens are available during business hours to assist you with any questions.

How quickly will you go through a bottle of OG Hemp CBG Oil?

Serving size, personal preference, and bottle formulation aside, most people get a week or two of supplementation out of a bottle.

For every 20 mg. of CBD in the bottle, there’s 1 mg. of CBG. That’s a 20-to-1 ratio.

The constant is every bottle has either 15 ml or 30 ml. With 15-30 dropper fulls per container, each dropper contains 1 ml. and approximately 20 drops.

Why choose Steve’s Goods CBG Oils?

Oooooh! This gets us we get excited! Our CBG Hemp CBG Oil tastes fresh and green, like nature intended hemp to taste. Unlike our terpene infused Blueberry OG CBG Oil or Watermelon flavored CBG Oil, this product has no other flavor than the plant itself. Earthy and delicious.

All of our CBG Oils are made with a proprietary formula that equates to a 20:1 ratio of CBD to CBG.

OG hemp oil was a long overdue “Thanks” to all the cannabis and terpene sensitive hemp oil enthusiasts who requested it over time. Just like all our other CBG tinctures, this one is formulated to please.


Customers reviews of Steve’s Goods OG Hemp CBG (20:1 CBD/CBG Oil)


“Former daily MMJ smoker. Simply can’t anymore. My heart races 2 much. this does everything that did but no high. No racy heart. Grateful for the alternate choice”



“I have been using Steve’s products for close to a year now, and have always been satisfied. Honest people… Steve himself is an awesome person with his dedication to providing this product to us all who need it. Thank you, Steve’s Goods.”

E.L. (Edited for punctuation)


“Steve’s Goods CBD/CBG tincture helps me beat the morning grumpies! It wakes me up, keeps me feeling focused and cheerful without any intoxication. I keep it in my purse to stay awake at networking events longer and get more work done – plus the CBD is wonderful…”



“Honestly, the best life-changing products ever created. Thank you, Steve. I love selling and using your products…I’ve tried 1500 different products and hands down; Steve’s are the best. I’ve turned family and friends to your amazing products. Thank you.



Thank you for choosing OG Hemp CBG Oil and CBG Products, by Steve’s Goods!

We worked pretty hard to be sure you could find us on the web, so we are glad you made it here. Please look around our CBD shop if you have not yet found what you are searching for. We have dozens of products, and we are sure to have a few options that suit you. And if you have a good look, and don’t locate anything you want, please leave us a suggestion.


Our customers mean the World to us

Without you, there wouldn’t be us! And we don’t take that lightly.

Our mission from the start has been to spread the word about CBD across the land, planting seeds of relief for a healthier future for all. That in addition, of course, to offering full-strength CBD and CBG concentrate products that you can trust.


We are constantly formulating and innovating…

…meaning if we don’t have it now, there is a great chance we will very soon. Please reach out if you need further context in terms of anything you see here. We how you enjoy your shopping experience.


We offer handsome discounts for service members, the disabled, and seniors.

And, here’s something you might not know Steve’s Goods is employee-owned! Everyone is invested in working together to bring you the very best. And we always welcome feedback.


Why is Locally Grown Colorado Hemp More Trusted Among Consumers?

You might be thinking to yourself, hemp is hemp. Why does it matter who grows it and where? And you might not be having that thought at all. But, if you are, here are some things to consider.

There are many factors in the mix when it comes to growing quality hemp. They include soil, temperature, nutrients, time of harvest, etc, etc. And, that’s only the beginning of the story.




We track the industrial hemp used in our products…

…from seed to sale. We’ve met the farmers and been to the farms. Tracking from seed to sale means we have oversight on our product every step along the way to assure purity and quality. Nothing but the best.

All of Steve’s Goods products are made from locally grown hemp. Every batch is tested.


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Additional information

Weight 2.72 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.12 in

15mL-250mg, 15mL-500mg, 15mL-1250mg, 30mL-500mg, 30mL-1000mg, 30mL-2500mg


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