Blueberry CBG Oil (15 mL)


Our Blueberry CBG Oil is a potent Oil that has 250mg, 500mg, or 1250mg of THC Free Distillate with up to 75mg-150mg of CBG per bottle! Our CBG Tinctures are also available in OG Hemp and Watermelon flavors as well.


Blueberry CBG 15 ml.

Made from our Blueberry Distillate Wax, this 20:1 CBG oil is almost too tasty for description. Have you ever eaten a warm blueberry plucked fresh from a bush? Start there.

Of course, you’re not taking this for the flavor, you’re taking it for relief. That’s where this blueberry story gets even sweeter.

We’ve talked with over a thousand people who have taken our CBG products. The results they’re reporting can only be classified as phenomenal. In addition to hearing from our beloved customers through testimonials, participants in our sought-after CBG ceremony, a ritual designed to provide knowledge through experience, are usually blown away by how they feel.

What is CBG?

CBG is often called the mother of all cannabinoids. It’s the precursor to the most studied cannabinoids of the cannabis family, CBD and THC, and a whole host of others.

In today’s landscape CBG is being recognized in its own right, both as an isolated molecule and as a key factor in what is called The Entourage Effect, all the cannabinoids working together synergistically for a more potent and longer-lasting effect.


The best advice for determining which works better for you is to experiment. Take full spectrum CBD Oil for one week or a month, then try 20:1 CBD/CBG oil the next. I almost wrote, “try to be consistent” but, grasshopper, there is no try! Be consistent!

You may want to keep a journal of things you notice and compare at the end. Quite possibly you might decide you want to have both of them on hand in your health product arsenal. They each have their place.

What Are The Benefits of CBG?

The longer scientists study CBG the more interesting it gets. The list of benefits keeps getting growing.

CBG shows promise in many areas including colorectal cancer, muscle contractions and more.

Not only is CBG not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high, but it will also help to bring you down if you overindulge.

One more thing. We mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again. CBG works with the other cannabinoids to enhance the benefits of each cannabinoid in their own right. That’s what mother molecules does.


CBD/CBG wax, Blueberry OG Terpenes, MCT Oil, Natural Flavoring, Monk Fruit Agave, so much love!

How much CBD and CBG is in there?

Steve’s Goods CBG oil is mixed at 20:1 CBD/ CBG. Our research suggests many benefits from this ratio.

The 15 ml. size CBG oil comes in three potencies, 250 mg., 500 mg. and 1250 mg.

The constant is every bottle has 15 ml. With 15 dropper fulls per container, each dropper contains 1 ml. and approximately 20 drops.

250 mg. – 15 ml

MilligramsDivide byMeasureEquals
250 mg.÷15 ml16.66 mg per dropper
16.66 mg.÷20 drops.83 mg per drop

CBD/ CBG Ratio:

15 drops of 250 mg deliver 12 – 13 mg. of pure CBD and .6 mg. CBG

Per Bottle – CBD 250 mg./ CBG 12.5 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 16.66 mg./ CBG .83 mg.

Per Drop – CBD .83 mg./ CBG .04 mg.

500 mg. – 15 ml

MilligramsDivide byMeasureEquals
500 mg.÷15 ml33.33 mg per dropper
33.33 mg.÷20 drops1.66 per drop

15 drops of 500 mg deliver 24 – 25 mg. of pure CBD and 1.25 mg. CBG

Per Bottle – CBD 500 mg./ CBG 25 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 33.33 mg./ CBG 1.66 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 1.66 mg./ CBG .08 mg.

1250 mg. – 15 ml

MilligramsDivide byMeasureEquals
1,250 mg.÷15 ml83.33 mg. per dropper
83.33 mg.÷20 drops4.16 mg. per drop

15 drops of 1250 mg deliver 49 – 50 mg. of pure CBD and .4 mg. CBG

Per Bottle – CBD 1250 mg./ CBG 75 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 83.33 mg./ CBG 4.16 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 4.16 mg./ CBG .20 mg.

Our CBD dosing chart has useful information to help you choose where to begin, and our customer service mavens are available during business hours to assist you with any questions.

Shake Well!

Made from our Blueberry OG CBD/CBG Distillate Wax

Ingredients: 1 gram CBD/CBG wax, Blueberry OG Terpenes or Watermelon OG Terpenes, or Real Hemp Terpenes, MCT Oil, Natural Flavoring, Monk Fruit Agave, so much love!

Weight4 oz
CBD:CBG Potency

250mg, 500mg, 1250mg