CBD For Pets: Most Popular Questions Explained


What You Should Know About CBD Oil and Pets in 2019

Humans aren’t the only species that benefit from the potentially life-changing properties of CBD Oil, pets do, too. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that helps maintain homeostasis in their bodies.

While scientists study the effects on animals, anecdotal stories point to great success in many cases. But, there are things you have to pay attention to including dose, purity, and the amount of THC in the products you’re using. When you treat your pet’s issues with CBD, you need certainty that what’s stated on the outside of the bottle, is what’s on the inside.

Your animals communicate to you in ways only you understand. Since they don’t have words, it can be difficult to determine how the medicines you give them affect them. Pharmaceuticals are known for their side-effects in humans, and animals are no different. Given in the correct dose, CBD has no known side-effects.

What Does Pet CBD Oil Do and How Can it Benefit My Pet?

CBD For Pets: Most Popular Questions ExplainedPet CBD oil works with your pet’s system to bring balance to their body. Just like humans, pets have an endocannabinoid receptor system that naturally regulates pain, mood, appetite, and memory. When this system is out of balance, health issues occur.

CBD brings homeostasis back to the body by up-taking or down-taking to system towards balance. It works with the body it’s administered to, meaning, while the general areas it helps span across the board, individual experiences vary.

The benefits your pet can receive from CBD are multi-faceted. CBD has been shown to help your pet with appetite, pain, arthritis, inflammation, stress, significant life changes, and even reduce the effects of cancer and slow tumor growth. It’s also an anticonvulsant; studies are showing it helps stop seizures. The list of benefits keeps growing.

A selection of ways CBD can help your pet, mentally:

  • Excessive barking
  • Stressful situations
  • Travel anxiety
  • Behavioral issues: chewing, aggression, ill-timed bathroom breaks in wrong locations
  • Relocation

A selection of ways CBD can help your pet, physically:

  • Pain relief
  • Arthritis
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Appetite
  • Side effects from other treatments (be sure to check with your vet.)

What is the Difference Between Pet CBD Oil and Human CBD Oil?

As long as you’re working with a reputable company, when it comes to what’s in the bottle, the only difference between CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for pets is flavorings and strength. Pet CBD oil is formulated to appeal to their tastes.

When it comes to our respective endocannabinoid systems, theirs are much more concentrated than ours. A little bit goes a long way.

Many of our sweet companions are so much smaller than we are, so it’s vital to pay attention to the amount of CBD you’re giving them.

Our Pet CBD oil comes in two strengths, 150 mg. and 300 mg. Captain Obvious says a large dog would benefit from a dose higher than should be given to a small cat.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Pet?

The answer depends on the size of your pet and what you’re treating them for.

We know that doesn’t help.

But, doses for maintenance, and doses to treat specific ailments vary. The way to determine your pet’s optimal daily serving is to start small and incrementally increase the dosage. Once your pet is showing improvement, level off and maintain that dose for as long as you see results. You may have to increase it again as their body adjusts to the medicine.

When pets are dosed correctly, there are no side effects to CBD. But too much too quickly can cause diarrhea, drowsiness, jitters, and dry mouth. As long as you start with a small dose and increase over time, your pet will only receive the benefits.

The chart below gives general guidelines you can follow when determining the correct CBD dosage to start with for your pet. But truthfully, you’ll find contrasting recommendations on different websites because the answer is nebulous. (See, we don’t hold back!) All you need to know is start small and increase the dose every week until your pet shows signs of relief.

WeightAmount of CBDConsistency
1 – 20 lbs..025 – 2 mg.1 – 2 times daily
21 – 50 lbs.2 – 3 mg.1 – 2 times daily
51 – 75 lbs.3 – 4 mg.1 – 2 times daily
Over 75 lbs.4 mg. and up1 – 4 times daily

If your pet is on other meds or your treating specific illnesses, talk with your veterinarian. Not all vets are comfortable prescribing CBD because the FDA hasn’t approved it for pets quite yet. Nevertheless, more and more vets are coming around as success stories mount. If your vet doesn’t want to talk with you about CBD, and you still want to treat your animal with it, do some research and talk with other experts.

How Many Drops of CBD Pet Oil is a Serving?

Again, there’s no one size fits all answer. You’ll need to know how much CBD your pet should receive, and the amount of CBD in each drop to determine how many drops to give your pet.

Here’s how to determine how much CBD is in each drop.

Divide the strength of the CBD by the size of the bottle. The answer gives you the amount of CBD per dropper.

A standard sized dropper filled ¾ equals 1 ml, each drop, .05 ml. adding up to 20 drops per ml.

Divide the amount of CBD in the dropper by 20. The answer gives you the amount of CBD in each drop.

Steve’s Goods CBD Oil for Pets 150 mg.

150 mg. / 30 ml. = 5 mg. per dropper

5mg. / 20 = .025 mg. per drop

Steve’s Goods CBD Oil for Pets 300 mg.

300 mg. / 30 ml. = 10 mg. per dropper

10 mg. / 20 = .5 mg. per drop

In terms of serving size:

4 drops of 150 mg. = 1 mg. of CBD

4 drops of 300 mg. = 2 mg. of CBD

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil Take to Kick in For Pets?

CBD takes between minutes and weeks to work. It depends on what you’re treating.

Probably not the answer you were looking for. But we want to be straight with you.

Animals respond individually.

The delivery system also makes a difference. Placing the oil directly in your animal’s mouth, known as being administered sublingually, gets the quickest result because it goes directly into the bloodstream. Mixing it in with food takes about 15 – 30 minutes longer because it’s absorbed through the stomach.

If you’re using CBD to relieve anxiety and stress in your pets, with the correct dose alleviation comes in as little as 30 – 60 minutes. If no change is imminent in 60 minutes, you can confidently give them a little more.

If your pet suffers from chronic pain, it can take weeks to see improvement while the medicine builds up in your pet’s system and you determine the correct dose.

As you’re gathering, this isn’t an exact science. But, while CBD hasn’t been studied in pets as much as in humans, its efficacy and benefits are real.

Now that hemp has been legalized again, more information and scientific studies are afoot. In the meantime rest assured that when you give your pet CBD for any reason, you’re helping their body come back into balance.

How Do You Give Your Pet CBD Oil?

There are several ways to administer CBD to your pet. Depending on their temperament you can use a dropper to slip the oil directly in their mouth or squirt it on their food or treats.

Some companies offer CBD infused dog treats, but they provide lower percentages of CBD per serving, and it’s important to remember it’s medicine. When you’re treating severe issues, we recommend using oil over treats.

What Consistency Should Pet CBD Oil Be?

CBD is a viscous oil, thicker than olive oil, and thinner than motor oil.

How Can Pet CBD Oil Be Used?

CBD oil for pets can be used to relieve symptoms from seizures, stress, nausea, anxiety, arthritis,

back pain, cancer, stomach issues, and a whole host of other health conditions in pets.

Can I Give My Pet CBD Oil to Help Calm Him Down?

Yes, it’s a wonderful idea! When you give your pet CBD, it activates receptors in their nervous system. The resulting cascade of serotonin helps them to calm down and come to peace.

Can CBD Oil Potentially Help My Pet’s Seizures?

The short answer is yes. In anecdotal stories, people rave about the efficacy of CBD in helping their pets with seizures.

According to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, “approximately 20-30% of dogs receiving standard therapy remain uncontrolled for their seizures. Additionally, the side effects of the antiepileptic drugs (AED) are often unacceptable.”

They go on to say, “Cannabidiol (CBD), a prominent non-psychotropic component of the Cannabis sativa plant, has been shown to have anticonvulsant properties. While CBD offers promise as a treatment for canine epilepsy, controlled studies are needed to prove its effectiveness.”

They’re putting their money where their mouth is. A study of the effectiveness of CBD in treating epilepsy in pets is underway. Testing will conclude in November 2020. Stayed tuned for the results! But don’t wait to provide your pets with a natural alternative to hardcore medicines that could help them without side effects or further deterioration of other organs.

How to Transition Your Pet From Seizure Meds to CBD Oil:

Pet CBD oil can be a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical medications.

Depending on the dose and the drug, CBD interacts with cytochrome P450 in the liver and affects the absorption of other medicines.

If you’re considering checking out the benefits for your pet, in place of seizure, or any other medications, there are vital steps to follow.

  1. Talk with your vet about the transition.
  2. Research the medicines your pet takes for possible changes in absorption due to the enzyme as mentioned earlier interaction.
  3. Start slow and titrate upwards until you find the correct dose.
  4. Pay close attention to your pet’s reactions. Once they get used to the CBD, adjust doses accordingly.
  5. Be sure to work closely with your vet during the transition if your dog depending on the severity of the illness and the strength of the medications they’re on.

Where Can I Buy Steve’s Goods Pet CBD Oil?

As we grow, we’re available in more and more stores across the country. For now, the easiest and most direct way for you to order is online. It’s delivered directly to your door, and you don’t even have to get out of your PJ’s. But, if you would rather interact with real live in-person humans, ask Calvin in the lower right corner of your screen, to direct you to a store near you.

See If CBD is Right for Your Pet

Giving CBD oil to pets has proven beneficial for multitudes of families across the globe. Talk with your vet, start in small increments and see if it will work for you.

Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions. We wish you all the best with the health of your babies.

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