CBD Edibles vs CBD Suppositories 


Exploring CBD From Both Ends: Comparing CBD Edibles and CBD Suppositories

It’s widely accepted that people can get their regular doses of CBD by eating delicious snacks packed with its beneficial properties. Comparing CBD edibles vs CBD suppositories, few users know there are other ways to get their daily supplement of cannabinol without swallowing pills, gummies or oils. This primer may help to provide users with the information they need to see the potential from either side of the discussion.

Although CBD edibles have become a convenient and popular way to experience the benefits of therapeutic cannabinoids, the increasing availability of other application methods including directly applying it inside of the body is becoming more prevalent. To fully understand what sets them apart, it’s important to break down how they function and what specific uses each serves to choose the most effective method for every user. We look into the comparison of CBD edibles and CBD suppositories to learn more about the benefits offered by each.

CBD Edibles vs CBD Suppositories 

Looking Inside for Relief: How CBD Suppositories Differ From CBD Edibles

It’s clear that taking CBD gummies orally can provide full body effects and relief to a wide range of areas in the human body, but what if users want to target specific locations within the human body? There aren’t products developed yet that can target specific bodily systems or purposes, but suppositories with CBD for pain seem to most commonly localize their effects to the pelvic region. To explain, this is mostly due to how the cannabinoid is absorbed directly into receptive capillaries inside of body cavities as well as how it can radiate spectrally from the point of introduction as opposed to the full-body effect created by CBD edibles.

Essentially, the conduits which the CBD travels through are concentrated to the vaginal or rectal cavity, the digestive system, spinal cord and other systems in the surrounding areas. While users may still experience similar relief to eating edibles, it is unlikely the intensity of its allocation will manifest itself as similarly than comparing smoking cannabis vs taking CBD. Understand, each administration method carries its own properties and introducing a CBD infused suppository carries specific benefits to the region in which the initial full intensity is introduced. 

Generally, the effects of CBD edibles seem to create an all-over sense of euphoria that isn’t singularly concentrated in a single area of the body. This has to do with the need for digestion of compounds taken orally. Even CBD oils, which is a simple form to process CBD, but still requires processing in the gut to break down, and allocate to the bloodstream before being circulated throughout the body. Reflexively, CBD suppositories for hemorrhoids, menstrual pain or lower back pain and other ailments closely affecting that region of the body are applied directly to a point of dispersal where it can be directly absorbed and allocated.

Plumbing the Depths of CBD Suppository Benefits

There has been a great deal of publicized theory relating the relationship of the hip region to the storing of emotional pain, but what if that baggage could be unloaded through physical action or therapeutic application of certain cannabinoids? Even without scientific study, it at least helps to understand the tangible uses for CBD as it relates to physical pain and relief created using the interactivity and connections of the human body. 

CBD can be applied to desensitize pain receptors; research has shown that it helps to decrease active nerve pain by plugging into the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors. In addition, methods which introduce cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream which aren’t broken down or diffused by digestion and processing have a more focused intensity. In other words, the CBD suppository retains more of its original intensity and has more intrinsic value regardless of dosage compared to edible CBD of the same amount. Where a user may not experience the effects of CBD edibles quickly, suppositories can become active and valuable almost immediately, not unlike tinctures but without the detrimental addition of alcohol which many CBD tinctures contain due to the distillation process.

One of the most popular uses for CBD suppositories relates to menstrual health and the typical symptoms associated with the onset of a period. Essentially, administering CBD directly to the region most affected by menstrual cramps can help to alleviate the inflammation and intensity. Likewise, CBD suppositories have been purported to be invaluable for sufferers of digestive-related maladies including Crohn’s disease, anal fissures, irritable bowel syndrome and recurring hemorrhoids due to their specific application to the regions of the body most affected by those ailments.

CBD Edibles vs CBD Suppositories 

An Unobstructed View of CBD Suppositories vs CBD Edibles

Suppositories have helped users experience incredible results by directing the flow of cannabinoids to their pelvic region, while edible CBD methods provide them with cumulative relief in a full-body effect that disseminates the intensity where it is needed. That said, there are other peripheral effects produced by using CBD suppositories vs CBD edibles because the rectal cavity is so close to the spinal column and may have positive effects on sexual arousal and stimulation as well. In addition, suppository CBD is ideal for users with digestive issues, nausea, or dietary issues including diabetes. 

Administering CBD this way allows users to control their diet with the knowledge that they are still getting an effective dosage of cannabinoids. Plus, it is possibly the most discreet way of taking CBD without anyone knowing that continues to take effect long after it is initially used. In all, there are endless benefits to taking CBD suppositories for intensity localized to the pelvic region. Bear in mind, the drawbacks are relatively intense, the most obvious being the invasive nature of inserting a foreign object into your body cavity. Another is the inconvenience of finding a private place to insert them, though any restroom will do. 

Reflexively, you can ingest edibles anywhere that allows food or drink (and if you’re sneaky, places that don’t). As soon as you feel the intensity of the previous CBD waning, you can simply take another. With suppositories, users have to hunt down a quiet place to insert them. For some users, this is a reasonable compromise to assuage their symptoms, but for others uncomfortable with the application, it can be a dealbreaker.

Getting Out What You Put In With CBD Edibles and Suppositories

With all aspects of choosing the best way to get effective doses of CBD, there are always compromises to compare to the benefits and the division of edible CBD goods from their suppository counterparts are no exception. However, discovering the right method for every user simply requires personal research, experience, and an open mind to internalize which is best for everyone. The full benefits resulting from each change with every user, but the fringe benefits of less inflammation and more comfort throughout your daily life are aspects everyone can appreciate.

The greatest divergence is with the reach and dissemination of active cannabinoids, where suppositories are predominantly localized to a central area of the body in their intensity, the act of digesting edibles with CBD seems to spread their active impact through the human body. We as yet do not entirely understand the full functionality of the endocannabinoid system and its receptors. Understanding how concentrations on specific regions of the body may retain the greatest benefits of CBD suppositories and edibles will require personalized research and study.  As such, many of us will stick with edibles and enjoy the expected benefits and convenience they offer ahead of further scientific exploration into the bowels of therapeutic applications of cannabinoids.


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