Pure CBD isolate


99% Pure CBD Isolate! This product is great to make other CBD products with or if you rather dab CBD without terpenes.

All the hemp used to make this CBD isolate is from Colorado industrial hemp. Our CBD isolate is very unique because of how many times we interact with the CBD isolate before it is shipped out to your door. We take 28 careful steps to make sure 99% perfection.

We are the best because:

  • Our extraction methods are from 4+ years of practice and research & development of the best tech the hemp industry has seen so far.
  • Our online portal allows anyone in the United States purchase CBD isolate discretely to their doorstep.
  • Consistent high quality. We don’t mess around.
  • Testing on all batches.

See attachments for last 5 batches


Pure CBD isolate 99% is the purest way

Pure CBD isolate 99% is the purest way to get CBD to make products or mix in with your joints, bowls, bongs, or joints.

What is Pure CBD isolate?

Pure CBD isolate is when you take a hemp plant and you use a C02 extraction machine to isolate the component CBD (cannabidiol).

Does it get you high?

NO! Well, NO, but some people say they get a “body high” from ingesting it. It is different than anything you have experienced. It is like if your body got stoned, and kept really relaxed but it didn’t effect your productivity because it is not offering you a psychoactive.

Why is Pure CBD isolate so cheap?

CBD isolate is cheap because it is being produced in mass scale by lots of people. So really as long as it isn’t from China, or any sketchy countries, you are mostly fine with buying it. You want to make sure the company has the test results posted. There can be a tiny amount of natural terpenes left over in the plant that can resemble a cherry taste or there may be no taste at all.

Why is CBD Shatter Better?

CBD Shatter is better because we infuse plant-derived terpenes that are used to match real cannabis profiles. Terpenes offer you an additional medicinal benefit that is being further discovered through research. We have flavors like Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG and Terpin Gorilla. It will give you a better dabbing experience but if you are using CBD to make products. We recommend you use CBD isolate.

Learn about Pure CBD isolate and other beneficial cannabinoids that you may not even know exist!

Why is CBD isolate Slab used for?

CBD isolate slab is great for dabbing. Easily break off a piece to drop on your dab nail or dab pen vaporizer.

Weight2 oz
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