Mango Untamed – Limited Edition Wax
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Mango Untamed – Limited Edition Wax

$50.00 $47.99


Mango Untamed CBD Wax | Limited Edition

Mango Untamed from Steve’s Goods is rare… Super rare. In fact, Mango Untamed is our most-popular, limited-edition CBD wax dabs. Were you aware that mangos have a wild side? That’s why we’re calling our new limited edition CBD wax, Mango Untamed.

Get ready for natural freshness with a CBG cannabinoid boost! We captured the sweet and naughty flavor of ripe, juicy mangos, in a Steve’s Goods Wax, and quite possibly redefined flavor.  Any time you see it available, you can bet Mango Untamed CBD wax isn’t far from being gone (yet again).

Each 1.5 Gram CBD dabs container of Mango Untamed CBD wax has over 1275 mg of fine Colorado CBD. Enjoy some today!

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