CBG Slab


Hello World- This is 99% Pure CBG Slab! This product might be the very first of its kind in existence. So what does that mean? It’s difficult to describe the Mother-of-all Cannabinoids, though we do our best to offer some of our consensus thoughts and context:

Steve’s Goods is likely the only place we know where you can find this terpene-free, natural dose of “act-right” that will grab you by the brainstem and fix your mentality, without a high feeling, and without psychoactive effects.

Our pure, Colorado CBG isolate is transformed into a smokable and dabbable, state-of-the-art concentrate with a fresh and familiar taste that will leave you curious as to why you cannot compare it to anything else. We put our heart and soul into the invention of this, and we could not be more proud to officially offer it to all Humanity!



What makes Steve’s Goods CBG Slab special:

  • It took a year of R&D, and many failed attempts before we perfected the process and got the taste & smell right.
  • Our quality is consistent and will not be surpassed. We are the source, the manufacturer, and the distributor, and we obsess over getting it right at each step.
  • Our people love it, and they are a tough crowd when it comes to what we offer to our customers & clients.
  • We pay for 3rd-party testing on all batches.

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