CBG Slab | Isolate Base | Fine 1/2 g – Various Sized Units
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CBG Slab | Isolate Base | Fine 1/2 g – Various Sized Units


CBG Slab From Steve’s Goods | 99% Pure CBG Isolate Dabs

CBG Slab from Steve’s Goods is pretty close to perfect. This product might be the very first of its kind in existence. So what does that mean? It’s difficult to describe CBG, often alluded to as the ‘Mother-of-all Cannabinoids.’

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CBG Slab From Steve’s Goods | 99% Pure CBG Isolate Dabs

CBG Slab from Steve’s Goods is pretty close to perfect. This product might be the very first of its kind in existence. So what does that mean? It’s difficult to describe CBG, often alluded to as the ‘Mother-of-all Cannabinoids.’

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CBG Slab Comes from the Mother-of-All Cannabinoids:

Steve’s Goods is likely the only place we know where you can find this terpene-free, natural dose of “act right” that will grab you by the brainstem and fix your mentality, without a high feeling, and without psychoactive effects.

CBG Slab from Steve’s Goods is different. You will know what we mean within seconds.

CBG Slab by Steve’s Goods


Our pure, Colorado CBG Isolate gets transformed…

…into CBG slab in a matter of hours. Transformed into a smokable, dab-able, state-of-the-art cannabis concentrate with a fresh and familiar taste that will leave you curious as to why you cannot pinpoint a similarity to anything else.

We put our hearts and souls into the invention of this, and we could not be more proud to offer it to our customers.


CBG Slab From Steve’s Goods Is Special, eh? Why?

  • It took a year’s worth of R&D and many failed attempts before we perfected the process and got the taste & smell right where we wanted them.
  • Our quality is consistent and will not be surpassed. We are the source, the manufacturer, and the distributor, and we obsess over getting it right at each step in our process.
  • Our people love it, many of us swear by it, and it should be noted that we are a tough crowd when it comes to what we offer to our customers & clients.

What is the best way to consume this product?

Steve’s Goods CBG Isolate Slab dabs are ready to be enjoyed in a whole host of ways. It is probably most common for folks to melt and inhale them using some preferred choice glass, metal, or battery-operated rig.

We offer the world’s favorite Dip Devices pens

Dip Devices offers several devices that we are pleased to keep in stock at Steve’s Goods. We find them to be an ideal partner in offering for consumption of our CBD dab wax and other hemp dabs, and mainly because they approach the issue of quality as seriously and passionately as we do.


We also offer the best stationary device option on the market

EZ Bake’s E-nail is globally known for its range of adaptivity to existing glass hardware people use regularly at home. It includes an easy-adjust rolling wide temperature range, that is easily adjustable to match perfectly the preference of any dabber.



We love both so much, we have a difficult time picking the better option between the two. Many of our customers say the same thing, and many of them own both


Can I use CBD dabs without a device?

Of course, you can. Our CBD dab wax and shatter burns, regardless of the flavor or terpene profile, so we absolutely encourage customers to embrace what’s familiar to them in use. In other words, stay with your routine. For people who love flowers, for instance, CBG Slab is excellent to enjoy when mixed into a joint, and in Steve’s opinion, Sativa is best (that’s just an opinion… he may have wanted that mention in here).

In fact, combos are Steve’s favorite cannabis consumption method, and this is mostly because he is an advocate of balanced cannabinoid profiles for cannabis users. We hope you enjoy experimenting with CBG Slab as much as we do!

More Common Questions about our Girl Scout Cookies CBD Waxes:

What, exactly, is CBG Slab Dabs?

Our answer is simple: A potent and pure formulation of the best of the highest-quality Colorado hemp extract formulated by our proprietary process into smooth and soapy-textured brilliant final hemp dab product.

Maintain our pledge to formulate exclusively from Colorado hemp ingredients, we do the same for this fine CBG offering.


Do CBG waxes work?

Yes, CBG wax dabs ‘work.’ What the customer intends for results when purchasing this product is more the question to be answered. Steve’s Goods does not recommend our CBG slab as a suitable replacement for medical treatments or for prescribed medications.

We encourage all customers to research hemp and to consult with a doctor or medical professional in advance of using products along with prescriptions or other medicines.

Who Does CBG slab dabs work for?

Our typical happy customer is a person who is health-conscious and who is called upon to meet physical demands in his/her day-to-day activities. That is broad in definition and includes a variety of labor-intensive career types, sports enthusiasts, and outdoor hobbyists.


Why is Locally Grown Colorado Hemp More Trusted Among Consumers?

You might be thinking to yourself, hemp is hemp. Why does it matter who grows it and where?


It matters who is growing the hemp in your products, so here are some things to consider:

1- Many factors account for “quality” as it pertains to hemp

Such factors include soil, temperature, nutrients, time of harvest, etc. Hemp isn’t all equal. The preparation of it and the love that goes into its production cannot be understated.


2- We track the industrial hemp used in our products from seed to sale

We’ve met the farmers and been to their farms. We are even growing and harvesting thousands of our own hemp plants for our products. Nothing but the best.


3- Hemp plants grown outside of the USA may carry intrinsic risk(s)

Such risks include “hot hemp” (more than .03% THC legal limit), less CBD concentration, microbial exposure (to mold, mildew, or even mites), lack of food and/or supplement regulatory oversight and the list goes on.


Buying local is supporting local

The newly re-ignited hemp business in the United States. You’re showing farmers you stand by them while demonstrating to the economy of our country the importance of cultivating this vital & ancient staple crop.

CBG Isolate is rare and a few US states, including Colorado, are known for specializing in its production.


We offer plenty of other choices in our CBD dab waxes and other concentrates, too



Thank you for choosing CBG Slab and CBD Isolate, by Steve’s Goods!

CBG Slab dab waxes by Steve’s Goods are made from pure CBG isolate. We source, only, ever, from top-quality Colorado farmers and suppliers, and we have even recently begun growing for ourselves.

Steve is on a mission to offer our world a choice to feel a little happier & a dash more hempy. Try us out today!




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    David G

    Absolutely fire! Taste very sweet for an isolate. Also the CBG effects are very interesting. I'm very mellow and relaxed but upbeat. I definitely will be buying this again! If you want to try CBG because you like CBD this is the product for you!

    27 Dec 2020
    Verified Purchase

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