CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter


CBD Shatter with Terpin Gorilla Terpenes.

Assists with:

  • Energetic
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pain
  • Relaxed
  • Depression 

CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter is here to add effectiveness to THC

If pungent, earthy flavors tickle your taste buds, then our CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter is for you. Boosting your dab’s potency and flavor is as easy as breaking off a piece of shatter and adding it to your extracts. Interested in making pain-relieving, CBD-filled dabs? We’ve got you covered.

How does CBD Terpin Gorilla taste so good?!

Made in Colorado, CO2 extracted and 95% pure, this customized blend of CBD Gorilla Terpin Shatter is designed for maximum terpene availability, is a powerful delivery system for relieving pain, increasing appetite, uplifting depression, and just plain old much needed relaxation. Go ahead—take a deep breath!Unless I’m wrong, you’re probably wondering, “What heck is a terpene?” Great question! Terpenes are the oils that give marijuana, hemp and a wide variety of other plants their fragrant aromas. Extracted and infused to make our CBD Terpin Shatter; it adds immense flavor to your sometimes not so tasty THC dab. But, more importantly, they interact with your brain as a sort of a “natural upper,” acting on receptors and neurotransmitters…similar to anti-depressants; they work as serotonin uptake inhibitors, increase dopamine activity, and offer a host of other benefits including, no side effects 🙂 When you cook it, bake with it, or add Terpin Gorilla Shatter to your dab, you control how much pain and stress relief you want by adjusting the amount you add. Your medicinal needs are always in your own hands, and who knows your body better than you? We suggest using low heat methods; they work best when using terpenes. Overheating or boiling can damage the potency. You deserve flavor. You deserve relief. Order now! Tastes like: Pungent, Earthy ? Parents: Origin Unknown (Gorillas may of been involved) Direction: Use of your dab rig with or without THC extracts or eat as an edible or in your dab pen. Organic Medical Hemp, C02 Extracted, Made in Colorado. Custom strain for maximum terpenes Make your dabs taste like Gorillas…wait what? No…, it is more of an earthy taste. Ingredients: CO2 Hemp Extract high in cannabinoids (1000+mg) 950mg CBD isolate 99% with 3% plant based terpenes.

Weight2 oz

Half Gram, Full Gram