CBD Isolate Slab | Fine Hemp CBD – 1/2 g & 1 g Units
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CBD Isolate Slab | Fine Hemp CBD – 1/2 g & 1 g Units


CBD Isolate Slab from Steve’s Goods | 99% CBD Dabs

99% pure CBD Isolate Slab from Steve’s Goods is so savory, it will rewrite your definition of ‘tastiness.’ Terpene or not terpene? You have to decide for yourself after experiencing Steve’s Goods difference, and sampling our CBD concentrates products.

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CBD Isolate Slab from Steve’s Goods | 99% CBD Dabs

99% pure CBD Isolate Slab from Steve’s Goods is so savory, it will rewrite your definition of ‘tastiness.’ Terpene or not terpene? That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to dab with limonene filled CBD isolate shatter or enjoy a pure piece of CBD isolate slab? You have to decide for yourself after experiencing Steve’s Goods difference, and sampling our CBD concentrates products.

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CBD Isolate Slab by Steve’s Goods


Beginning your CBD experience with some isolate CBD slab is an excellent way to quickly feel the direct effects of CBD by itself. Once you know how the single cannabinoid aids in your health supplements journey, you can explore adding terpenes with our assorted shatter blends to see what works best for you.


What makes Steve’s Goods CBD Isolate Slab Dabs new or different?

Different terpenes target issues according to their chemistry. Even so, sometimes a little straight CBD is the perfect ticket for relaxing an overworking mind.

CBD Isolate in powder form is perfect for adding to food and beauty products, but when you want a pure unadulterated dab, we’ve found the slab delivery system is superior. It gives you more flexibility and ease of use. Just break off a piece and load it to your chosen rig.


Things people love about CBD Isolate Slab

  • Great taste
  • Ease of use
  • Calming feeling
  • Affordability

Why CBD Isolate Slab?

We stake our reputation on providing you with the purity you can trust and the potency you can depend on. That’s why great care accompanies every batch of our CBD Isolate. We test the product all along the way. We know the farmers who grow our hemp crops and work directly with all aspects of production.

As are all of our products, CBD Isolate Slab is made from pure, locally grown Colorado hemp. Steve’s Goods is proud to support the local hemp industry, and when you purchase our products, you support them, too!

CBD Product Ingredients

The truth is CBD is all that’s in there! It’s a 99% pure CBD isolate.

Buying options and how to choose

CBD Isolate slab dabs are available in two sizes: ½ gram and full gram

Pure, Raw CBD Isolate Slab by Steve’s Goods


How much CBD is there?

½ gram = 500 mg. 99 % pure CBD

1 gram = 1000 mg. 99 % pure CBD.

When you want to dab a specific amount, break your gram into ten pieces. Each 1/10 is 100 mg. Break it into ten again, and you have easy to portion 10 mg. servings.


What is the best way to consume CBD Isolate Slab Dabs?

Don’t let yourself overlook this method of taking CBD just because there’s a special way to smoke it. Isolate slab is easy to use. Break off a piece. Place the piece on the nail or in your selected method, light, and enjoy! Temperature is important when you’re dabbing; you want to keep it low. Follow the directions that come with your device.

Now, about the device; you’ll need a dabbing rig, e-nail, or a vape pen designed for shatter. If you prefer you can layer it between flower buds in a pipe or lace it into a joint, but if you want to have more control over your dabbing experience we recommend investing in the proper equipment.


We offer Dip Devices – Evri pen…

…which matches well with our products. It is a high-quality battery device and was designed to be a perfectly portable option for the dabs enthusiast on-the-go. The Evri device has different temp settings, few instructions to remember, three temperature settings, and an easy-to-clean construction. This is definitely a Pineapple Express CBD shatter-friendly e-device.


We also offer the best stationary device option on the market.

The EZ Bake E-nail is well-known and globally famous for its easy adaptation to glassware most cannabis users already keep at home. It is durable, safe, reliable for each use, flexible in heat. It also reaches set temperatures quickly after being turned on, and temperature adjusts quickly with a rolling dial and a digital gauge. This is also a CBD dabs-friendly device option.

We love both so much, we have a difficult time picking the better option, and many of our customers say the same thing.


We also offer many flavor types of CBD shatter dabs made from this very same CBD isolate. Here are a few examples:


Customer Stories about Relief from supplement CBD Products


Our customers continually blow us away with the reports about how our CBD products are changing their lives. Here are a few examples:


197840miller is so excited about our products they’re making up words!

“Wofta is all I have to say!” After having eye surgery at only 39 years old, “my Discomfort was in left field!” Can you say relief?


@eric_Johnson20 keeps coming back.

“It helps me proceed while going out in public so I don’t have to look behind me every 5 seconds thinking something bad is about to happen to me.”


What product is best as a complement to CBD Isolate Slab dabs? See below…

Lots of folks love the fullness of our CBD Hemp Oil formulation, and we are equally proud of all the work we have put into it over time. If you supplement with CBD in addition to dabbing it or using it as an additive, we highly recommend our flagship CBD tincture in the 2000 mg formulation.


CBD Hemp Oil | Fine 15 mL & 30 mL bottles | 250 mg – 2000 mg


At Steve’s Goods, You, Our Customers, Matter!

Our customers mean the world to us.

Therefore our products are made with the purest ingredients available, terpenes from plants, not a laboratory, and nothing artificial. They are thoroughly tested for strength and efficacy.

We offer attractive discounts to service members, the disabled, and seniors. And, here’s something you might not know…Steve’s Goods is employee-owned! Everyone is invested to work together to bring you the very best. And we always welcome feedback.


What if I want to buy in bulk volume?

CBD Isolate Slab from Steve’s Goods is sold in quantities as small as ½ gram spanning up as large as you can order. The more you purchase less it costs per gram. Let our wholesale team know if you need Bulk, White Label, Private Label, or just a large quantity of Steve’s Goods isolate slab.


Thank you for choosing CBD Isolate Slab and CBD Isolate, by Steve’s Goods!


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