Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax – Limited – 1.5 g Fine units
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Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax – Limited – 1.5 g Fine units

$59.99 $47.39

Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax – Limited – 1.5 g Fine units

Apple Cider Concentrate Wax from Steve’s Goods is… a taste exclusive to us. In fact, these are Winter’s best-kept new secret among CBD dabs. Each 1.5-gram container of Apple Cider CBD wax has over 1275 mg of fine Colorado hemp within.

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Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax by Steve’s Goods | with CBG Fusion

Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax from Steve’s Goods is our all-new and totally exclusive, broad-spectrum CBD dabs flavor.  We formulated it using our most recently acquire THC-free Super-distillate and combined it with our new favorite blend of floral and fruit terpenes.


Why Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax Instead Of The Next Site’s?

Simply put, this hemp wax is a blast of flavor and a rush of clarity which is fantastic any time of day or evening. Apple Cider CBD concentrate wax is best utilized via dab glass devices, or via any of our favorite (or your favorite) popular electronic device(s).

It can be dusted over the top of a normal bowl of flower, similar to sprinkling cheese over the top of spaghetti. When combined with other dabs, the cannabinoid entourage effect is undeniable. Let us know what you think!


Apple Cider Limited Edition CBD Concentrate Wax with CBG


Why choose Limited Edition Apple Cider CBD Dabs?

Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax melts away and leaves behind a delightful color profile and looks and smells as good or better as it’s heated. Drooling over this product is ok, and is totally normal.

Apple Cider is our customers’ cult-favorite take on our CBD concentrate waxes and shatters. We hope you agree and know you will enjoy it.


Thank you for choosing Apple Cider CBD Concentrate Wax & Award-Winning CBD Concentrates by Steve’s Goods!

We worked pretty hard to be sure you were able to find us, and we are happy to welcome you to Steve’s Goods! Please feel free to browse our CBD store and let us know if you need assistance locating what you need or want. We pride ourselves on providing the very best version of every Colorado hemp product we make. Know that we constantly roll out new products, and that means bookmarking us is a pretty good idea.


We have the best-available CBD dabs for sale

CBD concentrate dabs including shatters and waxes were our first love and we remain vigilant to continue winning the awards and accolades customers have come to expect from us. We are the number one CBD wax and shatter concentrates company in Colorado, online, and even in the world. We can’t wait to hear how you loved Steve’s Goods shopping experience.


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No need to choose between dabs

Our hemp wax pairs well with anything. THC or CBD dabs? Add Steve’s Goods to any regular cannabis dab concentrate and experience the combo upgrade and real entourage effect.


What kinds of products do CBD dab waxes pair best with? See below…

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