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CBD And Your New Years Resolution

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Congratulations! You Survived 2020!

You have made it through another year! Everyone is excited to start the new year while reflecting on the last. All the ups and downs of the year have granted you experiences that you will never forget.

Though there have been exceptional timekeepers of the past, such as the ingenious Mayans and Aztecs, we will be focusing on the development of the Gregorian Calendar for which is widely used today.

The History of Having a New Year


The concept of celebrating the new year is at least 4000 years old from ancient Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamians used the spring equinox, in roughly mid-March, to sign their new year. They believed the Spring was the start of the new calendar year because vegetation began to grow and bloom.

This growth phase was symbolic to them as birth. This idea migrated over to Rome through time. This is significant because much of the modern ways are built upon Roman models.

Roman Calendar

The Roman calendar followed the calendar trend with the development of the Roman calendar; a lunar ten-month calendar that began in March. King Numa Pontilius reformed the Roman calendar to add in January and February in order to align the months to the seasons more effectively.

Roman consuls, upper government officials, began their tenure in January. For simplicity’s sake, the Romans moved the new year to January because it was the start of the civil year.

Julian Calendar

Still, the Roman calendar had its flaws because it was based on the lunar cycle. It was not until Julius Caesar that the new solar-based calendar was created. It was vastly superior to the lunar calendar because it aligned with the seasons to relative perfection.

This new calendar, the Julian Calendar, was developed with the aid of Greek mathematicians and astronomers.


Gregorian Calendar

Though the Julian calendar was an incredible creation. It still had its flaws. In particular, the Julian Calendar had too many leap years; over time the dates and seasons become well out of alignment.

To fix this problem Pope Gregory XIII authorized the new calendar that physician Aloysius Lilius and astronomer Christopher Clavius resolved.

It May Have A Been Centuries-Old Marketing Scheme

They devised a system that shortened each day by fractional amounts and reduced leap years greatly. This is still the calendar most of the world uses today.

New Years Resolutions

There is still a bit of our ancient past that wants the new year to represent renewal and rebirth. The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus.

Janus was a god of doorways, beginnings, and the rising and setting sun. That symbolism is still with us today in the form of New Years Resolutions.

Resolutions Require Conviction

We decide what part of ourselves we want to be renewed and bettered upon. Then we work on this problem until the next New Year or at least try to.

Many New Year resolutions are based upon health and wellness. It involves a lot of hard work, sweat, and even some blood.

CBD and Your New Years Resolution

Hemp oil is so effective because it has cannabinoids that feed your body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD and CBG.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

They feed CB2 receptors to help regulate how your body reacts to stimuli. This in turn speeds up your body’s response to reduce physical wear. Fortunately, in our modern time, there are several products that can help you reach your New Years’ resolution easier such as creams, tinctures, and concentrates.

How Steve’s Goods Can Help

Steve’s Goods specializes in all-natural hemp products. CBD and your New Years Resolution can just as easily be called “Steve’s Goods CBD And Your New Years Resolution.” The Hemp is grown 100% at Colorado farms. Then products are put through a complex series of processes in order to provide the highest quality purest product possible.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Next, all batches are sent to a third-party lab in order to ensure an unbiased review for our customers. Many of our products have the lab results available in the image section of the product

Hemp Products For Your Resolution


    This is a versatile form of CBD Oil. They go directly on your tongue, under your tongue, in your food, or in your drinks. Hemp tinctures have a long shelf life, are more bio-available, and with a better taste than anybody.

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    Cannabis plant extract doesn’t mean cannabis taste extract. Some of our broad spectrum varieties have a 20:1 ratio, CBG – CBG. Try delicious flavors like Blueberry OG and Maui Pineapple.

    A near-pure and very potent form of CBD dabs. They can take forms such as wax and shatter that can be consumed on their own, or can be sprinkled over your favorite cannabis strain for enjoyment.

  • CBG Isolate

    Cannabigerol (CBG) greatly enhances CBD products. It is very difficult to make due to it breaking down during the process of photosynthesis into other cannabinoids. It is best used in dabbing, eating, and enriching home products.

  • CBG Slab

    A year of specialized research and development went into developing the perfect process, taste, and smell. It is very important to us to produce a consistent, quality product. Each step is vigorously done right. We pay for unbiased, 3rd-party testing on each batch.


    Creams and Bath Bombs. They will make you feel better and provide nourishment for your skin. A popular item is Steve’s Goods Relief Balm On A Stick. Simply apply it on an area.


    Invigorate your skin via Hemp-based Moisturizers and Creams. EndoBloom CBD Skincare, Steve’s Goods personal care company, has created products for women, by women.


    This fine white powder is 99% pure CBD! It is created by refining down Hemp oil. It can be added to your cookies, coffee, tea, or smoking blend.

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