Pain, Pain Go Away Starter Pack

$199.00 $179.99


Pain, Pain Go Away Starter Pack

$199.00 $179.99

Constant discomfort changes your outlook and personality. It can make everything difficult including being nice to people. The further you can get away from pain, with the least amount of mind-altering side effects, the more content, relaxed and productive you will be. Meet our Pain, Pain Go Away Starter Pack.

Customers who deal with chronic pain issues tell us over and over how adding CBD to their daily regimen has made their lives liveable again.

Hemp Oil Tincture and Distillate Capsules deliver the power of full-spectrum CBD throughout your system. You can also add our CBG tincture to food and drinks. Rub Wowzer directly on your aches for immediate relief. And there’s no better end to your day than soaking in a tub filled with 100mg of relaxation.

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Pain, Pain Go Away CBD Starter Pack — $215 value for $199

What’s Included:

  • Hemp Oil 2,000ml (30ml) Reg. $110
  • Distillate Capsules – each pill is 25 mg. each (750mg. total) Reg. $40
  • 2oz Wowzer Balm (300mg) Reg. $45
  • Recovery Bath Bomb Reg. $20
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